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Can Tibetan Mastiff Live in Hot Weather?

The Tibetan Mastiffs are extraordinary dogs that are characterized by their large size and are known for that beautiful mane that makes them look like a lion.

Many people do not think well when it comes to bringing a canine of this size home. Tibetan Mastiffs grow to a height of up to 30 inches and can weigh between 74 lbs and 150 lbs. It is challenging to care for such a dog, especially for inexperienced owners. That makes these people keep their Tibetan Mastiffs in the backyard for much of the day.

Can Tibetan Mastiff Live in Hot Weather

Therefore, it is essential to know if the Tibetan Mastiff is a dog that can withstand hot weather or not.

As you can deduce, dogs of this type can live very well in cold climates, not only because their origins go back to places with this type of climate but also because of their abundant and dense fur that keeps them warm.

Instead, even though Tibetan Mastiffs can live comfortably in moderately warm climates, hot and humid temperatures are the worst for them. When there are climates of this type, this breed of dog prefers to spend most of its time indoors with its family.

If these dogs are raised from an early age in warm climates, they will be able to adapt better to this type of weather when they grow up.

Tibetan Mastiffs need exercise every day regardless of the weather, but we should never over-exercise a dog of this type on a hot day. The most advisable thing is to give it a short exercise session and then bring it into the house to cool off with the air conditioning.

Many people think that cutting the fur of this canine is a solution, but it is not. Cutting a Mastiff’s coat will not only make it sensitive to cold weather but its skin and coat could also be negatively affected.

How to Protect Our Tibetan Mastiff from Extreme Hot Climates?

It is important that we always supervise our Tibetan Mastiff to prevent it from being affected by heatstroke during hot days. There are some preventive measures that we can apply to avoid an incident:

Always Provide a Bowl of Water

Whether your Tibetan Mastiff is indoors or outdoors, you should make sure to place a bowl of water in the place where it spends most of its time. It will need fresh water to stay hydrated on hot days while exercising.

Use a Crate or Kennel in the Backyard

If you want to leave your Tibetan Mastiff for a few hours in hot climates, the best thing you can do is buy or build a crate or kennel to keep it protected from the elements, be it the sun’s rays, strong winds, rain, snow, etc. You have to make sure that this shelter is big enough for a dog of this breed.

Keep Your Backyard Fenced

You might think that this has nothing to do with protecting it from heat, but you are wrong. These animals are extremely large and could easily jump a low fence. If this dog runs away on a hot day, it will spend hours wandering around in the sun and could get heatstroke at any moment.

Common Symptoms in Our Tibetan Mastiff Due to Heat

We already know that Tibetan Mastiffs can’t stand hot or humid climates. Many people do not know how to identify when a dog of this type is suffering from the heat, but it is really easy to identify the symptoms.

Tibetan Mastiff Difficulty Breathing

It is possible that you will begin to notice that your dog is panting a lot and breathing with great difficulty during hot days. This means that your Tibetan Mastiff is overheated and that it could suffer a heat stroke at any moment, so you must take measures immediately to avoid it.

Tibetan Mastiff Dehydration

This is one of the most common symptoms that a dog can suffer due to heat, and we can generally identify it when our animal presents excessive panting, tiredness, dry nose and mouth, etc.

Tibetan Mastiff Excessive Drooling

Many breeds of dogs tend to drool. However, if you notice that your Tibetan Mastiff is drooling excessively and its saliva becomes thicker, then it clearly means that it is dehydrated and exhibiting excessive heat exhaustion.

Tibetan Mastiff Diarrhea

A Tibetan Mastiff’s unusually soft or bloody feces strongly indicate overheating.

Tibetan Mastiff Dizziness

This symptom is very easy to identify in a dog of this size. When we notice that our Tibetan Mastiff has trouble walking in a straight line, it is a sign of exhaustion due to excess heat. In fact, sometimes it might bump into furniture because of this.

In case your Tibetan Mastiff spends a lot of time in the backyard of your house, you should make sure that the temperature is between 44 degrees and 78 degrees.

If it exceeds that number, your pet will be at risk of suffering from heatstroke, and you will have to take measures, such as the ones we have explained above, to prevent this from happening.