Can I leave My Weimaraner Home Alone? 

Today, pets are part of many families. Among them, the dog is one of the most common, which is characterized by being loyal, intelligent, and fun. When we talk about these canines, we refer to pets full of life and energy to share special moments with their owners.

Dogs provide us all with a sense of emotional well-being and calm through the unconditional love they give us. This is because these animals are a great company and comfort for people who usually live alone.

In general, many dog owners wonder if they can leave their pets alone in the house while they are working.

The amount of time you can leave your dog alone depends primarily on its age, with puppies being the most vulnerable to being left alone for long periods of time. This is because, at that age, they require more attention and affection from their owners.

In this article, we will talk about one of the most beautiful and distinctive dog breeds, such as the Weimaraner. This dog is mainly characterized by two important aspects: its extraordinary silver-grey coat and its beautiful and sensitive personality.

Weimaraners are canines that need the constant company of their loved ones to be happy. They can be easily emotionally affected if they don’t get the care they need. In fact, it is not an ideal breed for people who do not usually spend time at home. They often suffer from separation anxiety simply by being left home alone for a few hours.

Does a Weimaraner Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

Totally! Most dog breeds suffer from this disorder when they have been left home alone for a long time, but it has more impact on a Weimaraner because of its very sensitive personality compared to other canines.

Weimaraners are Velcro dogs, that is, they need to be with their loved ones every minute of the day without separating from them.

They love giving them love as well as receiving it. Not obtaining enough attention and affection from their owners can destroy them emotionally.

How Long Is the Recommended Time That a Weimaraner Can Be Home Alone?

Weimaraners are very sensitive dogs that are attached to their owners and cannot stay at home for long without anyone’s company. Most breeds of dogs can be left alone for about 4 hours as adults, but in the case of Weimaraners, it’s 3. A trained Weimaraner can only be left alone 6 hours a day.

You should be careful about the amount of time you leave your Weimaraner if it is a puppy. Puppies are like babies, so it is normal for them to be more emotionally sensitive. A small Weimaraner can only be home alone for 1-2 hours a day.

This is very important to know if you have a Weimaraner or are thinking of getting one. These canines need a lot of attention and care from their owners, and that includes spending a lot of time each day with them.

Therefore, having a Weimaraner means having the willingness to plan a daily schedule where apart from your work, you dedicate enough time to it.

Can I Leave a Weimaraner Alone Inside a Crate?

Many people believe that a crate only worsens the Weimaraners’ anxiety state, but this is a mistake. While it is true that this can happen, the main reason is that most owners use a crate only to leave their Weimaraners there while they leave the house. That is an error.

Crate training consists of creating a positive crate experience for your Weimaraner so that it feels comfortable, safe, and happy every time it is inside. However, suppose we only use a crate to leave our dog inside while we are not there. 

In that case, its anxiety will worsen since it will associate the crate with a negative situation and experience, such as being alone.

For that reason, before leaving your Weimaraner home alone inside a crate, make sure you train it properly so that it is comfortable being inside that space. In fact, many people use a crate to provide potty training for their pets, so you can do the same too. 

The more experiences your Weimaraner has with the crate, the more familiar that place will become to it.

A crate offers many benefits not only for your Weimaraner but for you as well. For example, your dog will be safer at home while you will be calm since you know that it will be safe inside a crate.

Is It Dangerous to Leave a Weimaraner Home Alone?

Do not! It is not dangerous to leave a dog of this breed alone as long as we take the necessary measures that provide not only security but also peace of mind. The last thing we want is for our Weimaraners to suffer from anxiety, knowing that this disorder can be very emotionally damaging to them.

Now, we can say that leaving a Weimaraner home alone is dangerous, but from another point of view.

There are certain erratic behaviours that this dog could develop when it hasn’t seen its loved ones for many hours. We have already talked about separation anxiety, which we can consider the main consequence of loneliness in these dogs.

However, we must also be aware of the following destructive behaviours:

  • A Weimaraner may bark for hours in the hope that its owner will hear it and come home.
  • It could chew the furniture in the house and other objects of great importance.
  • This canine will relieve itself anywhere in the house whenever it is needed.
  • This breed’s high level of physical activity will make it run wildly everywhere regardless of colliding with objects and things.
  • If your dog has access to the garden, it will dig everywhere, leaving many holes in the ground.
  • Your Weimaraner may try to escape to find a place where people can provide exercise. Sometimes this behaviour also means that it is looking for you because it misses you.

How to Correct These Behaviours?

Depending on the severity of the situation, there are certain types of behaviour that could be irreparable, but that does not mean that they are not controllable. We can reduce separation anxiety in Weimaraners not only with proper training but also through the following:

Choose the Perfect Spot Inside the House

A dog’s anxiety is related to the space where it spends time. If there is a lot of noise and disorder in such a place, your Weimaraner could easily become stressed and suffer from anxiety. For this reason, we must choose a place inside the house with the appropriate characteristics to avoid these situations:

Make sure the place is away from any sources of noise, has adequate lighting, is neat and clean, and is spacious enough for a Weimaraner-sized dog.

Feed and Exercise Your Weimaraner Before Leaving It Alone

All dogs love to eat, but not all of them like to exercise. A Weimaraner loves both.

Remember that Weimaraners are dogs with a high level of physical activity. That means they need to be exercised for 1-2 hours a day to meet their needs and keep them fit, happy and healthy.

Keep in mind that we can’t provide any kind of physical activity while we’re at work, and that could make them get bored and look for other ways to release their energy. That is one of the reasons for destructive behaviour in Weimaraners.

For this reason, it is essential to exercise a Weimaraner before leaving the house to tire it out enough. The idea is that the canine has no energy the rest of the day and stays lying down or sitting resting.

Exercise must be accompanied by a good diet. We cannot exercise a Vizsla and leave it without eating while we are not at home. Therefore, feed it before leaving home, and it is also advisable to leave its food bowl full because it will need to eat again after a few hours.

Use the Power of TV and Radio

Although many people may not believe it, radio or TV can help keep a Weimaraner relaxed and anxiety-free for a while. The sound of a radio or TV program will eliminate that feeling of loneliness in your dog.

Whether you’ve turned on the TV or radio, make sure it’s at a moderate volume. If it’s too loud, it could be considered noise to a Weimaraner, and that will make it more stressed.

Hire a Professional

You can save yourself all the above steps by hiring a dog sitter. The only disadvantage is that this is somewhat expensive since you have to pay for the services of this professional every day of the week or at least those days that you have work. Despite that, it is the best option to keep your Weimaraner happy and free from all anxiety.

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