How Often Should Samoyeds Be Bathed?

Samoyed breed dogs are beautiful animals that have dense and shiny coats. If you are thinking of adopting your own Samoyed, it is essential that you know the preparation process that comes with having a canine of this type. 

In the same way that we take care of the health and nutrition of our dog, it is vital to maintain proper hygiene. However, that does not mean that you should bathe it a lot since more washing does not mean more happiness and health for it.  

Dog hygiene is not as exhaustive as ours. In fact, bathing it too often could damage its skin and coat. 

Remember that these canines are not easy to care for, but you can deal with one of these animals with the correct preparation. 

Taking these dogs out for a walk or feeding them is a simple task, but the real challenge is to bathe them since they have a lot of hair covering their entire body. 

Brushing and bathing with the appropriate frequency (and not too often in the case of bathing) helps the animal’s skin and coat stay healthy and prevents comedones (blackheads) or folliculitis from developing. 

How Often Do I Have to Bathe My Samoyed dog? 

The first thing to keep in mind is that you always have to bathe your Samoyed outdoors and only when it is daytime. That is because there must be sun and wind so that the canine dries faster and is less cold. Also, you shouldn’t get your pet wet in cold weather or at night, as that will make it sick. 

Dogs of this breed can have bath sessions at least every six months. For older Samoyeds, you need to bathe them every three months. All this will depend on your Samoyed age to determine how many times a year you should schedule their baths. 

If you have a young, healthy dog, you don’t need to put it in the bathtub more than twice a year. That is unless your pet runs like crazy outside and comes back full of mud. Obviously, in such a situation, you shouldn’t leave it dirty. 

As your Samoyed ages, it is advisable to increase the frequency with which you bathe it. For example, instead of doing it every six months, you should do it every three months. That is because when your pet enters its golden years, its natural oils will begin to wash out, requiring more regular baths. 

What is a Good Place to Bathe My Samoyed dog? 

Samoyeds are not a breed of large canines, but they are not small dogs either. You have to consider bathing your pet in a large and spacious place where you can move freely while cleaning your Samoyed. 

There are many places where you can bathe a Samoyed dog. The most recommended are: 

In the Bathtub of the House 

When the climates or temperatures are colder, it is advisable to bathe your Samoyed at home in a bathtub. Make sure to place a shower mat on the floor next to the tub before your pet goes outside. 

In a Kiddie Pool 

Another great idea would be to bathe your Samoyed in a kiddie pool. Then you can throw away all the dirty water and store the pool in a deposit or garage for its future baths. 

In the Backyard of Your House 

If you have a spacious yard with access to a hose, then there is no reason you cannot wash your Samoyed dog there. 

We recommend that before bathing your dog, you place a waterproof mat on the lawn. In this way, when you clean your Samoyed, let it be on the mat and not on the grass where it can get its legs dirty. 

On a Special Table for Grooming Dogs 

Indoors or outdoors, you can bathe your Samoyed like the professionals do on a grooming table. This table should be long and wide enough to accommodate the size of your pet. 

Also, it is necessary that the table is high and spacious. That will ensure that your dog does not slip when you are cleaning it. 

What Factors Help Me Decide When to Bathe My Samoyed Dog? 

Hair Length 

The long coat on a dog retains dirt more easily than the short coat and is more difficult to brush, requiring more frequent baths. 

Activity Level 

Less active Samoyeds stay clean longer. The same is the case with dogs that tend to stay at home all the time. 

Type of Skin 

Like humans, some canines have oily skin, and others have drier skin. Oily skin may need more frequent baths, and the vet may even recommend a special product. 

Allergies and Skin Conditions 

They make Samoyeds need baths as part of medical treatment. In this case, the vet will indicate the periodicity of these baths.