How Often Should Samoyeds Be Bathed?

How Often Should Samoyeds Be Bathed?

Dogs are beautiful animals that need proper care, just like humans.

The care of a dog includes not only diet and daily exercises but also grooming, especially in those with long and abundant fur. That is the case with the Samoyeds. 

This beautiful breed is characterized by having a double coat: the outer one is dense, straight, and rough, while the inner one is short and smooth.

It is vital to provide the correct hygiene to this breed of dog and the correct maintenance of its coat.

Although the hygiene of these animals should not be as strict and frequent as that of human beings, it is vital to know the correct times to do it and the measures to take into account to avoid damaging their fur and skin.

Bathing a Samoyed is not that easy due to its double-layered coat. A lot of hair is covering its body, so cleaning each area can be challenging.

Keep in mind that bathing your Samoyed will benefit its skin and fur by preventing it from developing folliculitis, but it is also crucial that you know that cleaning it too frequently can be detrimental to the health of its skin.

Should I Bathe My Samoyed Frequently?

Before answering this question, you should know that the best time to bathe your Samoyed is during the day so that its coat dries thanks to the sun quickly. 

If you bathe it during the night, not only will it not dry quickly, but it will also be very cold. In addition, you must consider constantly bathing it outside the house since it is a medium-sized dog that could cause inconvenience inside while you clean it.

You should not bathe your Samoyed frequently as this will negatively affect its fur and skin. The most recommended is to do it once every 6 weeks, although in some cases, 3 weeks should be enough. Simply put, the frequency you bathe your dog will increase as it ages.

If you have a Samoyed puppy, it may get dirty a lot in the garden. In that case, you should bathe it more often. That is unless your pet runs like crazy outside and comes back full of mud. Obviously, in such a situation, you shouldn’t leave it dirty.

As we have said previously, increasing the frequency with which you bathe it as your Samoyed ages is advisable.

For example, instead of doing it every six weeks, you should do it every three weeks. That is because when your pet enters its golden years, its natural oils will begin to wash out, requiring more regular baths.

Where to Bathe a Samoyed Dog?

Samoyeds are not a breed of large canines, but they are not small dogs either. You have to consider bathing your pet in a large and spacious place where you can move freely while cleaning your Samoyed.

Although we have said above that the best place to bathe your Samoyed is outside, we can also consider the following:


Keep in mind that the weather will not always be warm, even if it is daytime. You may want to bathe your Samoyed when the weather is cold.

In those cases, a recommended option is to use the bathtub at home. In this way, your dog will not be exposed to the cold after being bathed and, therefore, will not catch a cold.

Table for Grooming

This table is specifically designed to carry out any grooming procedure on your Samoyed, be it brushing its fur, shaving it, or, in this case, bathing it.

In fact, this type of table is the one most often used by professional groomers. It is usually large enough for your Samoyed to be bathed comfortably.

Kiddie Pool

A kiddie pool is a handy option for bathing your Samoyed quickly as you can easily inflate it, fill it with water, use it and then empty it for storage. In addition, it is straightforward since you only have to enter the pool with your dog and bathe it, and both will have a good time in the water.

Garden or Backyard

While you can use the kiddie pool or table for grooming in your backyard or garden, you can also simply bathe your dog while someone gently holds it.

You can use a hose to wash your Samoyed while shampooing it easily. It is always recommended to use a waterproof mat either on the ground or grass to prevent water from overflowing all over the place.

What Factors Help Me Decide When to Bathe My Samoyed Dog?

Hair Length

The long coat on a dog retains dirt more quickly than the short coat and is more difficult to brush, requiring more frequent baths.

Activity Level

Less active Samoyeds stay clean longer. The same is the case with dogs that tend to stay at home all the time.

Type of Skin

Like humans, some canines have oily skin, and others have drier skin. Oily skin may need more frequent baths, and the vet may even recommend a special product.

Allergies and Skin Conditions

They make Samoyeds need baths as part of medical treatment. In this case, the vet will indicate the periodicity of these baths.