10 Things That Pug Dog Owners Should Understand

10 Things That Pug Dog Owners Should Understand

Each breed of dog is unique in several aspects. Although each of them has similar characteristics, some stand out for unique traits and curiosities that other dogs do not have.

Pugs are very friendly and affectionate dogs that are considered to be excellent family pets because of the loyalty they offer to their loved ones. They stand out from many breeds of dogs for their physical appearance.

If you are thinking of acquiring a Pug, it is important to know some things that only an owner of this dog should understand:

Pugs Love to Please Their Loved Ones

Pugs can be very mischievous. These canines are generally calm, but when they become active, they can cause disaster in the home.

Obviously, these types of actions disappoint and sadden their owners, and the Pugs know that.

A Pug does not like you to feel sad or disappointed. When this dog knows that it did something wrong, it will not hesitate to use the cute expression on its face to evade blame.

If you are angry with your Pug, it will notice and be sad since this type of canine prefers to receive attention and affection from its loved ones instead of disapproval.

Pugs Depend on Their Owners

These dogs cannot spend much time away from their loved ones. Pugs need constant attention to feeling loved.

Pugs form strong bonds with their owners and will want to give you love at all times. If we leave them alone at home, they will feel sad.

Even if a Pug doesn’t want your attention, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need it. No dog can take care of itself, least of all one like the Pug that usually suffers from many diseases due to its brachycephalic nature.

These animals have many respiratory problems, so you must be alert at all times to prevent them from having any complications.

Similarly, it is important to feed these dogs properly as poor quality food could easily cause health problems in them.

Pugs Are Funny

Many people claim that Pugs are like clowns. These canines are very fun and playful and have a unique sense of humour.

Pugs love to make their owners happy and entertain them with a series of funny actions.

Pugs Are Known for Being Stubborn

Pugs like to do what they want when they want. Although they are animals that hate to disappoint their owners, in the end, they will because they are not very obedient.

The stubbornness of these dogs makes them make decisions of their own will which we cannot easily change. This is why they are often difficult to train.

Pugs Are Excellent Models for Clothing

Many times, we can easily identify a Pug owner by its clothing. Generally, these people usually wear shirts, socks, slippers, and accessories with images of Pugs.

You can find countless models of shirts on the internet with printed images of Pugs. Some stamp photos of themselves with their Pugs as an everlasting keepsake that they will always remember when they see and wear that shirt.

There are even certain people who have glasses, cups, and plates with these designs.

These Animals Love to Eat

Pugs are known for being food eaters. These animals love to eat everything you serve them and also what you don’t. They will try to eat everything in their path, even garbage.

Keep in mind that the Pugs will also harass you when you are eating. Whether you’re eating a plate of spaghetti at the table or a slice of pizza on the counter, these dogs will be watching you and waiting for you to give them some of your food.

That is why it is important to always have some treats in your pocket to satisfy a Pug’s needs.

Pugs Are Extremely Affectionate

As we have already said, the Pug is one of the most affectionate, friendly, and loyal dogs you can have.

These dogs love spending time with people and forming strong bonds of love with them. They will jump on you at all times to show you their love and give you attention.

They also love to give kisses through licks on the face. You will never feel alone at home if you have a dog of this breed.

Keep in mind that this can be counterproductive since if we make our Pugs very dependent on us, then they could suffer from anxiety every time we are not with them.

These Canines Snore a Lot

Pugs tend to have sedentary lives, so it is normal for them to sleep a lot during the day. These canines look adorable when they sleep, but they tend to snore, which is a problem for many dog ​​owners.

Pugs snore a lot, and these sounds are usually very loud. Some people cannot even sleep at night due to the incessant snoring of these animals. Pug snoring can be worse in dry environments.

Pugs Have Low Energy

As we have said in the previous point, these animals have sedentary lives because they naturally have little energy. The main reason for this is the brachycephalic nature of these canines.

Pugs have flat faces and small snouts, which cause them many respiratory problems. They prefer to spend the whole day relaxing and lying down instead of doing any type of physical exercise.

Pugs Have Empathy

Pugs are not that smart when it comes to learning new skills and commands, but they are smart when it comes to understanding people’s emotions.

These dogs are characterized by showing empathy to their loved ones since they are able to detect when a member of their family is sad or depressed.

If your Pug notices that you are sad, it will not hesitate to try to make you feel better by giving you a lot of love either through kisses, hugs, or lying on your lap.

Do not look for an explanation for this since this ability is instinctive.