8 Step Guide to Buying a Pug Puppy

8 Step Guide to Buying a Pug Puppy

Buying a puppy can be a very beautiful thing, but it is a decision that we cannot take lightly. Before purchasing a Pug, it is necessary to know certain important steps.

Why? If we don’t make the right choice, we may bring home a Pug with behavioural or health issues, and that’s not what we want.

In the same way, if the person has not thoroughly investigated this dog breed, it is possible that he will abandon the animal for not meeting his expectations. Therefore, if you want to buy a Pug, make sure you follow the following steps:

1. Find a Reputable Breeder

The first thing you should do before buying a Pug or any other breed is to find a responsible breeder. Choosing the right breeder can make the difference between bringing home a healthy, happy dog ​​or bringing home one with health and behavioural issues.

Please note that not all breeders are responsible. Some offer false information in order to sell the puppies, that is, they are only interested in money. We should try to avoid these types of breeders at all costs if you don’t want to bring home an unhappy and unhealthy Pug.

You have to research in-depth among the wide variety of breeders that may be in your area and select the 3 that execute the best practices as breeders.

You can search on Google and browse the breeders that are at the top of the search engine. You can also ask friends or acquaintances with pets as they may be able to recommend a responsible breeder.

2. Don’t Trust Low Prices

This step is related to the previous one. A responsible breeder is unlikely to sell a Pug cheaply compared to an irresponsible one.

As we have said, little-known breeders often offer unhappy puppies with health problems. The main reason is that they do not provide them with the necessary care.

Pugs from an irresponsible breeder always come with health and behaviour problems. Because they do not invest money in the care and attention of these dogs, the price of animals in these places is usually low.

Many people choose to acquire Pugs belonging to experienced breeders, and that is something negative since when they realize that their new pets suffer from diseases or have behavioural problems, they end up abandoning them on the streets.

3. Make Sure the Pug Is Healthy

The last thing we want is to bring home a sick puppy as that will be a lot of work and difficult to care for properly if we are not experienced enough.

Remember that Pugs are prone to more health problems than other breeds due to their brachycephalic nature. Dogs of this type tend to suffer from respiratory problems that lead to other diseases.

For that reason, it is important to carefully choose a Pug before bringing it home. As we have said in the previous steps, it is unlikely to find a Pug with health problems in a responsible breeder, but we still have to make sure of certain important things.

For example, we should ask how many litters the pup’s mother has had in that year. It is recommended that the mother has not had more than one litter a year.

If it has had more and the Pug you want belongs to the second or third, then you better change your choice as it will be more likely to suffer from a disease in the short or long term.

4. Request the Health Records of the Pug’s Parents

Apart from checking the current health of the Pug we want to choose, it is also important to ask for the health records of its parents. Why? Just as children can inherit certain diseases from their parents, dogs can too.

Knowing the health records of a Pug’s parents will help you understand if the puppy you want to take home will suffer from any health problems in the future due to inherited disease.

5. Observe the Litters of Pugs

When you go to the breeder you have chosen, it is important that you take a close look at all the Pug puppies that are in that place.

It is possible that you will fall in love at first sight with one of them not only because of their physical appearance but also because of the behaviour they display. 

Remember that not all dogs have the same behaviours, so you will probably find Pugs more active than others and some shyer than the rest.

Observing the canines carefully will help you make the decision more easily about which one you want.

6. Choose Between a Male or Female Pug

Once you have gone to the breeder to see the puppies, you will be able to have a clearer idea about whether to choose a male or female Pug.

Many people think that there are no differences between genders, but really there are. For example, the females of this breed tend to be more relaxed than the males, who stand out for having more energy.

It is always recommended that you research on the internet about the characteristics of both genders so that you have a clearer idea of ​​which of the two to choose. Remember that the final decision will depend on your lifestyle and needs.

7. Evaluate Short-Term and Long-Term Costs

The desire to bring a puppy home can be huge simply because of the love we feel towards these animals. However, we cannot ignore the economic part.

Bringing a Pug puppy home comes with many short-term and long-term expenses. If we do not have sufficient financial resources, then it is better not to buy an animal of this type since we will not be able to offer them the lifestyle they need. Before going to a breeder, you should evaluate your monthly income to make the best decision.

8. Do Not Make the Final Decision After the First Visit

Many people are impatient as they end up making hasty decisions that they will later regret. Remember that bringing a dog home is an important decision that cannot be taken lightly.

In the beginning, we said you should visit at least three responsible breeders. Observe carefully the puppies that are in each one of them and find out everything about their health, behaviour, etc. After evaluating many options, you will be ready to make the best decision.