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Vizslabull: Vizsla and Pitbull Mix A Complete Guide

Pitbulls and Vizslas are both great family dogs. They are eager to please, loving, and playful, which makes them good for any type of household. But what happens when you mix the two dogs together?

By mixing a Vizsla and a Pitbull, you get a dog that is eager to please, quick to learn and wants to be a part of your family. They generally are medium to medium-large dogs with short fur and can come in almost any color. 

Vizsla and Pitbull Mix

Keep reading to learn more about the Vizsla, the Pitbull, and the mix of them both. Perhaps you will find a new dog for you!

Pitbull, Vizslabull, and Vizsla Comparison Table

Height14-24 inches18-22 inches21 to 24 inches
Weight30-80 pounds40-70 pounds44 to 60 pounds
Life Expectancy11-13 years10-15 years12-14 years
ColorsAny (except Merle)Almost anyGolden rust
Coat TypeSmooth and shortSmooth and shortSmooth and short
Affection levelsVery LovingVery lovingVery loving 
Shedding LevelMedium shedding levelMedium shedding levelMedium shedding level
TemperamentPlayful, Loving, Can be protectivePlayful, loving, playfulPlayful, highly adaptable to lifestyle
Health IssuesHip dysplasia Cataracts Allergies to grass Congenital heart diseaseHip dysplasia Congenital Heart Diseases Hypothyroidism Allergies Obesity
Cancer Allergies Eye disorders Hip dysplasia Epilepsy Ear Infections
TrainabilityFairly easy to trainFairly easy to trainEasy to train
ExerciseNeed a fair amount of exerciseFair amount of exerciseLots of exercise
Friendliness to PeopleVery friendlyVery friendlyPretty friendly to people
Friendliness to DogsPretty good, if properly socializedPretty goodPretty good with other dogs
Drooling LevelsPretty high drooling levelsMedium drooling levelsLow drooling levels
Mental StimulationFairly highLotsLots
Barking LevelAverageAverageSomewhat Vocal
Pitbull, Vizslabull, and Vizsla Comparison Table

All You Need to Know About Pitbulls

About Pitbulls
Pitbull Dog

There is no such ‘Pitbull’ breed specifically. The American Kennel club won’t recognize Pitbull as a breed since several terrier-type dogs are clumped together and thrown into the Pitbull category. For this article, we will mostly be referencing the American Pit Bull Terrier, which we will call Pitbull for short. 

Pitbulls have been used for a variety of sports throughout history. They were originally bred to participate in bear baiting and bull baiting.

They have also been used as hunting dogs, herd drivers, and family pets, as well as dog fighting, which is where they get a lot of their bad rap from.

They may grow to be very closely bonded to their owners as well and don’t do well on their own. If you are planning to leave your dog alone in the house for long periods, a more independent dog might be best for you. 

They also tend to learn things quickly but have a pretty small attention span. It is good to train these dogs in small bursts to make sure you get the most out of your training sessions. 

All You Need to Know about Vizslas

about Vizslas
Vizsla Dog

Vizslas originated in Hungary, for the purpose of hunting. They are great water and birding dogs, but they can also hunt bigger game such as deer and boars. They’ve been around since at least the 9th century. 

In modern times, they are also good as therapy dogs. They are patient with people and other animals and are friendly.

The Vizsla is also smart, alert, and athletic. Many people consider them high on the list of easily trained dogs due to their desire to be close to their owner and their intelligence. 

However, if you want more of an independent dog, the Vizsla is probably not for you. They are known as Velcro dogs, thanks to their desire to bond and be close to their owners most, if not all, of the time. 

This dog breed also needs constant stimulation both mentally and physically, or they risk chewing and causing destruction throughout the house. 

The Pitbull-Vizsla Mix

The Pitbull-Vizsla mix is a great combination of two family-friendly dogs. This mixed breed will be incredibly loving and devoted to their family. 

They are a pretty rare breed, and not much is known about them. Since the term Pitbull lumps together quite a few dog breeds, they can be any color or build, and their offspring tend to follow the same path. Some of the mixes tend to look more like a Vizsla and will therefore be a rusty-golden color. 

They are often between 18 and 22 inches in height and can reach up to 70 pounds of healthy weight. Since these dogs are a fairly new breed, there are no standards and they can have a pretty wide range of height and weight, depending on which parent they take after the most. 

Can I Have my Vizslabull in an Apartment?

Though these mixes need a fair amount of exercise, as long as they are taken on long walks daily, they should be fine to live in an apartment.

They may have separation anxiety thanks to their two parent breeds, so they might need a kennel or something to distract them while you are gone. 

The main issue with Vizslabulls is that many landlords and cities do not allow Pitbulls or Pitbull-mixes in their properties. It is always a good idea to check with your landlord and your city regulations to make sure that Pitbulls and their mixes are allowed. 

How Easy is it to Train my Vizslabull?

Both parent breeds are eager to please their owners. Because of this, they will often be quick to train.

They will have stubborn moments when their attention is focused on something else, and they no longer want to learn or do as they are told, but by giving them lots of praise and love for every trick and command they follow, they will learn quickly. 

Can I Have My Vizslabull Around Children?

Yes. Both breeds are very good around children as long as they are socialized and raised right. They are very loyal and will try to never hurt their family members, so the children in their family will not only be harmed by the mix but also protected. 

Pitbulls are very protective of their family, and the mix is likely to be protective as well. They can be great to have because you know that no one will come in to harm your family while this dog is around. 

Even other children are likely to be safe around these Vizslabulls. If it is the first few times a dog and child have interacted, it is always a good idea to watch them.

Dogs don’t have words to express themselves like people do and will often snap or growl if they feel uncomfortable or scared.

Children may be too harsh or loud around a dog and make them nervous, so it is good to have a mediator as they learn about one another.


Pitbulls can get a bad rap due to the fact they are often used as fighting dogs. However, their eagerness to please is what often gets them in trouble.

Vizslas are also very eager to make their family members happy, and the Vizslabull will give you a fun and goofy dog that wants to be loved and love everyone.