Why Do Pugs Stink?

Why Do Pugs Stink

A large number of people around the world can recognize the stinky smell of a dog. This is normal for all breeds when they don’t get the baths they need.

However, there are certain types of canines that tend to stink more frequently compared to the rest. We are talking about the Pugs.

Pugs are extraordinary family dogs that have many positives and some negatives. Among the negatives, we can find its stinky smell. While Pugs don’t smell bad all day, they do give off an unpleasant odour from time to time.

Reasons Why a Pug Stinks

Wrinkled Face

The wrinkles on a Pug’s face are the perfect place for bacteria to live. These bacteria can appear thanks to saliva, food, or sweat that remains in that area for hours and even days.

If we add the humidity to this, we can notice a disgusting smell emanating from these animals.

For that reason, it is important to clean that area every day. As you know, it is not recommended to bathe these dogs frequently as this is something negative for their skin.

However, you should make sure to specifically clean the wrinkles on your Pug’s face daily with a little water and a small soft towel. The goal is to remove any remaining debris that could cause an intolerable odour.

If you wish, you could apply a little coconut oil on the creases as this will not only keep them clean but also offers healthy and antimicrobial properties to the skin.

Anal Glands

Pugs are known for the fishy odour coming from their anal glands. This breed of dog usually suffers from anal gland problems, which produces a terrible and unbearable smell.

The anal glands usually secrete oils that are the cause of the bad smell. If you want to eliminate the fishy smell, you should only clean your Pug’s anal glands when necessary. The most advisable thing is to use special wipes for dogs that do not contain any chemical product.

If your Pug has serious anal gland problems, then don’t hesitate to take it to the vet immediately for a check-up.

Wet and Infected Ears

Dogs’ ears are constantly threatened by bacteria that can cause an infection. This is more common than you think.

When a Pug’s ears are full of wax, it may be suffering from an infection. These dogs’ ears will begin to stink terribly within a few hours or days. If, in addition to that, the canine’s ears get wet inside, then the humidity will increase that bad smell.

You don’t have to clean your Pug’s ears every day, but you should do it at least every two weeks. Depending on the hygiene you provide your pet, you should only do it once a month.

Bad Breath

This is something that can happen in all breeds of dogs but is more common in Pugs because these dogs are more prone to certain diseases, including dental ones.

Some dental diseases and excessive cavities in the mouth can cause stinky breath. The best way to prevent these unwanted situations is by brushing the Pug’s teeth frequently.

While there are people who brush their dogs’ teeth every night, some others recommend doing it at least twice a week.

Make sure you select the most suitable dog toothbrushes to avoid hurting the Pug. You should also buy dog ​​toothpaste which can come in various flavours. Raw coconut oil is also a good option.

Smelly Paws

Humans often have bad foot odour, especially when they have worn socks and shoes all day. Obviously, bacteria are to blame for that bad smell.

The same goes for the paws of the Pugs. Remember that dogs don’t wear shoes, so their paws are exposed to any dirt, debris, and bacteria found on the floor.

Be sure to regularly clean your Pug’s paws to remove any odour that may be caused by the yeast infection.

Does Bathing a Pug Solve All Its Odour Problems?

Yes and no! Keep in mind that you can take advantage of bathing sessions to completely clean your Pug. That includes cleaning the wrinkles on its face, ears, anal glands, paws, and body in general.

However, remember that you cannot bathe a Pug every week as excess dog shampoo could damage the skin of this canine.

Therefore, you must establish weekly routines to clean the different parts of a Pug’s body without having to wait for bath day:

  • You can brush your Pug’s teeth twice a week, although if you can do it every day, it would be better.
  • Clean your dog’s anal glands only when necessary.
  • A Pug’s ears should be cleaned once or twice a month.
  • Wash your Pug’s paws as soon as they are dirty.