Can Samoyeds Live in Apartments?

Can Samoyeds Live in Apartments

The Samoyed is an ancient breed used by nomadic peoples mainly to herd and care for reindeer. However, they were also used for hunting. These dogs have an elegant, strong, and graceful appearance.

They have a beautiful two-layered coat: the outer one is dense, straight, and rough, while the inner one is soft and short. This breed can be white or cream. 

They are affectionate and friendly dogs who love to be with loved ones and get along well with children, strangers, and other animals, especially if they receive socialization training.

Although the Samoyeds were used for hunting in their origins, the truth is that their instincts in this regard are minimal. They are intelligent dogs who understand what is right and wrong. 

Having such a pet can be challenging, especially if we live in apartments and have a busy lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential to talk a little more about the Samoyed to find out if it can live in an apartment. 

Can Samoyeds Live in Apartments?

It depends. Like most breeds of dogs, Samoyeds can live in apartments. However, they are very active canines with a high energy level, so they will require daily exercise. 

This type of dog needs more than a daily walk, especially if they live in apartments. That is because there is not enough space to run, jump or play freely. Providing it with the right amount of exercise will be the key so that it can live in an apartment without any problems. 

What Things Should I Take into Account with My Samoyed Dog in an Apartment? 

Apart from the active lifestyle that these dogs must have if they live in an apartment, there are also other aspects that we must know: 

Samoyed Personality

Samoyeds are friendly and affectionate dogs that can get along not only with their owners and members of their human family but also with children, strangers, and other animals as long as they receive socialization training. 

It is important to note that these canines are stubborn and difficult to handle, especially if we live in an apartment. This behavior can be prevented if we provide our Samoyed with socialization training during its puppy stage. 

These dogs are very energetic, so they will need to exercise. Samoyeds could easily get bored and destructive if we keep them in the apartment for a long time without doing anything. That is why taking them out for a walk and doing any physical activity with them is essential. 

Samoyed Attention

Your attention to your Samoyed puppy is just as important as exercise. Dogs of this type are known for their attachment to their family. A small apartment could help bring a person closer to their pet, in this case, a Samoyed

It is true that Samoyeds do not tend to suffer from separation anxiety. Still, they could have a sensitive personality, especially if their owners do not give them the attention they need. 

Keeping a Samoyed in an apartment is ideal for people who work from home and can give their puppy all the time they need. Otherwise, you will have to ask another person (a family member, friend, or dog sitter) to take care of the pet while working outside the home. 

Samoyed Physical and Mental Stimulation

We have already mentioned that exercise is one of the fundamental things we must offer our Samoyeds, especially if we live in an apartment. 

If your Samoyed is a puppy, you should give it little exercise as its bones and joints are not fully developed yet. Half an hour of activity will be enough; in contrast, an adult Samoyed is already fully developed.

It will be more active, so it will need 1 hour of exercise to avoid getting bored and destructive within the department. That’s because these dogs can quickly get bored. 

Mental stimulation is as important as physical one. These dogs are brilliant, so you should provide them with games, the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, and other activities that keep their minds active. 

Samoyed Training

Samoyeds are stubborn dogs that will need to be educated so that they obey you and have an excellent lifestyle in the apartment. These canines need: 

  • Socialization training. 
  • Obedience training. 
  • Potty training. 

Things You Should Consider About Your Apartment 

Make Sure Your Entire Apartment is Pet Friendly

That would be the first thing to consider since if your residence does not allow pets, you will not be able to acquire a dog. 

You should consult with the reception or the owners of the place to obtain and resolve each one of the questions that you may have in this regard.

Notably, if the building owners allow animals such as dogs, only certain breeds will be admitted according to their temperament, size, and behavior habits. The Samoyed may not be one due to its tendency to bark. 


As we have said, Samoyeds tend to bark a lot. The barking of a dog is one of the things your neighbors will hate you for. For that reason, a Samoyed is not a good option for most apartments unless you can control the situation. 

You can train your canine not to bark too much. However, its instincts will produce loud noises often. If you want to live with a Samoyed in an apartment, you must monitor it at all times and stop it when it wants to bark, growl, or make another noisy sound. Give it treats and praise it when it obeys you. 

Good training will keep your Samoyed calm while it is in the apartment. 

Check if there is a Park or Open Space near Your Building

It is an excellent idea to study the area where your apartment is. We already know that Samoyeds are energetic and active dogs that need to exercise every day, so it would be good if the building where you live is near a dog park or a spacious place where you can take your pet for a walk every morning.