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Pittmaraner: Weimaraner and Pitbull Mix A Complete Guide

If you’re thinking of adopting a new dog, you may want to consider a mixed-breed. Hybrid dogs are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many fascinating crosses to choose from.

One remarkable crossbreed is the Weimaraner/Pitbull mix. Weimaraner and Pitbull mix creates a dog with some unique physical qualities. 

Pittmaraner: Weimaraner and Pitbull Mix A Complete Guide

However, these dogs may also take some time and knowledge to properly care for. In this article, we’ll give you some in-depth information on this mix so you can make the decision of whether or not to adopt one!

Weimaraner, Pitbull, and Pittmaraner Comparison Table

Average Weight55-90 pounds35-60lbsAround 60 pounds
Average Height23-27”15-21”21-22”
Grooming DifficultyVery easy. Little grooming or brushing required.Easy to groom. Only need to be brushed once per week.Easy. A quick brushing once or twice per week should suffice.
Shedding LevelAverageLowLow-moderate
TemperamentBrave, friendly, obedient.Smart, loyal, braveBrave, loyal, energetic Exercise NeedsHigh – as a hunting dog, Weimaraners need several hours of exercise per week.Moderate – 30 minutes to an hour per day is sufficient in most cases. High – you’ll need to give your Pittmaraner a few walks per day. 
IntelligenceHighly intelligentVery intelligentVery intelligent
Trainability Easy to train, but can be stubborn.Eager to please.Trainable, but stubborn. 
Friendliness to StrangersNot friendly with strangers.Normally friendly with strangers.Not very friendly with strangers.
Friendliness With Other DogsNot very friendly with other dogs, but can be trained and socialized.Not friendly with other dogs but can be trained.Will need to be socialized to be comfortable with other dogs.
Life Expectancy10-13 years10-14 years.10-14 years
Common health IssuesHip Dysplasia, Gastric TorsionHip Dysplasia, skin allergies.Hip Dysplasia, Gastric TorsionWeimaraner, Pitbull, and Pittmaraner Comparison Table

About Weimaraner Dogs

About Weimaraner Dogs
Weimaraner Dog

The Weimaraner is a purebred dog breed originating from Germany around the nineteenth century.

Germany is a wildlife-rich country, and German dogs are known are being among the best in the world. The Weimaraner was originally bred as a hunting dog for large game such as deer and bear. 

Some of the breed’s ancestors include dogs like the Bloodhound, Red Schweisshund, and other members of the pointing breed family.

The Weimaraner gets its nickname of “Gray Ghost” from its distinctive gray coat. This dog was originally quite rare and hard to find, until it left Germany in 1929 and came to the United States.

In America, the Weimaraner quickly dew attention in obedience competitions thanks to their outstanding performance.

Thanks to this, many people started to see the Weimaraner as a valuable companion, and since then, it has been bred and adopted for its beauty, friendliness, and physical abilities. 

Weimaraners can be 23-27 inches tall at the shoulder, making them large dogs. Their silvery-gray coat of fur is unique and instantly recognizable. 

Weimaraners are good with children and make for great family dogs if they’re well-trained and get enough exercise. 

Weimaraners live about 10-13 years.

About Pitbull Dogs

About Pitbull Dogs 
Pitbull Dog

American Pit Bull Terriers, commonly known as Pitbulls, are a breed of dog recognised by major dog organisations. They’re a medium-sized dog breed with high intelligence.

They’ve been used for hunting, herding, and protection in the past due to their intelligence and strong build.

They were originally bred to “bait” bulls, then evolved into all-round farm dogs, before finally becoming “nanny dogs” because of their gentleness towards children.

They’re also popular competitors in weight pulling, agility, and obedience competitions thanks to their strength and courage. Of course, they also make for great companion dogs, craving love and attention from their family.

Despite their fearsome look, Pitbulls are known for being sociable and active. They’re also easy to train beginning at a young age.

Pitbulls normally live 10-14 years.

What’s a Weimaraner/Pitbull Mix?

By crossing the Weimaraner and Pitbull, you end up with a Pittmaraner! This impressive dog breed is quite rare, so information is limited. However, here’s what we do know about the Weimaraner/Pitbull mix:

How Big are Pittmaraners?

The size of your Pittmaraner will depend on a few factors, including its sex and which of its parents it gets more genes from. 

On average, you can expect a Weimaraner/Pitbull mix to stand about 21-22 inches at the shoulders and weigh around 60 pounds. Of course, females will have smaller numbers, while males will be at the higher end of the spectrum. 

What is a Pittmaraner’s Temparament Like?

Behavior and temperament, like all other aspects of this crossbreed, will depend on which of its parents’ genes it gets more of.

In general, Pittmaraners get along fine with other dogs and people fairly well. However, they may sometimes bark at strangers on the street or visitors at your home, as they can be pretty wary of other people.

It’s difficult to predict how a mixed dog, especially one as rare as the Pittmaraner, would respond to every situation. If they more of the personality of a Pitbull and are untrained, they may develop aggressive behavior.

Therefore, the best thing can do is start training and socialising your animal pet while he or she is young. You want to do your best to prevent any bad behavior from developing.  

Do Pittmaraners Need a Lot of Exercise?

In short, yes. This dog breed is best for people who can devote several hours per week to giving them adequate exercise. 

Since both of its parent breeds are high-energy dogs, the Pittmaraner is sure to need a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise per day, optimally up to 2 hours. They love to go on walks, but also running, jumping, playing fetch, and so on.

Are Pittmaraners Hard to Groom?

One benefit to these dogs is the fact that they’re very easy to groom! Neither parent breed is furry, so the Pittmaraner ends up needing very little brushing. 

You won’t have to deal with much shedding, either. You can get away with a quick brushing once or twice a week. You should bathe your Pittmaraner only every one or two months, or when they get particularly dirty.

Are Pittmaraners Easy to Train?

Weimaraner dogs are highly intelligent, easy-to-train dogs. Similarly, Pitbulls are smart and eager to please their owners. 

This makes the Pittmaraner a pleasant dog to teach, as they pick up on commands quickly. The only concern is that they may be stubborn, as they’re independent thinkers.

How Long Do Pittmaraners Live?

The average lifespan of a Pittmaraner is between 10-14 years. 

In Conclusion: Adopting a Pitbull/Weimaraner Mix

Overall, the Pittmaraner is a rare but unique breed. They’re highly intelligent, but also energetic and will require at least an hour of exercise every day.

Make sure to train them from a young age and socialize them with other dogs to prevent aggressive or aloof behavior in adulthood. 

While they can make for a good family dog, it’s best not to leave a Weimaraner/Pitbull mix with children unattended. 

The Pittmaraner is brave and loyal, and is sure to be a great companion. We hope this article has helped you learn about this fascinating dog breed!