When Do Samoyeds Calm Down?

Having a dog is wonderful, but taking care of it can be a headache for first-time owners or those who spend a large part of the day working.

A common problem that people make when bringing a new dog home is the lack of information they have about that breed. Many of them adopt or buy these animals simply because they are cute in appearance. This is a clear example of the Samoyeds.

However, behind that beautiful appearance, there are certain aspects that we must consider. The first thing to note is that Samoyeds are very active dogs that need plenty of daily exercise. In fact, their energy level is so high that they can become hyperactive at times.

If you have a Samoyed, you may want to know at what age it will calm down. In this article, we will help you to solve that doubt.

When Do Samoyeds Calm Down?

As we have said before, Samoyeds are characterized by having a high level of energy, so it is normal for you to see them running and playing for much of the day.

Therefore, we can say that it is difficult for a dog of this breed to calm down, at least during its first years of life. Obviously, just like children, Samoyeds will be more hyperactive at an early age.

The fact that a Samoyed does not calm down can be inconvenient for the lifestyle of its owner. He will have to prepare himself every day to make his pet spend all its energy and get tired since that is the only way to keep it calm for at least a few hours.

Some Samoyeds may calm down sooner than others and that will depend on a number of factors, especially their personality and level of physical activity.

Generally, the first three years of a Samoyed are difficult to control due to the high level of energy it has. During that stage, these dogs are growing and developing in all physical and mental aspects.

It should be noted that if you provide your dog with enough training and exercise as well as a balanced diet, it will begin to calm down between 2 and 3 years of age.

What Can I Consider to Calm My Samoyed?


The main way to calm down your Samoyed is by making it spend its energy through exercises and games. This breed is characterized by being active, so it must be exercised daily to meet its needs.

If you don’t provide your Samoyed with enough daily exercise, it will most likely develop destructive behaviour and choose inappropriate ways to expend its energy.

When your Samoyed doesn’t get enough physical stimulation during the day, it will become extremely hyperactive and start barking loudly, chewing on furniture, running around, scratching doors and walls, etc. If you don’t act on time, this behaviour could worsen.


As we have said, the Samoyeds are likely not to calm down. However, after the beginning of adulthood, its energy level will begin to decrease more and more, especially if it does not receive enough daily exercise.

Obedience Training

All Samoyeds must receive obedience training so that their behaviour is appropriate at all times. A hyperactive canine like the Samoyed can be out of control when it has excess energy, and we need to teach it to obey to avoid any unwanted situation.

Therefore, it is important to teach it a series of basic commands that will make your Samoyed obey you in specific situations. Many people do not know how to train a dog of this type, so it is advisable to hire a professional dog trainer.

In case you want to train it on your own, remember that positive reinforcement is an excellent method of training your pet.

Spending Time with Your Samoyed

We know that dogs are very emotionally sensitive animals. It is true that some can be more distant than others, but in the end, they all love their loved ones and want to spend time with them.

In this case, Samoyeds are very affectionate and attached to their family members and require a lot of attention.

Like most dog breeds, Samoyeds can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for too long. For that reason, it is important to spend a lot of time with them during the day, either in the living room or outside in the backyard or garden, exercising them.


Feeding a dog like the Samoyed is not as easy as you think. Many people just give it whatever dog food they find at the pet store, but they don’t take into account some important aspects.

Samoyeds need high protein foods to have enough energy to perform their daily exercises.

However, excess food, especially carbohydrates, will make your Samoyed have more energy than normal, and that is something we want to avoid; otherwise, it will be difficult to calm down. In short, the diet of these dogs must be balanced.

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