Should Samoyeds Be Shaved?

Should Samoyeds Be Shaved

Caring for a pet is not as simple as it initially seems. There are many factors that we must take into account no matter what kind of animal we choose to live with, such as:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Bird
  • Snake
  • Rodent
  • Etc

Each one presents different care needs that owners will have to learn as the animals have no choice but to rely on the people caring for them.

Dogs are the most common pets in many homes, and there are a lot of breeds with distinctive characteristics to choose from. Owners may look for a dog with certain physical characteristics commonly associated with a small subset of breeds.

Others may find a dog’s personality, behavior, or working ability the most desirable aspect when looking for a new dog to own.

Taking care of a dog is not only about feeding and providing exercise but also making sure your dog is properly groomed. That is very important in most breeds, especially those with a fluffy coat, such as the Samoyed breed. 

Used to herd and guard flocks of reindeer by ancient nomadic cultures, the Samoyed is a working-class dog built for harshly cold environments.

However, they were also occasionally used for hunting when needed. Samoyeds were, and still are, known for being a symbol of strength and elegant appearance in their everyday working lives.

Like many cold-weather breeds, Samoyeds have a double coat to rebuff the natural elements of the outdoors. A wonderfully dense, rough outer coat keeps its soft inner coat from matting with moisture and muck. Of course, having two layers keeps Samoyeds warm even in the snow and ice. 

Since the coat of a Samoyed is so thick, many people wonder if it is better to shave their dog, especially in warmer temperatures.

Should Samoyeds Be Shaved?

To keep a Samoyed coat healthy, it is essential to make sure it stays properly groomed. Brushing and trimming are important to ensure that its coat remains fluffy, clean, and beautiful. This type of care doesn’t only keep up its appearance but keeps the fur healthy.

This dog’s coat should be brushed at least 3 times a week to prevent it from getting dirty and tangled. During shedding times, you will need to do it daily. 

It is important to note that grooming is necessary for any dog, and often, trimming or shaving the coat is considered part of that care. However, with certain dog breeds, shaving is unnecessary or even detrimental, as in the Samoyed case.

It is important to never shave the coat of a Samoyed as its hair protects it from extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold. This means it both stays warm and is also protected from the sun.

This type of fur has a unique function: to regulate the animal’s body temperature depending on the climate where it is located. 

When Should We Trim the Fur of a Samoyed?

Trimming a Samoyed’s coat is more favorable than shaving it completely, as long as you still don’t take off too much fur. Shaving will not only make your pet irritated and restless, but it will also expose it to certain weather conditions and sunburn. 

Now, a dog groomer can properly take care of a Samoyed. Many prefer a professional to trim their dog’s fur just enough for the coat to grow beautiful and healthy.

If your Samoyed gets its fur tangled, it is also highly recommended that you go to a professional groomer. You may be inclined to think that brushing is the best solution, but it only serves to be very painful for your precious pet. 

Of course, you can still groom your dog’s fur yourself, but you must do it carefully. If you take it to a dog groomer, there will be no problem since he will know what to do, but you can take the time to learn it yourself.

When is It Necessary to Shave a Samoyed?

As we have said, it is usually much better to trim your Samoyed. However, shaving a Samoyed may be necessary for certain medical reasons. These can include:

  • Skin condition
  • Injury
  • Infection
  • Surgery

Whatever the case, the most advisable thing is to do it only when under your veterinarian’s recommendation.

How Often is It Advisable to Trim the Coat of a Samoyed?

You could do this during your dog’s regular grooming sessions. The reason for trimming is to keep your dog’s coat clean and beautiful, so if you notice that it looks scraggly, it might be time for a trimming session.

The hair of the Samoyed must be trimmed at least 2 times a year to keep it healthy. In fact, it is advisable to do it during shedding seasons. 

How to Trim the Fur of a Samoyed? 

It is pretty easy to trim the fur of a Samoyed, as long as they are willing to stay still. Most of the time, trimming is cosmetic. However, it is also important to keep their fur growing healthily, similar to how people trim their hair.

  • Trim the hairs on its back and chest area. This is for cosmetic reasons more than anything. By trimming the hairs while completing their daily brushing, you can make sure that the hairs are even, so you don’t have any patches that are shorter than others.
  • Trim the fur on its hips and thighs. Again, this is purely cosmetic, and you can do it the same way you trim their back and chest.
  • Trim the fur of its legs. Use a short blade to do this.
  • Trim the fur of its toes. If you are able, trim the excess fur between its toes as well. They usually have a lot of fur between their toe pads that you can also trim, but be sure to do it carefully to avoid any injury.
  • Trim the fur on its rear. This one is highly recommended as it can keep your Samoyed clean and hygienic. Use scissors and cut the fur close to its skin with care.
  • Trim the fur on its tail. Like the fur on its rear, trimming the fur on the tail prevents as much mess and unhygienic situations.


Samoyeds should rarely if ever, be shaved. Many owners try to shave their pets, believing it will make them feel better. However, in the case of a Samoyed, it can worsen their situation.

Instead, it may be better to try and trim your dog. This makes them look much cleaner and healthier and promotes good hair growth without causing any harm to your dog.