Why Are Pugs So Aggressive?

Why Are Pugs So Aggressive

Pug breed dogs are extremely affectionate, loving, incredibly loyal, and above all, playful animals.

Many families consider such a canine to be precious and important, as it not only brings happiness and fun to those around it but is also a faithful companion.

At first glance, these dogs do not appear to be aggressive or angry with other people. On the contrary, a Pug is totally loving towards its owner and has no tendency to be aggressive and impulsive towards him or any other member of the family.

Is My Pug Dog Really Aggressive?

Normally, Pugs are polite and good-natured animals, although, on many occasions, these canines can cause and create many problems around them. Keep in mind that your Pug’s behaviour will depend on how well you train it.

Pugs are generally not aggressive dogs who tend to get upset easily. Instead, these cute, funny-looking dogs are warm, charming, and kind to their loved ones.

However, a canine of this breed has a tenacious and stubborn attitude that can be reprehensible. If your Pug dog has become aggressive, talk to your vet to make sure it’s not due to a medical condition.

Why Can My Pug Become Aggressive?

There are several reasons why dogs of this breed tend to display aggressive behaviour:

They Want to Get Your Attention

Pugs know that if they act aggressively, they will probably get what they want, including your attention. Do not underestimate dogs because they are just as or even more intelligent than humans.

When you don’t pay attention to your pet, it will most likely start to act out on its own and react negatively to the people around it.

It is necessary that you always be aware of your canine since if you neglect it for a long time, you will not be able to control its behaviour in the future.

They Get Upset When They Are Punished

If your Pug dog received a harsh punishment or a strong scolding, it could feel attacked and, in turn, create undesirable behaviour.

Undesirable Environment or Habitat

Pugs can become hostile to their surroundings. If these animals are unaware of the environment or people around them, it is very likely that they will feel insecure and tend to become aggressive against everyone.

Lack of Socialisation

When your Pug dog has a deficiency when socialising with other dogs, it is a sign of rejection of its environment. When these canines become solitary, they can create aggressive behaviour as a defence against other animals and even against their own owners and relatives.

Hormonal Problems

When Pugs are growing, their hormones can be altered in many ways.

If your Pug gets scared when surrounded by many people, it is a sign of anxiety, and in order to defend itself against its surroundings, it will become aggressive and try to bite or attack anyone who invades its personal space.

This also happens in the case of a female Pug. If the canine is pregnant, its hormones are triggered, and its senses are fully heightened.

The brain of a pregnant Pug sets a fixed limit of approach rule, both for humans and dogs. Even the owners of the female have to be careful when dealing with it because the dog can be susceptible to any action that takes place around it. This could cause aggressive behaviour in these dogs.

How Do I Stop My Pug From Being Aggressive?

One of the best ways to prevent a Pug dog from being aggressive is to educate it with tricks and positive behaviours. To prevent your pet from being aggressive towards other canines, you should start training it as a puppy.

When it wants to play, don’t let it bite or hurt people or other animals apart from dogs. If this happens, lightly poke it on the nose. In this way, you will make it understand that its behaviour is wrong.

Not educating your pet to have good behaviour could lead to inappropriate behaviour:

  • Barking
  • Growling
  • Biting

There are different types of aggression in dogs. The best way to deal with this is to try to understand what type of aggression your canine has.

Thanks to this, you will be able to know or recognize what is affecting or bothering your Pug so that it adopts bad behaviour.

It is important that you remember that the canine aggressiveness that your pet may present, especially if these are still puppies, is usually a consequence of certain situations, such as fear, pain, or the insecurity of their environment.