Why Does My Pug Keep Peeing in the House?

Why Does My Pug Keep Peeing in the House

Some breeds of dogs tend to urinate indoors for a specific reason. It is important to note that these animals never do it for no reason. This is a common problem in many canines, especially Pugs.

We can say that one of the reasons why these canines tend to perform this type of action is because, most of the time, they seek to mark the territory in which they are, and this is related to the fact that these dogs want to make other puppies see the authority they have over that area.

Many times marking territory can be confused with urinating out of necessity. 

A canine marks its territory when it leaves a small urine mark in the area while urinating out of necessity consists of emptying its entire bladder, leaving a large mark.

Reasons Why a Pug Urinates in the House

As we have said before, Pugs do not urinate inside the house for no reason. Generally, this action is due to a specific reason, and some of them are:

The Pug Is Too Young

When a dog is a puppy, regardless of the breed, it is normal for it to urinate anywhere in the house, and it is due to lack of training.

Pug puppies are like children, that is, they do not have control over their bladders, so it is normal for them to urinate when they feel the need.

As your Pug tries to learn to control its bladder, you may find urine marks in different places around the house, such as furniture, kitchen floor, carpet, etc.

Before you lose patience and end up punishing your Pug for no reason, you need to make sure you train it properly so that it learns to relieve itself at the right time and place.

The Pug Is Too Old

People are prone to some diseases that can lead to urinary problems as they age. The same goes for older Pugs.

A Pug can start urinating indoors suddenly due to a health problem that causes incontinence. For example, this canine may have kidney problems, infections, or tumours. You should take it to the vet to rule out any disease.

How to Help a Pug with Its Problem of Urinating in the House?

A good way to help solve the problem of urine in puppies is to create a schedule of steps to follow, starting with a schedule so that at least every two hours, shortly after waking up and 20 minutes before sleeping, we take it out to the garden or backyard to relieve itself. 

This will help it understand that urinating and defecating should be done in that place, getting it used to go to that area frequently. That will get it used to its routine.

It is also very important to give it time so that it can establish comfort in relieving itself. An estimated time can be between 10 to 15 minutes.

There are factors that influence the comfort of the puppy. Some of them can be:

  • Noises from outside
  • Smells
  • All the things they see around them

All these factors hinder concentration during the act. It is also good to make sure that after relieving themselves, we are cautious as sometimes they tend to urinate again.

To avoid this, we can take the puppy and place it on our lap. That can eliminate the idea of ​​going back to urinate.

What Time Does a Pug Tend to Urinate in the House?

You might think that Pugs urinate inside the house every moment of the day, but this is really not the case. Generally, these dogs will do it in the mornings (when their owners are still in bed) or at night when everyone else is sleeping.

This is very common in puppies under 8 months of age. Keep in mind that when a Pug, or any other breed of dog, is young, it will not be able to resist the urge to urinate as it does not yet have full control over its bladders.

Do Female and Male Pugs Urinate in the House?

Many people think that this type of bad habit can only be seen in a male or female Pug. However, it is something that happens in both.

For example, we can see that a male Pug tends to urinate inside the house either to mark its territory or to communicate with other dogs.

On the other hand, females do it too, and this is common when they are in heat. If these dogs are spayed, then they will urinate indoors as a way of saying that this is their territory.

Keep in mind that on many occasions, females can urinate much more than males when marking their territory.