Do Pugs Get Angry?

Do Pugs Get Angry

It is incredible how similar dogs are to human beings, and we are not referring to their physical appearance but to their personality, behaviour, and way of being in general. These animals have similarities with people in their ways of thinking and acting.

We can easily identify when a dog is angry, happy, excited, worried, scared, distrustful, etc. That’s because these animals also have feelings, and that’s why they should be treated with the same respect as humans.

Pugs are interesting dogs that have a loving and friendly personality with their loved ones. However, it is important to note that although they are not naturally aggressive, they can become hostile to certain people or animals depending on the situation.

Considering the temperament that a Pug can display, many people wonder if this canine can get angry too. The answer is yes!

Just like humans, Pugs can get angry when they don’t get what they want, and they express this through excessive barking and hyperactivity. It is very easy to identify these situations since this breed of dog is not known for barking a lot.

Why Does My Pug Get Angry?

There are several reasons why a Pug will be angry with you, regardless of whether you own it or not. Generally, this usually happens due to certain actions that we do and that these animals do not like. Some of them are:

When You Try to Keep Your Pug Away from You

Pugs are family animals that need to spend a lot of time each day with their owners. They do not like to be away from them and even less to be home alone.

If you are with your Pug in the room, your pet will hate that you try to take it away from you since it will think that you do not want to be with it or that you do not love it.

That could make it angry, and it will start barking and misbehaving in order for you to allow it to be by your side.

When You Keep Something in Your Pocket That It Wants

Pugs are playful and curious. They will want to grab anything to eat, chew, or play with. When you take something your Pug is interested in, avoid provoking it by showing the item to the pet and then putting it in your pocket. That will despair and irritate it.

Whether you keep a treat, key, or anything else in your pocket, it will get mad that you didn’t give it that thing.

When You Don’t Carry It with You in Your Arms

As we have already said, Pugs love spending time with their loved ones. The more time you spend with them, the happier they will be.

For example, if you are watching TV with your Pug on the sofa in the living room and suddenly you want to go to the kitchen for something to drink or eat, your canine will want you to take it with you even though the kitchen is only a few meters away. The same will happen if you try to go elsewhere.

There are certain Pugs that love to be carried in the arms of their owners. Others prefer to avoid that and simply walk with their loved ones.

When You Don’t Open the Door

Remember that Pugs are stubborn creatures who want their owners to do what they want. This could be a problem since our canines could develop inappropriate behaviours.

Pugs love when you open the door when they want, whether it’s to go out and play or just on a whim. 

If you’re slow to open the door or just don’t, be prepared for a lot of barking from your Pug.

When You Don’t Do Something Your Pug Wants You to Do Right Away

This is somewhat related to the reasons above. If a Pug is not well trained, it will get angry when you don’t do what it wants, but it will increase in fury if you don’t do that right away.

These dogs are very demanding, and if you do not do what they want (if they are not well trained), they will start barking incessantly, showing their anger.

When You Don’t Pay Enough Attention to It

Pugs not only need to spend time with their owners, but they also love to receive attention to feel loved. These animals are very demanding when it comes to attention.

When you don’t exercise your Pug or play with it, it will start to display certain erratic behaviours. We could say that it will misbehave with the sole purpose of getting your attention so that you do some activity with it.

If you pet your Pug, exercise it, play with it, take it for a walk in the park, etc., then you won’t have any problem.

When You Don’t Give It Its Treat Right Away

All dog breeds expect a reward when they do something right, and the Pug is no exception. We all know that positive reinforcement is one of the most important methods for any type of training.

If you are training your Pug and don’t immediately reward it for doing something correctly, then it will become desperate and act erratically. If you do this constantly, your Pug will become furious.