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Why is a Tibetan Mastiff So Expensive?

Not all dog breeds are the same. Each one has characteristics that allow them to be distinguished from others. These animals will be priced higher or lower depending on physical traits, personality, skills, care, etc.

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds whose origin dates back to 1100 BC in Tibet. Its beginnings are also related to Nepal, the Himalayan provinces, and Mongolia. Today, they are very rare dogs to find and are very valuable due to their unique characteristics.

Why is a Tibetan Mastiff So Expensive

The Tibetan Mastiff is considered one of the most expensive dogs in the world due to different reasons, which we will explain below. But before that, we have to know the price of this canine.

How Much Does a Tibetan Mastiff Cost?

The prices of a Tibetan Mastiff are exaggeratedly high without adding all the expenses in maintenance, food, care, training, etc. Generally, a puppy of this breed can cost around $2,500 on average, but its price, depending on certain factors, can vary between $1,800 and $4,500.

In the case of an adult Tibetan Mastiff, the prices become exorbitant. Prices can vary due to many factors but taking into account the lifetime costs of having a dog of this type, we can say that approximately $32,000 would be the average price of owning a Tibetan Mastiff.

However, these values ​​can vary between $19,000 and $50,000. It should be noted that these figures include the costs of everything this dog needs throughout its life.

As a curious fact, in 2011, a dog of this breed was sold for 1.5 million dollars. This figure was surpassed in 2014 when a Tibetan Mastiff puppy was sold for approximately 2 million dollars.

Reasons Why Tibetan Mastiffs are So Expensive

We have already seen that this breed can cost a lot. There will never be a fixed price for this type of dog because there are several factors that can make them cost more or less money:

Tibetan Mastiffs Rarity

Tibetan Mastiffs are very rare dogs to find today. It is more common to find them in Asia, specifically in Tibet or the Himalayan Mountains. In the 1950s, many dogs of this species fled to the mountains, and some others died when China oppressed Tibet.

Approximately 5,000 Tibetan Mastiffs were registered by The American Kennel Club, but today, only between 1,000 and 2,000 of these dogs remain alive.

The high prices are not only due to the low number of Tibetan Mastiffs, which increases the demand, but also due to their popularity as guard dogs.

Tibetan Mastiffs are extraordinary guard dogs that were used to protect property and people, specifically in Tibet and the Himalayan Mountains.

This excellent ability as a guard dog stems from its need to protect itself and survive in challenging environments. Because almost no breed has gone through these circumstances, the Tibetan Mastiffs become canines desired by many people.

Tibetan Mastiffs Lifestyle Cost

There are many additional expenses apart from buying such a dog. These canines need moderate grooming, especially during the shedding period. Generally, the price of annual grooming on these dogs can range from $600 to $1,200.

Feeding a dog this size is not cheap either. You need a lot of food to feed a Tibetan Mastiff, so you would expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,600 on food annually.

A Tibetan Mastiff should receive excellent training, especially from a dog trainer. Therefore, the average cost would be approximately $850, although it could be more depending on the case.

Taking care of a Tibetan Mastiff is just as crucial as your visits to the vet. It is difficult to determine the costs of this since it also depends on the health of your canine. Generally, you can expect to spend between $400 and $1,000 a year at a vet.

There are many other expenses that you should take into account:

  • Vaccines
  • Insurance
  • Licenses
  • Dog bed
  • Toys
  • Crate or Kennel

Tibetan Mastiffs Intelligence

Tibetan Mastiffs are very intelligent dogs that, although they may not seem so, are always alert, analysing any situation. 

Thanks to the training, they are able to distinguish when a situation is threatening and when it is not.

The intelligence of this canine makes it an excellent guard dog. They will try at all times to protect their loved ones and can easily identify people with bad intentions.

Due to these characteristics, this breed often attracts the attention of wealthy families who would be willing to pay anything to obtain a dog of this type that can protect them and their property.

Tibetan Mastiffs Big size

The Tibetan Mastiff is a giant-sized dog between 61cm and 76 cm tall and weighs between 74 lbs and 150 lbs. The large size of these dogs makes them exuberant and unique in many people’s eyes.

It is rare to find dogs of this size, and this is another reason why they are very expensive.