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What are Tibetan Mastiffs Used for?

Many people around the world need a pet to live with. While it is true that cats, birds, rodents, or snakes are considered excellent pets for certain families, the most common in most homes are dogs.

However, due to the wide variety of dog breeds in the world, it is sometimes difficult to know which one to choose. That is because each of them has different personalities and physical characteristics that differentiate them from each other. For that reason, when purchasing a canine, it is essential to know why we want it.

What are Tibetan Mastiffs Used for

Some people acquire a dog simply to have a companion, others to exercise, and many others to use them in some activity or task. In this last group, we can include the incredible Tibetan Mastiff.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a dog that is characterized by its enormous size and its incredible mane that gives it the appearance of a lion. Practically every part of its body is robust and muscular. The jaw of this animal is extremely powerful, having the ability to mortally injure any dog ​​and even other wild animals.

Although they can sometimes be aggressive depending on the context, they are generally affectionate and friendly dogs with members of their human family, and with good training, they can get along with strangers, children, and animals.

Taking all that into account, it is essential to know the reason why certain people would acquire a dog of this breed.

What Tasks Can a Tibetan Mastiff Fulfil?

As we have said before, many people acquire certain types of dogs for a specific reason. In this case, the main utility of a Tibetan Mastiff is to protect properties, families, or livestock. It is important to know a little about the history of this dog to understand better where its ability as a guard dog comes from.

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds whose origin dates back to 1100 BC. These dogs come from Tibet, where they were mainly used as guard dogs to protect gates during the day and villages at night.

In addition, they also fulfilled this function in the Himalayan Mountains, where they protected their owners from certain predators that roamed those areas.

In fact, this dog received the name “Do-khyi,” which means “tied,” since they were kept in one place all the time protecting their owners or property.

Knowing this, the main tasks in which we can use our Tibetan Mastiff are:

Tibetan Mastiff Protecting Properties

There are not many Tibetan Mastiffs today, but most of the people who own a dog of this type use them with the aim of protecting their home or any other property. These dogs have a gigantic size that will intimidate any intruder. In fact, the aggressive temperament of this canine will drive away any stranger.

Tibetan Mastiffs are alert at all times, so they will not hesitate to act as soon as they see or feel that something strange is happening.

Tibetan Mastiff Protecting Their Owners

As well as guarding property, Tibetan Mastiffs are also excellent at protecting their human family members. Despite being aggressive in certain situations, they are usually affectionate with their loved ones and form strong bonds with them.

If they notice that any member of their pack is under threat, they will not hesitate to attack the intruder in order to protect their family.

It is advisable to provide training to a dog of this type so that it learns to differentiate when there is a threat and when there is not. Otherwise, it could attack even your neighbours.

Tibetan Mastiff Herding Livestock

It is another of the main tasks that people usually assign to this breed of dog. The Tibetan Mastiff is an extraordinary animal when it comes to herding livestock. 

People dedicated to country life acquire a Tibetan Mastiff specifically to herd livestock, allowing them to perform other tasks in the field. Obviously, these dogs will require training to carry out this task.

Tibetan Mastiff Being a Pet

Perhaps you want a Tibetan Mastiff only as a pet. It is a beautiful dog that, despite having an imposing size, its physical appearance is tender thanks to its peculiar coat.

If you simply want your Tibetan Mastiff to be a good pet, chances are you won’t be using it to care for livestock or protect property. Therefore, socialization training is very important in this breed of dog.

We have already talked about how dangerous this dog can be, especially against strangers and other animals. If you don’t train it properly, it could become a problem if you have neighbours.

The owner of this dog must assume the position of leader of the pack and let the Tibetan Mastiff know who the boss is. These dogs are territorial, and it is not good to let them take the lead.