Can Samoyed Live in Hot Weather?

The Samoyed dog is a beautiful animal with a huge thick white coat. This canine has its origins in Siberia and Russia, countries that have always had cold and icy climates. 

This dog’s fluffy and thick coat has a double coat: an inner and an outer coat. Both layers of hair are responsible for keeping the Samoyed protected and sheltered in low temperatures. 

Some people question when acquiring a dog of this breed because they are concerned that their pets cannot withstand the high temperatures in their homes. However, this is not entirely true. 

Can My Samoyed Dog Live in Hot Weather? 

Samoyed dogs may be able to live in hot climates, but that doesn’t mean they love being around the heat most of the time. However, just as their fur protects these animals from the cold, it can also protect them from heat and the annoying rays of the sun. 

Surprisingly, the fur of these Samoyeds can keep them cooler in hot weather than many other short-haired canines. Therefore, Samoyeds may be able to adapt to hot weather quite well. 

How Do I Know if My Samoyed Dog is Starting to Feel Hot? 

Many times when a Samoyed dog begins to feel quite hot around it, it shows physical signs of exhaustion and tiredness. Also, if your Samoyed is outside the house and is barking or whining, especially at the door, they will likely seek to enter indoors where it is cooler. 

What are the Signs to Know if My Samoyed Dog is Hot? 

Some of the main signs that a Samoyed dog can present when it is hot are the following: 

Samoyed Panting 

Panting is one of the most common signs to tell if your Samoyed dog may be feeling extremely hot. Normally, it is common to observe many dogs panting to keep cool and even to cool their bodies. However, excessive panting can be a sign of overheating. 

Samoyed Strange Behavior 

It is another way to tell if your Samoyed dog is uncomfortable in the environment. If your pet is not sitting or lying on the floor as it usually is and is instead circling and running, it may be too hot. When a dog, regardless of its breed, acts differently than it usually does, it means that something strange is going on. 

In this case, you need to start taking the necessary measures to make your pet feel more comfortable and cool, such as making sure it has air conditioning or a shady area to stay. 

Samoyed Barking 

When a dog tends to bark too much, it can mean many things. It could mean that some stranger is hanging around the house, an animal is invading its territory because it is hungry or simply because it is feeling too hot. 

Samoyed Constant Whimpering 

A Samoyed dog (or any other breed) can whine and complain about many things, such as when they are hungry or want to go to the bathroom, feel some pain in their body, or feel quite hot. In this case, the best thing you can do is refresh your pet with cold water to drink. 

Samoyed Bright or Dark Red Tongue or Gums 

That is one of the most common symptoms in dogs when they feel hot. When the hot season and high temperatures come to your neighborhood, you need to be alert to the behavior of your Samoyed dog. 

Watch everything it does and how it reacts to hot weather. If you want to make sure that it is not at risk of heatstroke, check its gums and verify that they are not darker than normal.

In the event that they are, we recommend taking it to a veterinarian or simply trying to cool it at home in front of the air conditioning. 

Samoyed Weakness and Increased Heart Rate 

You have to be cautious in this case. Take the time to check your Samoyed canine occasionally and make sure that its temperature is normal and not suffer from any strange symptoms. 

Remember that dogs cannot speak and cannot tell you if their heart is pounding. As a recommendation, we advise you always to keep your home ventilated and cool to avoid these types of unwanted situations. 

Samoyed Watery or Glassy Eyes 

It is one of the most common symptoms when dogs feel hot. Samoyeds are usually canines that are not affected by heat even with their enormous coat of hair, but sometimes the heat affects other parts of their body, such as their eyes. 

Keep the areas of your house cool and always give your Samoyed water at room temperature so that it can drink it at all times, and that way, it stays cool. 

Samoyed Excessive Thirst and Drooling 

Samoyeds are medium-large dogs and normally need to drink a lot of water to stay active. However, when a canine of this breed begins to feel hot, it tends to drink more water than necessary. 

That is the same with drooling. Dogs do not drool all the time simply because they want to (except for other breeds of dogs whose genetics force them), but when they are hot and exposed to high temperatures, they tend to drool everywhere. 

Samoyed What Can I Do if My Samoyed Dog Gets Hot? 

Here we will mention some solutions in the event that your Samoyed dog begins to feel hot: 

  1. Give yourself time to take your Samoyed dog’s temperature with a rectal thermometer. If your pet’s temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it means that your canine is overheated. 
  1. Provide your Samoyed with fresh drinking water. Never leave your pet’s water bowl empty. 
  1. Place cold towels on the neck and nape of your Samoyed, under the armpits and between its lush, plush hind legs. 
  1. Wet your dog’s ears and paws with cold water. 
  1. Take your pet to the vet if none of the above methods worked.