Are Samoyeds Easy to Train?

Are Samoyeds Easy to Train

There are many breeds of dogs in the world, and each has different characteristics. Because not all dogs are alike, some will need more attention and care than others. That is why it is essential to know the breed of dog we want to acquire before doing so. 

When we have an animal of this type, we must ensure that we provide it with a suitable lifestyle. Some breeds of canines are characterized by having a high level of physical activity, while others do not.

Regardless of that, all dogs need to receive socialization and obedience training. However, depending on the type of canine, it will have to be trained in other facets. 

As dog owners, we should have enough time to train our canines or at least hire a dog trainer to do it. However, not all people have experience caring for these animals, much less training them. 

There are many dog breeds, and each one will be more or less easy to train depending on their characteristics, such as their energy level, personality, ability, and behavior. In this article, we will discuss the difficulty of training a Samoyed. 

Are Samoyeds Easy to Train?

Samoyeds are friendly and loving dogs that get along well with people, especially their owners and human family members. They love to exercise and do any physical activity together with their loved ones. 

Like all dog breeds, Samoyeds must be trained to socialize, obey, or do some task. However, training this canine is not easy and can be challenging for many owners, especially those without much experience. 

Why are Samoyeds not easy to train? They are dogs known to be stubborn and like to be free and run everywhere. That curiosity and desire to exercise all the time makes the Samoyed have an attention deficit, so training it will not be easy. 

The most advisable thing is to start training these dogs when they are puppies since their learning process is more accelerated during that stage. One of the things that can help us during the training of this animal is its intelligence.

Samoyeds are brilliant dogs that can quickly learn what we try to teach them as long as they keep their attention to us. 

This breed of dog tends to get bored quickly, so if you want to train it efficiently, you should give it various exercises daily. If you always offer the same exercise routine, it will get bored and ignore you. 

Reasons Why Samoyed Dogs are Difficult to Train

As we have discussed previously, Samoyeds are challenging to train mainly due to their personalities. Despite being affectionate and intelligent dogs, they have attention deficits, making it difficult to concentrate during training.

We have already mentioned certain reasons why these dogs are not easy to train, but we will explain them in detail below. 

Samoyed Boredom

As we already know, these dogs get bored quickly and easily. When a canine, regardless of its breed, is in this state, it is most likely not to concentrate on training, and that will make the pet move away from you and the training and start doing other things, such as running or playing with its toys. 

Samoyed Stubbornness

Many people know Samoyeds as they are stubborn dogs, so the experience of training them is frustrating. That is mainly because many times these canines do not want to do an activity, which can be related to training, delaying the process a lot. 

Samoyed Desire for Freedom

These dogs love to be free and run from one place to another as they have a high physical activity level. If you don’t allow them a certain degree of freedom, they may start to exhibit destructive behaviors during training sessions.  

When Should I Train My Samoyed, and How Often Should I Do It?

Dogs are the same as humans in many ways. The learning capacity of a dog is similar to that of a person. 

For this reason, like children, Samoyeds must be trained early since their learning capacity will be optimal. That means your dog will retain commands and tricks easily and quickly. Teaching an adult Samoyed can be more difficult but not impossible. 

It should be noted that you must spend a lot of time, effort, and patience during the training process regardless of the above cases. 

A Samoyed must be trained frequently, especially for its attention deficit. If we give a dog of this type only one training session a week, it is possible to forget what it learned. The same is true for humans. Therefore, the more frequent the training sessions, the faster your Samoyed will learn. 

An essential point that you have to keep in mind is that you should not overload your puppy.

That is to say, the fact that we have to train our canines regularly does not mean that we have to do it all day and every day since they could get bored and develop destructive behaviors. Still, also its physical and emotional condition could be affected. 

You can choose to train it every day for no more than 45 minutes or on alternating days. The idea is to make your Samoyed not forget what you taught it. When your dog has adjusted to training, you can increase the time to an hour per session. 


When training your Samoyed, it is essential that you use positive reinforcement. The best way to teach a dog is to reward it with treats every time it obeys your commands. You can even praise it. 

You should never use training methods involving violence and aggression because they are likely to have an adverse effect on your pet. Yelling or hitting it will not only make your Samoyed stop respecting you but will also hurt it physically and emotionally, causing drastic changes in its personality.