How Much Exercise Does a Samoyed Need?

How Much Exercise Does a Samoyed Need

Pets belong to a special part of many people’s lives. They provide all kinds of emotional benefits regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, rodent, bird, snake, etc. Each pet has distinctive characteristics that allow them to adapt to certain families better. The most common in most homes are canines. 

There are many breeds of dogs in the world, and each has different characteristics. Because not all dogs are alike, some will need more attention and care than others.

That is why it is essential to know the breed of dog we want to acquire before doing so. One of the most beautiful and energetic breeds is the Samoyed. 

When we have an animal of this type, we must ensure that we provide a suitable lifestyle. Some breeds of canines are characterized by having a high level of physical activity, while others do not.

Many dogs will need more or less exercise depending on their characteristics, especially their energy level. In this article, we will talk about the amount of exercise a Samoyed requires. 

How Much Exercise Does a Samoyed Need?

This dog has high exercise needs. Samoyeds are characterized by being active and energetic.

Therefore, they must be physically active daily to stay happy and healthy. It should be noted that they require not only physical stimulation but also mental. Walks, games, or skill training are some activities that you can carry out together with your furry pet. 

The amount of exercise a Samoyed requires will depend on age and size. We have to bear in mind that a dog of this type that does not have a fully developed body cannot receive the same amount of exercise as an adult Samoyed. Generally speaking, this dog should receive between 30 minutes and 1 hour of exercise daily. 

How Much Exercise Does a Samoyed Need According to Its Age?

If a dog, regardless of its breed, is still in its puppy stage, its exercise needs will be less than those of an adult. There is a rule that helps us know the amount of exercise we should provide our Samoyed. It consists of adding 5 minutes of exercise each month of our pet’s life. 

First 6 Months of Age

During the first few months of your Samoyed puppy’s age, you should not provide it with a lot of exercises. That is because it is in full growth and development, and its bones and muscles are not designed to withstand 1 hour or more of daily exercise. 

The best way to exercise our Samoyed during that age is through games. Also, a good option would be to allow your pet to socialize with other puppies in the park. You can take advantage of that moment and walk it for a few minutes to get to know new places and people. 

According to the rule mentioned above, when our Samoyed is 6 months old, we must provide it with half an hour of exercise. It is not recommended that our puppy exercise daily as this could overstress its muscles and bones, causing problems in the future. 

More Than 6 Months Old

During this stage of our Samoyed’s life, we can already begin to provide regular 30-minute walks every day. You can take it for walks to different places, starting with your neighborhood so that it becomes familiar with the area. 

Generally, dogs over 6 months of age need obedience training. Each month you can increase the amount of exercise you give your Samoyed as well as the difficulty of each one. 


The complete maturity of a Samoyed generally varies between 2 and 3 years, although it can differ depending on each canine. 

When a dog of this type reaches its adult age, it will need at least 40 minutes to 1 hour of daily exercise. In fact, many people recommend two hours of daily routine due to the high level of physical activity that these animals present. 

At this point, you can already provide your Samoyed with walks, different games, and other physical activities. You could even train it to pull a sled. 

What If We Don’t Give This Dog Enough Exercise?

As we have said, Samoyeds are dogs with a high energy level that must be kept busy as they tend to get bored quickly. If this dog does not exercise for the necessary time according to age, it may develop destructive behaviors.

That can include excessive barking, destructive chewing, or it might even try to escape to seek entertainment elsewhere. 

It is essential to provide this breed of dog with daily exercise to help it release its accumulated energy during the day and prevent it from developing behavioral problems. 

If you have any questions about the amount of exercise your Samoyed should receive, it is best to go to a veterinarian to help you.