Can Samoyeds Swim?

Can Samoyeds Swim

When buying or adopting a particular breed of dog, you may think that it can do anything, but that is not the case.

Humans are born with different talents, such as playing an instrument, excelling in a sport, etc. Dogs are similar in that each breed may be better at certain activities than others.

If you intend to swim with the dog you brought home or make it do some water-related activity, you must first learn everything about that breed to know if it can swim and if it likes the water.

In case you have or are thinking of bringing a Samoyed home, you should know a little more about it. This breed is mainly characterized by its cheerful personality and distinctive physical appearance. It has a beautiful double-layered coat which protects it from certain weather conditions.

Samoyeds love to play and have fun with their human family members, whether it is during exercise sessions, training, or while doing any activity.

Because the Samoyed is an energetic breed of dog, you might think that it likes to swim. You will know the answer throughout this article.

Can Samoyeds Swim?

Although Samoyeds like the water and many of them love to swim, it is not recommended that they swim as they have a thick double-layered coat which will become very heavy when wet. Therefore, that extra weight will make it very difficult for them to stay afloat for several minutes.

This is one of the reasons these canines might hate swimming and water. Keep in mind that many Samoyeds do not like to swim as they were raised in the cold and frozen parts of Russia from the beginning. Therefore, they are not used to this type of environment.

Does that mean all Samoyeds can’t swim? No! Every Samoyed is different and may love swimming depending on how it was introduced to the water.

As we know, many dogs feel fear due to past negative experiences in this type of environment. Although the fur turns out to be a disadvantage for them, they can wear a life jacket.

Keep in mind that a Samoyed’s coat isn’t the only reason it might not like swimming. For example, the parents of your Samoyed may never have been introduced to the water or learned to swim, so it is expected that your canine does not feel that desire to enter the water. In fact, it might even feel nervous and suspicious.

Apart from the genetics of a Samoyed, negative experiences in this type of environment can also affect.

For example, if your Samoyed has had an experience in the past, like nearly drowning by falling into a pool or river, that will cause lifelong trauma until it will be scared just by seeing the water. Of course, this can be solved with the correct training, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

Advantages of Swimming for Your Samoyed

Swimming is an excellent activity for people and dogs as they mainly help improve their physical health.

Swimming is very beneficial for the development and strengthening of the joints of this type of canine. In addition, it has other benefits such as:

  • Speeding up the metabolism of our Samoyed.
  • Strengthening its heart and lungs.
  • Improving its blood circulation.
  • Burning lots of calories to avoid obesity.

The good thing about swimming is that it is not an activity that hurts your Samoyed’s body, so it will not cause any type of joint problem.

However, your dog must always swim with a life jacket since the extra effort it must make to float with its wet fur can cause some problems.

In addition to all the health benefits that swimming provides Samoyeds, this activity will also help strengthen their bond with their owners. Training and swimming with our Samoyed will make it feel more confident in us.

Another advantage that swimming has is that it will make our Samoyed burn a lot of energy. Remember that this dog breed is very energetic and can become hyperactive occasionally.

We won’t always be able to deal with the energy level of these dogs, and the only way to calm them down in the short term is to tire them out. Swimming is an excellent and strenuous exercise that will leave your Samoyed tired enough to rest and sleep for the rest of the day.

Training a Samoyed

If you want your Samoyed to learn to swim, the first thing you should do is buy a life jacket. Why? As we said at the beginning, Samoyeds are characterized by their double-layered coats, which are made of abundant hair. 

When such a dog gets into the water, it will have the extra weight of its wet fur. This is similar to when someone goes into the water with a shirt on.

Keep in mind that, unlike humans, all dogs instinctively try to swim using their paws. Therefore, it will not be so difficult for them to swim. The real issue has to do with whether or not they really like the water.

Many Samoyeds may be afraid of swimming simply because they are afraid of water. Therefore, we must ensure they are introduced to this environment as puppies. Make sure you do this in shallow water, so your Samoyed adjusts and trusts the water more.

Your Samoyed may not want to go into the water on its own. In those cases, get in the water first and then call your dog. When it sees you there, it will know that everything is okay and it’s safe to get in the water. Once your Samoyed has gotten used to it after several days, it’s time to take it to deeper water.

You can take it to a pool, river or lake and enter the water with it. Put on the life jacket and help your Samoyed swim by holding its belly with one of your hands. If you practice this with your pet daily, it will quickly learn to swim well and become more confident in the water.