Can I Leave My Maltese Dog Home Alone?

Can I Leave My Maltese Dog Home Alone

Not all people are ready to take care of a pet. Regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, bird, or rodent, any pet should be cared for like any other family member.

The most common pets are dogs, and that is due to how incredibly loyal and affectionate they are. They are animals that form strong bonds with their owners as they see them as members of their pack.

Many people acquire a dog without knowing how to properly take care of it, which is great irresponsibility.

Canines should be treated with the same respect as humans and need to be cared for properly. Most dog breeds are sensitive and can be emotionally affected if they don’t receive the right love and attention.

Regardless of the breed of dog you have, you should know that all of them can suffer from separation anxiety, a disorder that usually affects these animals when they are left alone for long periods.

This is something that you must take into account when having and caring for a dog. We must take the necessary measures to avoid this disorder in these animals.

The Maltese Dog is a breed that is characterized by its cheerful personality and its excellent relationship with human beings. They are playful animals that love to spend time with their loved ones and will feel sad when they are not with them.

The fact of being attached to their owners makes them suffer from separation anxiety when they have been left home alone for a long time. That will not only affect their emotional state progressively but will also make them behave very differently than they usually do.

Can My Maltese Dog’s Age Determine How Many Hours It Stay Home Alone?

Of course! It is the same thing that happens in human beings. Children obviously cannot be left alone for so long; elderly people need attention from time to time, while adults can be alone as long as they want, but to a certain extent since loneliness is something that usually negatively affects people.

We can see similar situations in dogs, and that is mainly due to separation anxiety. Maltese dogs tend to become emotionally attached to their owners, and this makes them feel depressed when they are not at home.

Generally, a Maltese dog can be left home alone for up to 7-8 hours if we have trained it well and provided food and water. If it is not trained, then it will only be able to stay alone for approximately 4 hours, although it could be less depending on the particular Maltese.

What if my Maltese is a puppy? Puppies are like babies. They cannot be left alone for long periods as they will quickly suffer from separation anxiety, and this is something that can affect them for life if it occurs frequently.

A Maltese puppy can only be alone for 2 hours a day and that is because they are more sensitive and vulnerable than adults and do not have enough maturity and independence to take care of themselves.

Please note that you cannot leave a Maltese puppy unattended at any time. They are very small dogs, especially when they are puppies, who can get into trouble and be in danger anywhere. Leaving them home alone for long periods is a mistake.

What about a senior Maltese? Maltese dogs of that age can be left alone longer than puppies since they have been trained but less time than adults since they will require more attention and may have more anxiety problems.

A senior Maltese will be able to be alone at home for around 6 hours, although you have to remember that not all dogs are the same, and some may only be left alone for less than that time.

One of the main reasons dogs this age can’t be alone for so long is because of poor control over their bladders. They will need to relieve themselves more frequently than adult Maltese dogs, so if their owners are not home, they will urinate and defecate anywhere in the house.

What Measures Should I Take to Keep My Maltese Dog Safe and Without Anxiety?

Unlike other breeds, Maltese dogs can be in danger inside their homes since, due to their small size, they can get into places that are dangerous for them.

In addition to its safety, we must ensure that we provide it with a comfortable and relaxing environment where it feels calm.

Provide Create Training For Your Maltese

There are certain breeds of dogs that are not recommended to leave inside a crate while we are not at home since they could feel even more anxiety and depression.

Being confined to a small space for several hours is torture, especially for dogs that have a high energy level. However, a crate is necessary for a Maltese, and that is due to its size.

We have already mentioned that this breed of dog can be in some danger, even indoors. For that reason, we must provide it with crate training. A crate will keep a Maltese safe and even comfortable, especially if we place some things inside it such as its bed, food, treats, water, toys, etc.

If you don’t want to leave it inside a Crate, then find a small, safe place inside the house.

Leave Enough Food and Water For Your Maltese

In the time you are away, it is important that your pet has access to food and water. You don’t want to come home to find your Maltese dehydrated and drained of energy.

Whether your Maltese is kept inside a crate or elsewhere in the house, make sure to place its food and water bowl there. You can also leave it some treats.

You must not exaggerate the amount of food that you leave it since you must feed it one hour before leaving home. If you put too much food in its bowl, your Maltese could gain weight quickly, and that’s not a good thing.

Select the Place Where Your Maltese Will Relieve Itself

Generally, dog owners train their pets to relieve themselves outside the house, either in the backyard or garden. However, by leaving our Maltese dog inside the house, it will not be able to go out to relieve itself.

For that reason, you have to select an ideal place for your Maltese to relieve itself inside the house. The crate is not a great option as dogs hate dirt in the space where they rest and sleep, so it is necessary to find another place where they urinate and defecate.

Place Its Favourite Toys in Their Resting Space

All dogs, regardless of their energy level, should be mentally stimulated. Maltese dogs are known for being playful. They love to play games with their loved ones.

When you are not at home, your Maltese will not be able to have fun with you, so it will need another source of entertainment to meet its needs. The most advisable thing is to leave your dog’s favourite toys in the place where it will spend time in your absence.

In fact, some dog owners buy container toys to put treats inside. Your Maltese won’t want to put those toys down for hours as they will taste delicious.

Physically Stimulate For Your Maltese Before Leaving Home

Maltese dogs have a lot of energy which must be spent on various physical activities. Remember that we have said that a crate is a recommended option to keep this type of canine safe while its owner is not at home. However, that option could be the worst if you don’t provide your Maltese with enough exercise before you leave the house.

If these dogs do not receive enough daily exercise, they will develop destructive behaviours despite their small size. You might think that they will not cause any impact, but you are wrong. They will bite everything they find, bark, urinate and defecate, run, etc.

For that reason, you should make sure to physically stimulate your Maltese dog for one or two hours before going to work. That will leave your pet tired and wanting to sleep more than do anything else.

Install a Security Camera in the House

A security camera is a practical option to keep your Maltese safe and prevent anxiety. This device will allow you to monitor your small dog at all times from your Smartphone. If you notice any signs of anxiety or stress in your pet, quickly call a family member or neighbour to come over to your house.

Keep in mind that there will not always be someone available to come to your home and take care of your Maltese, but it is a good option for certain situations.

It is possible that the camera only works for you sometimes since if you correctly put into practice all the recommendations that we have given above, you should not have any problem.

Hire a Dog Sitter

This is the safest option but also the most expensive. A dog sitter is a professional trained to properly care for these animals and provide them with everything they need.

Hiring a dog sitter will ensure the safety and good mental state of your Maltese. He or she will take your pet for a walk, feed it properly, play with it, etc.