Are Samoyeds Good Guard Dogs?

The Samoyed is one of the most famous Russian canines in the world. Its white, fluffy, and dense fur is really characteristic and appreciated by dog ​​lovers. Also, this animal shows an exceptional and friendly character, perfect for active families with children or adolescents. 

This canine is a medium-sized dog with an elegant, strong, and graceful appearance. It has a characteristic facial expression in which it appears that it is smiling. 

Many families adopt Samoyeds because of how cute and lovable they turn out to be with people. Now, can this canine be a guard dog considering its beautiful and kind personality? 

Can My Samoyed Be a Good Guard Dog? 

Samoyeds can be considered to act as wonderful guard dogs, keeping a close eye on the home and its family members. However, if you want a canine that will fearlessly ward off danger, even through violence, then a dog of this breed is not for you. 

Many people contradict the above, saying that this breed is not a good guard dog due to its incredible kindness to all individuals (known and unknown people). On the other hand, half of Samoyeds owners affirm that it is a good guard dog because it tends to bark. 

This dog will alert when someone, especially a stranger, approaches its territory. Its bark will not go unnoticed. Although your pet can bark at strangers, once you make it understand that person is a friend and is welcome home, it will stop barking and start treating him like another member of its family. 

With their sweet appearance, lovely smile, and fluffy fur, Samoyeds don’t seem very aggressive. In fact, this breed is considered one of the gentlest out there. With some training, you can confidently leave your Samoyed when it is around cats and young children. 

What Will Happen If I Place My Samoyed as a Guard Dog? 

These animals will observe what is happening in the environment around them and will bark if something seems wrong. Its barking will warn you about the situation so that you can look out and see what is happening outside the house. 

A Samoyed is a friendly dog ​​that enjoys the company of people, even strangers. What you can expect if you put your canine as a watchdog is a lot of barking and howling. It will be able to warn you of possible dangers, but no more. 

If you want a dog that goes through the door and chases a thief like in a movie, then a Samoyed is not the best option. If you want that, you should know that a guard dog does not generally behave that way. 

Many guardian canines are smaller breeds with a bark worse than their bite. Others, like the Samoyed, may have a larger body, but they hardly tend to be fierce. 

Can I Train My Samoyed to Become a Good Guard Dog? 

There is a high probability that Samoyeds dog owners can train their pets to be guard dogs. One of the most recommended options to do this is to enroll your dog in training classes or hire a personal trainer to teach it. 

However, you shouldn’t consider the idea of ​​turning a Samoyed into a guard dog if it is unwilling to try. Remember that attacking by provocation does not fit well with the gentle personality in a Samoyed’s DNA.

That does not mean that they can never act violently against strangers. Everything will depend on the nature of the canine. 

It should be noted that this animal can be trained as a guard dog like other breeds. However, when Samoyed owners train their canines to be guard dogs, there is a chance that their pet will become destructive. 

That is because since this dog is born, it has a friendly and calm attitude towards people, and any change in its behavior and personality that has been modified during training will be affected, and it will begin to act disobediently. 

So, it is much better to leave your Samoyed as it is. We can admit that they do an expert job as guard dogs and might even scare off some larger animals. Don’t expect your pet to go directly to attack the intruder because it won’t. 

You can think of a Samoyed as a warning guard dog through its barking and howling, but you must discard the idea that it will become aggressive and fight whatever is around it. 

What Does My Samoyed Need to Become a Good Guard Dog? 

Some of the things that a canine of this type needs to become a guard dog are: 

  • Size. 
  • Intelligence. 
  • Loyalty. 
  • Energy. 

Samoyed Size 

If we talk about size, the Samoyed has the perfect size to be a good guard dog. However, this feature is not everything as it must be able to move with agility to scare away strangers and animals. 

Samoyed Intelligence 

Samoyeds are a very intelligent breed of dog. These animals are able to understand what is happening around them. As an insightful pet, it might be easy to train it to be a guard dog, but if it really doesn’t want to be one, it won’t. 

Its kindness would not allow it to be aggressive with the people around it, and it would not be able to attack them either. 

Samoyed Loyalty 

Remember that this breed’s canines are considered one of the most loyal and faithful animals that can exist in the whole world. If a dog is extremely dedicated to its owner, it can become an excellent protector. 

A Samoyed meets this requirement and more. Remember that it can stand up for you but will not do it directly against the intruder or threat. 

Samoyed Energy 

Samoyeds are dogs that have a lot of energy. They can react to something at any time of the day. A guard dog will simply warn its owner that someone is approaching his house, so it will bark. 

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