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Can Tibetan Mastiffs Swim?

Not all breeds of dogs like to swim. Although some are born with the necessary qualities and love the water since they are puppies, other canines prefer not to swim either because they do not like it or because they are afraid of the water.

The Tibetan Mastiffs are dogs that generally like water and swimming, but it does not mean that they are good swimmers. Mainly, this is because it is a very large dog that can have difficulty swimming due to its weight. In addition, its excessive fur could weigh a lot when wet.

Can Tibetan Mastiffs Swim

Do Tibetan Mastiffs Like Water?

Like most dog breeds, there are Tibetan Mastiffs that like water and others that don’t. It all depends on how much training they have received and whether or not they were encouraged to swim as puppies.

This dog is better designed for herding than swimming, so you could choose another if you want a large dog with these qualities.

Reasons Why a Tibetan Mastiff Might Not Like Water

The main reason a dog of this type might not like water is because of its heavy coat. The Tibetan Mastiff has a double-layered coat with abundant, thick, and dense hair that, when wet, will weigh a lot, which will make it difficult for our canine to swim. There are other reasons why this type of dog might not like to swim:

Tibetan Mastiff Traumatic Experiences

Your Tibetan Mastiff may have had bad experiences in the past. Perhaps it fell into a pool, lake, or river in the past without knowing how to swim, which could create a sense of fear and trauma in it.

Likewise, if your Tibetan Mastiff was a pet of another family, those people may have punished or pressured the canine while teaching it to swim. The possibilities are many.

Tibetan Mastiff Genetics

Genetics is a factor that can easily influence a Tibetan Mastiff’s fear of swimming. That’s because the parents of this canine may not have known how to swim or were terrified of water.

Advantages of your Tibetan Mastiff Learning to Swim

Just like humans, Tibetan Mastiffs can benefit from swimming in many ways. While it is true that the fur of this canine can complicate this activity, with good training and light trimming, your pet could learn to swim.

Swimming will help your Tibetan Mastiff improve its:

Tibetan Mastiff Health

Swimming helps improve blood circulation and speed up the metabolism of your pet. Also, if your Tibetan Mastiff is overweight, swimming will help it burn many calories and strengthen its heart and lungs.

It should be noted that this activity is also excellent for the muscles and joints of the animal. The constant movements while swimming help reduce stress on these body structures.

Tibetan Mastiff Movement Coordination

Swimming requires precise and coordinated movements in order to stay afloat and swim smoothly. The first time your Tibetan Mastiff enters the water, it will not have these synchronized movements. Still, as it practices this physical activity regularly, it will gradually develop its muscles, joints, and bones and acquire harmonic movements.

How to Teach a Tibetan Mastiff to Swim?

First of all, it is essential to keep in mind certain aspects that will allow us to train our Tibetan Mastiff in the safest and most effective way possible.

When teaching this dog to swim, it is important that we have a life jacket on hand for it. It should be noted that we will need a large life jacket that can float our gigantic Tibetan Mastiff. A solution for this would be to train it as a puppy. That way, there will be no problem finding a garment in this size.

In addition to the life jacket for dogs, it is essential to have treats in your pocket. That is with the aim of rewarding our Tibetan Mastiff every time it performs a step correctly during training.

Steps to Teach Your Tibetan Mastiff to Swim

  • Choose an area where the water is shallow and allow it to get used to this type of environment.
  • Once your Tibetan Mastiff has got used to the water and feels safe, you can take it to a deeper area. Make sure it is always wearing the life jacket.
  • Enter the water with it to guide it. Despite its large size, you can help it by extending your arm and placing your hand under its belly to provide extra support while it moves its legs from side to side to swim.
  • Practice that with your pet every day until it learns to swim safely and with complete confidence.


  • Make sure you are always with your Tibetan Mastiff in the water to avoid any incident.
  • Never force your Tibetan Mastiff to enter the water as it could feel threatened. That will make it afraid of water.
  • Be very patient when teaching your dog to swim.