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At What Age do Vizslas Calm Down?

Do you have a Vizsla puppy? Does your puppy seem to have unlimited amounts of energy? Do you find yourself wondering if your Vizsla will ever relax?

Rest assured your Vizsla dog will eventually be able to calm down. While they will always be energetic they will eventually learn to enjoy the quiet moments.

At What Age do Vizslas Calm Down

The Hungarian dog breed, Vizslas, are very active and social animals. This breed needs at least 60 minutes of off-the-leash activity every day.

If they do not receive the adequate exercise they will find ways to expend their boundless energy. This could be detrimental to your home with the dog ramming into furniture and chewing smaller items.

Owners who are actively away from home do not make good candidates for these dogs. These social creatures will act as your personal shadow. They will be your constant energetic companion.

Even at 10 years of age, these dogs can spend several hours hunting. These rambunctious puppies usually learn to relax around the age of 2 or 3.

When Vizslas “calm down” they still have boundless energy. They are still capable of going on long hikes and runs but they now are able to self-regulate more.

They can now be just as content relaxing on the sofa as they are running around. It is often during the first years of life that these brilliant dogs are able to be trained and get used to the routine.

Vizslas need constant attention. When they are away from their owners they experience separation anxiety. If you are unable to spend a huge amount of time with this breed you are doing a disservice to them; especially, when they are puppies. They need to be able to explore, learn and feel loved. 

It is important to note that if this type of dog feels neglected it will cry and wine. If you often hear this response from your dog they are unhappy and an immediate correction needs to be made to keep your dog happy and well adjusted. 

Vizsla dogs are very sensitive and respond poorly to harsh corrections. When training this breed you will need to give firm direction. They are more than willing to take over their own training if they do not perceive your authority.

While training these dogs it is important to take a gentler approach. Avoid giving negative physical corrections. These dogs can easily be damaged if they experience training abuse.

You may want to avoid exposing these dogs to young children while the dogs are under the age of two. Older children will fit well with the Vizsla dog type because of the dog’s gentle nature.

The dog needs to be able to relax before they are able to deal with babies and toddlers. It is not a good idea to have a baby and a puppy at the same time.

Both will need huge amounts of your time and attention. Not to mention, it could be dangerous for an overactive puppy and a small infant.

It is important to be patient with your Vizsla when they are in the puppy stage. With time, dedication, and love these dogs will become more relaxed.

They will be able to integrate themselves into your family life seamlessly. Be sure to mentally stimulate your dog and provide lots of opportunities for them to exercise.