Can I Leave My Poodle Home Alone? 

Can I Leave My Poodle Home Alone

The lifestyle we offer a dog will influence its personality and behaviour. It is important to give the necessary attention to an animal of this type in addition to providing a suitable environment to live in.

Dogs are man’s best friends, and many consider them even better companions than humans. The loyalty and unconditional love that these animals offer will not be found in many people. That’s why it’s our job to properly care for these creatures and give them a good life.

However, all dog owners must deal with one of the most common problems: Separation anxiety. In case you didn’t know, separation anxiety is a condition that dogs often suffer from when they haven’t been with their loved ones for several hours.

This generates a lot of stress, worry, and depression that could affect their emotional state.

As you know, the Poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world not only for its beautiful physical appearance but also for its intelligence and personality. It is an animal that loves to be the centre of attention all the time and receives a lot of love from its owner.

If we don’t give Poodles enough attention and leave them alone for several hours, they could develop some inappropriate and irritating habits. These canines are designed to spend a lot of time with their owners and their human family members.

Can All Variations of the Poodle Stay Home Alone?

A Poodle cannot be left home alone regardless of whether it is the standard, toy, or miniature type. These dogs do not react well to loneliness, especially if they have not seen their loved ones for many hours.

Let’s talk a little about each variation of the Poodle:

  • The Standard Poodle is the largest variation of this breed and is characterized by being a sensitive creature and attached to its loved ones.

    It requires a lot of attention, so it can easily suffer from separation anxiety if it is left alone for long periods. In fact, it may behave in the wrong way due to the stress caused by loneliness.
  • The Toy Poodle is small in size, but despite that, its energy level is high. It is normal for this variation of the Poodle to get into mischief, which will be more destructive if left alone for long periods.
  • The Miniature Poodle is very intelligent and energetic and is characterized by enjoying human company, especially the people it loves the most. If it is not trained, it will have a bad time when it is left alone at home.

The positive part of all this is that this breed of dog, regardless of its variation, is easy to train, so you should not have any problems as long as you take certain necessary measures that will help it be more comfortable at home in your absence.

Number of Hours a Poodle Can Stay Alone

Unlike many other dog breeds, we can find a clear rule for Poodles when it comes to these situations. According to many studies, we can determine the number of hours that a dog of this type can stay alone at home according to the months of its age.

The rule states that a Poodle can be left alone for 1 hour for every month of age. That means if you have a 3-month-old puppy, it will be able to stay alone for 3 hours. If your Poodle is one year old, it will be able to stay alone for 8-9 hours.

However, these are just data, and sometimes the reality can be different, especially for sensitive dogs like these. In fact, an adult Poodle that has not been trained will not be able to be left alone for 8 hours.

The truth behind those numbers is not 100% related to how anxious a Poodle can be but how long it can hold its bladder. Dogs need to relieve themselves from time to time, so they will want to urinate or defecate at some point during the day while you are not at home.

What Happens When You Leave Your Poodle Alone?

We have already said that leaving a Poodle at home for long periods of time will cause separation anxiety. This disorder generally causes certain negative behaviours in these animals that are usually worrying and little controllable by their owners:

Your Poodle Will Display Destructive Behaviours

Destructive behaviours are usually the most common symptoms of any dog ​​when left alone for a long time. No matter how small these canines are, they will be just as destructive as large breeds.

A Poodle will tend to make annoying and irritating noises, scratch the floor and doors, chew on furniture, knock over objects, etc.

Your Poodle Will Bark and Cry Excessively

Poodles are excessive barkers when suffering from anxiety and depression. They will bark for long periods of time as a way of calling their owners back. Like children, these dogs will cry because they think they have been abandoned by the people they love the most.

These sounds will drive your neighbours crazy, and you will surely get a lot of complaints from them. In fact, some might even go to law.

Your Poodle Will Become Hyperactive At the Sight of You Again

If your Poodle is usually a calm dog, you will notice big changes in its energy level when it sees you. It will get overexcited when it sees you walk in the door after spending many hours away from home.

Your pet will be happy to see you again. However, while this behaviour could be adorable to you since you know your Poodle loves you, it could also be irritating since your Poodle won’t stop jumping on you and following you around.

Your Poodle Will Not Hesitate to Relieve Itself Anywhere in the House

Poodles need to relieve themselves from time to time. They are not able to hold their bladder for 8 hours, so at some point, they will have to urinate and defecate.

Unfortunately for them, they do not have the opportunity to go out to the backyard to relieve themselves while you are away since they are obviously locked in the house.

That will leave them no choice but to choose any other place in the home to urinate or defecate, including the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or any other room. 

In fact, if your Poodle is used to lying on your furniture or bed, those places could also be its target.

What Can Help Reduce My Poodle’s Anxiety?

There are certain things you can consider in these situations:


Music or soothing sounds calm anyone and even dogs. In fact, many specialists use music-based therapies to reduce anxiety in their patients. That is something that also works for these animals.

You can leave the radio on at a moderate level so that your dog listens to relaxing music the whole time you are not there. You can also turn on the TV and choose a music channel.

Suitable Environment

Preparing the place where your Poodle will spend time is important. The more comfortable a dog’s place is, the calmer it will feel and, therefore, the less likely it will suffer from anxiety.

Make sure that this place has a comfortable temperature for your pet and is sufficiently lit. It should also be a spot away from any sources of noise that could upset your Poodle. You have to place its bed and the rest of its belongings there.

Water and Food

Dogs need to eat and drink water every so often, just like humans. Leaving our Poodle alone at home for many hours will mean that there will be no one to feed it.

You could ask your neighbour or a member of your family to do it, but keep in mind that they will not always have the time to come to your house.

The first thing you must understand is that you must feed your Poodle before leaving the house so that it is satisfied. After that, you have to fill a bowl with food and another with water and place them in their space. That way, it will eat after a few hours and drink water when needed.


Easily bored dogs like Poodles tend to display destructive behaviours like the ones mentioned above. If you want to avoid that, you should play with your pet before leaving the house. That will satisfy its needs and make it feel happy.

However, it can get boring again after several hours. For that reason, it is important to select the toys your Poodle most enjoys playing with and place them next to its bed. That will help keep it entertained for several hours.


Just like entertainment, Poodles need exercise to be happy. If they are not exercised during the day, they may develop unwanted behaviours as a way to release their energy.

Therefore, you should also exercise your pet 1 hour before leaving home. In fact, you can make games both physically and mentally stimulating for this canine.