Are Pugs Lazy?

Are Pugs Lazy

Most dog breeds are usually active and energetic. Many of these animals love to run, play, walk and do any exercise during the day for several hours. However, we can also find canines with less energy. In this category, we can include the Pugs.

Pugs are low-energy dogs compared to many other dog breeds. Keep in mind that their lack of energy and physical activity level is not their fault.

Unfortunately, these canines have a body structure that affects their breathing, and this is due to their brachycephalic nature. 

Their breathing is limited, having flat faces and short snouts. That makes it impossible for them to run or do any physical activity for a long time. That is why throughout history, they developed the habits of lazy dogs. 

It should be noted that not all Pugs will have the same energy level. Some may have more or less energy depending on their age or personality.

Why Are Pugs Lazy?

These dogs are ideal for any family as they do not need much exercise. They are easy to care for as they prefer to spend much of the day asleep.

In fact, adults of this breed sleep up to 14 hours a day. The older a Pug is, the more time it will spend lying down resting or sleeping.

But why are these dogs so lazy? There are a few reasons why Pugs have such a low energy level and are considered lazy. One of them we have already mentioned above is related to certain physical characteristics.

As we have said above, Pugs are brachycephalic dogs. Their facial structure is particular and differs from most dog breeds as they have a flat face, a wide and short head, and narrow nostrils.

These characteristics cause certain problems in the respiratory tract of these dogs, causing them to have trouble breathing.

Obviously, this shortness of breath limits the amount of exercise they can do in a day, and that is why they prefer to spend most of their time sleeping, except when they eat or need to urinate or defecate.

Another common reason Pugs are lazy is feeding. Keep in mind that these dogs love to eat everything you put in their food bowl and even everything they find.

It is normal for these dogs to be overweight and have mobility problems. That will undoubtedly make the Pugs stay in bed all day without having the energy to do anything else.

It is important to control a Pug’s weight by avoiding overfeeding. It is always advisable to go to the veterinarian so that he can plan the best diet for your pet.

Can My Pug Have More Energy?

Yes! Just because a Pug is naturally lazy doesn’t mean it can’t acquire a higher energy level. Everything will depend on the lifestyle you provide. A Pug can be more energetic if it belongs to a family with an active lifestyle.

The best way to make your Pug more active is through physical activities. This will not only keep its body in good condition by preventing obesity, but it will also keep it healthy and free from certain diseases. A happy dog ​​is a dog with a lot of energy.

However, we must not forget the brachycephalic nature of these dogs. While we need to exercise a Pug, that doesn’t mean we can do it for long periods.

For example, these dogs do not have enough stamina to withstand a long walk to the park. The good news is that they will enjoy the short walks.

Games are also an excellent option to make a Pug more active. The game “Tug of War” is perfect for this canine since, as you know, it loves to bite or chew any object it sees. This game involves using a towel or rope and pulling on one end while your Pug pulls on the other.

How Long Should a Pug Exercise?

We have already noted Pugs’ exercise limitations due to their brachycephalic nature. For that reason, they cannot exercise for the same amount of time as more energetic dogs. Other dog breeds require an hour or more of daily exercise, but Pugs only need 20-30 minutes.

A short walk, games, or any other light physical activity is ideal for this dog breed. Remember that exercises are good for all dogs as they not only help keep them fit and healthy but also happy and mentally stimulated.

A lazy dog ​​is prone to diseases that can put its life at risk, and obviously, that is something you do not want to happen.