Why Do Samoyeds Bark So Much?

Why Do Samoyeds Bark So Much

The Samoyed is one of the most adorable dog breeds that can exist in the entire world. They are very kind and friendly animals but tend to bark excessively, causing discomfort to the people around them.

It is a herding dog from the north of Russia that received its name from the nomadic tribe it belonged to at that time. It was used to protect the reindeer they herded. 

The Samoyed is usually a friendly, outgoing and faithful dog. However, this canine is very protective of its home. It tends to bark frequently at any stranger or unknown animal that passes around its house and territory, making this behavior unbearable for the neighbors. 

Does My Samoyed Dog Bark a Lot?

Yes! Generally, Northern dogs tend to bark frequently and very loudly. 

The barking of this breed is something that most owners who acquire a Samoyed complain about, either because of excessive barking or high-pitched vocalization. That can become a problem because barking is considered one of the biggest problems in the world. 

Loud and continuous barking is typical in most northern breed dogs, especially the Samoyed. However, if you take the time and patience to properly train your pet not to bark, you will be able to enjoy the company of these wonderful canines without having to worry that they will bark. 

Why Does My Samoyed Dog Bark So Much?

Samoyed dogs do not bark for no reason. Just as humans can communicate, barking is a form of communication for canines. 

When your Samoyed dog starts barking, you should first try to find the reason for it. There can be several reasons why your pet is uncomfortable and has the urge to express it through irritating howls and other sounds. 

Some common reasons why these types of dogs can bark are: 

When They Feel There is Danger or Something Strange around Them

That is a common factor for all dogs, not just the Samoyed. These animals bark when they feel in danger or in unfamiliar situations.

When dogs meet people or see new objects, they start barking to try to communicate with you and tell you in some way that they can be dangerous. Samoyeds will always do their best to protect you from any danger. 

The Genetics of Samoyeds

For some Samoyeds, excessive barking is passed down through their genes. If you are purchasing such a dog from a professional breeder, it is best to ask if the canine’s parents are excessive barkers. 

Samoyeds When Greeting People

If you’ve come home after being outside all day, your pet may bark at you to communicate a welcome greeting. Even most of the time, these dogs tend to get too excited and start barking as a way to show their enthusiasm. 

That can also happen if you bring a friend, relative, or stranger home and start talking to them. Your Samoyed dog may bark to get their attention and be seen as part of the conversation. Remember that Samoyeds are social canines that want to be with their humans most of the time. 

Because Samoyeds are Hungry or Thirsty

It is one of the most common reasons why dogs bark. To avoid this situation, be consistent with your pet’s meals and always keep its water container full so that it does not need to bark at you to get your attention when it wants to drink fluids. 

When Samoyeds Feel Anxious, Fearful, and Scared

Many veterinarians and people who own Samoyed dogs have concluded that these animals are susceptible to anxiety and stress. These dogs need company and attention for most of the day. They are generally not very vulnerable to separation anxiety but may feel sad in certain situations. 

If your Samoyed barks excessively, we recommend taking it to a veterinarian or specialist so they can diagnose it and rule out if it suffers from anxiety and depression. 

When Samoyeds Don’t Feel Well (Physically and Emotionally)

Like humans, Samoyeds can feel uncomfortable and restless when they are unwell. That situation will make them automatically bark since they cannot transmit their feelings and sensations as people do. 

What Can I Do to Stop My Samoyed from Barking?

Exercise Your Pet Daily

Normally, people who acquire a Samoyed breed dog and have previously researched about them will know that these animals need a lot of exercise. 

Suppose your Samoyed dog begins to bark very loudly and you can no longer tolerate hearing irritating barking from it. In that case, an excellent way to expend that excess energy is to exercise it. If you exercise your pet frequently, the chances are that it’s too tired to start barking after all that grueling training. 

A Samoyed that exercises regularly tends to sleep a lot

Train Your Pet with Different Command Phrases

This technique has proven to be one of the best in dog training. However, these canines are very stubborn, and a very severe handler is needed to help them hear commands. 

Training is primarily about helping your dog understand what you want it to do, and the best way to do it is through treats. 

When your Samoyed starts barking, have a treat in hand. Wait until it stops barking and use phrases such as “calm” or “quiet.” The moment your pet ceases barking, reward it with praise and treats. 

Canine training for a Samoyed dog is always the best way to correct the behavior of a Samoyed and all other types of dogs. However, keep in mind that in most cases, barking is normal canine behavior. 

Now, if this becomes irritable and unbearable, you will have to take drastic measures and find a way to help your dog to stop barking and harming its environment.