How Do You Punish a Pug?

How Do You Punish a Pug

D dog education is one of the most important things everyone should consider. No matter what breed of dog you’re thinking of bringing home, it’s important that you know how to discipline it properly.

Many people use the word “punishment” wrongly. In this case, we mean disciplining a Pug. The word punishment can cause a lot of confusion since people might think that it is about hitting or verbally assaulting the canine, but that is something that should never be done.

Remember that dogs have feelings, and any type of physical or verbal punishment will hurt them emotionally.

The best way to discipline a Pug is through positive methods that include rewards for good behaviour. 

Any negative method that includes physical or verbal aggression will only cause your dog to lose confidence in you and begin to feel fear, which in turn will lead to bad behaviour.

Should I Use Positive Reinforcement to Discipline My Pug?

Absolutely! Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to teach a dog to behave well. This method consists of rewarding such an animal with treats or praise every time it shows good behaviour or performs an action correctly.

The positive reinforcement method is widely used in most types of dog training due to its great effectiveness. Pugs love to eat, so treat rewards will be a strong incentive for them to improve their behaviour quickly.

What Should We Do to Properly Discipline a Pug?

As we have already mentioned, the positive reinforcement method is one of the best ways to make a Pug behave well without the need to use any type of physical or verbal punishment. However, you can also follow the following tips to discipline this canine:

Act on Time

Pugs can have inappropriate behaviours in certain situations. For example, these dogs develop destructive behaviours when they have been left home alone for a long time. It is normal for them to bite furniture, shoes, or some other valuable object.

It is essential that you stop your Pug as soon as you notice this type of behaviour. Obviously, you should avoid yelling at it at all costs since your Pug’s response will not be positive.

You can use a firm tone of voice to get your pet to stop what it is doing. The best thing is to use the word “No” when your Pug is about to do something bad like chew on your shoes.

In addition to that, you can also use your body language to make your canine see that you are not happy with what it is doing. For example, while saying the word “No,” you can frown.

Be Constant

Disciplining a Pug is not easy. It is something that can take more time than you think. This is important to keep in mind as many people give up quickly.

Many dog ​​owners do not have enough patience to train their pets for as long as it takes. You must be consistent with the discipline you are trying to impose on your Pug. You have to educate your dog and train it every day of the week until its behaviour is totally moulded.

When we talk about consistency, we mean that you cannot discipline your dog 3 or 4 times a week and not the rest of the days, since obviously, that will not bring positive results.

Ignore Your Pug When It Is Doing Something Wrong

Believe it or not, this is an extremely effective method. If your Pug is biting your hands or doing anything negative to get your attention, you should ignore it.

Generally, this breed of dog performs erratic actions to play with you, but it does not know that what it is doing is wrong.

By ignoring the action that your Pug is doing, it will notice that it does not make you happy, so it will quickly understand that this is something it should not do.

What Should You Not Do When Punishing Your Pug?

We must be very careful when punishing or disciplining a Pug since a bad move could make things worse.

Do Not Physically Abuse Your Pug

Some bad owners with little patience hit and push their Pugs for bad behaviours. The problem is that this is something negative since it is not only considered animal abuse but these canines could be traumatized and lose all confidence in their owners.

Obviously, the results will be negative, and we will only make these Pugs develop worse behaviours.

Don’t Yell at Your Pug

When a dog is doing something bad like biting a valuable object or relieving itself inside the house, it is normal for its owner to feel the need to yell at it since it is a natural instinct that many people have.

However, it is important to stay calm to prevent your Pug’s anxiety and stress from getting much worse.