Are Pugs Good Dogs?

Are Pugs Good Dogs

Pugs are highly recognized dogs worldwide, especially for their physical appearance. They are adorable canines that we can easily identify by their big eyes and wrinkled face.

These dogs are known to have all the characteristics of an ideal dog. Pugs are affectionate, lovable, affectionate, popular animals, and very easy to identify physically.

Generally, these dogs are better suited to people who like to give love, so they are ideal for families who spend a lot of time with their pets.

In addition, they love to spend time and play with children, and that makes them excellent family pets.

Before knowing why Pugs are good dogs, we must know a little about their history:

Pugs are in the group of the oldest dogs in the world. In fact, the exact year they first appeared is not really known, but many individuals claim that the antecedents of this breed were bred during the Shang dynasty.

In fact, many researchers and historians believe that the most similar dogs to the Pugs already existed in the year 700 B.C. in China, which can give us an idea of ​​how far the origin of this breed is.

Pugs quickly became a favourite pet of royalty when they were first brought to Europe in the 16th century.

Its popularity was born in Holland, but it spread throughout Europe little by little. In fact, this dog became the favourite breed of the French during the Napoleonic era.

Why Are Pugs Considered Good Dogs?

There are many reasons these canines make great pets for most families:

Pugs Are Very Smart

While these dogs don’t rank high on the list of the world’s most intelligent breeds, they can still be bright and learn anything quickly. These dogs may be considered “not so smart” by some people because of their stubbornness.

These canines can be very stubborn and mischievous, which will make any training process not go as fast as it should.

However, if a Pug is given the attention it deserves, it will form strong bonds with you and will not hesitate to want to please you whenever even when you are training it.

Pugs Are Adorable and Affectionate Dogs

These dogs are characterized by creating strong bonds of love and trust with their owners and their human family members. Pugs are expressive and love to make their loved ones laugh and amuse.

They will always want to follow their loved ones everywhere, including the bathroom, kitchen, any bedroom, etc. They are so attached to their owners that they will suffer from separation anxiety when they are away from them.

Pugs are also very affectionate with children, which is the dream of any dog ​​owner. A canine that gets along and plays with the children in the house will be considered an excellent family dog.

Pugs Should Only Be Given the Necessary Daily Exercise

Many people with little time or sedentary lifestyles are concerned about bringing a new dog home because they don’t really know if it needs to be given much exercise.

Obviously, a German Shepherd and a Vizsla are not ideal dogs for this type of person, but Pugs do not fall into that group.

These dogs are characterized by their small size and regular energy level. Unlike other breeds, Pugs only need about 20 minutes of daily physical activity to be satisfied and happy.

That will not only be enough to keep them healthy but also to prevent overweight and other health problems.

Pugs Are Not Compulsive Barkers

While Pugs can bark irritatingly, they will only do so in certain situations. These dogs do not usually bark for no particular reason. In general, an external agent always triggers barking in this breed of canine.

Therefore, if you keep it away from stressful situations and always provide it with attention and an ideal lifestyle, then it is unlikely that you will hear your dog bark so often.

Pugs Do Not Require a Lot of Maintenance

Fortunately, Pug owners won’t have to deal with the difficulty of brushing and bathing a dog with a long coat. These canines have short, coarse hair that does not need frequent maintenance, so it is only necessary to brush it once or twice a week.

Also, bathing a Pug is not that difficult due to its small size and little fur. A large, hairy dog ​​is more difficult to bathe.

Pugs Are Good With Other Pets

The last thing a Pug wants to do is fight another animal. We have already said that these dogs are friendly and affectionate with people, including children. However, they also get along with other animals, which is great for families with children and pets.

Pugs can get along with other dogs but also with cats. If they are raised and socialised from an early age, they will become the best of friends and will always play, eat, and sleep together.

Negative Aspects That You Should Keep in Mind About These Dogs

Pugs Suffer from Many Health Problems

This breed is prone to several health problems due to its brachycephalic nature. Due to their flat faces and short muzzles, Pugs can suffer from many joint, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and eye problems.

Pugs Fart a Lot

Flat-faced dogs like Pugs are prone to retaining the air that enters their mouths when they eat or even exercise. That air turns into a gas which is expelled from their butts in the form of flatulence which can worsen if they are fed an unhealthy diet.