The Essentials of Irish Setter Puppy Training

The Essentials of Irish Setter Puppy Training

If you have an Irish Setter, you will surely want to know all about the training that this breed should receive. Dogs of this type are characterized by a high level of physical activity and therefore need a lot of daily exercise to be physically and mentally healthy.

There are certain breeds of dogs that are easier to train than others. However, it is vital to know all the important aspects that will help us train a dog regardless of the difficulty of training it.

Knowing the essentials of Irish Setter puppy training will help us better prepare ourselves to train our pets in the shortest possible time and the most efficient way.

What Are the Essentials of Irish Setter Puppy Training?

Keep in mind that puppies of this breed can learn many things just like children. It is difficult for some people to focus on something specific to teach their pets. These training essentials will help you know everything you need:

Provide Socialisation Training for Your Irish Setter Puppy

Any breed of dog should be trained when it is a puppy since, during this stage, its learning process is faster. Training Irish Setters is not complicated as they are intelligent dogs that are always willing to please their owners.

There are many things that we must teach dogs of this breed, but before any of them, it is vital to provide them with socialisation training. Although Irish Setters are affectionate canines that can get along with most people and animals, they will still need socialisation.

Not all dogs of this breed are the same. Some will be more aloof from strangers and other pets, while others will have no difficulty getting along with them. Regardless of your Irish Setter’s personality and behaviour, you must ensure that it is properly socialised from an early age.

You have to expose your Irish Setter puppy to many other people (adults, children, and seniors), animals, and even new places so that it gradually gets used to interacting with them.

Teach Your Irish Setter Puppy Commands

Obedience is also essential for any dog. You have to teach your pet several commands so that it obeys you whenever you need it.

A dog that does not obey can be a big problem for its owner, especially if he has no experience taking care of such animals.

Some of the most important commands to teach your Irish Setter puppy are: 

  • Sit!
  • Down!
  • Watch Me!
  • Heel!
  • Stay!
  • Wait!
  • Take It!
  • Leave It!
  • Come!
  • No!

Teach Your Irish Setter to Control Its Bite from an Early Age

Irish Setters are not known for biting, as remember that they are extremely loving, friendly, and intelligent animals that will never want to harm their owners or any other person or animal.

However, keep in mind that the bite of these dogs is often powerful and could be extremely dangerous to people and animals. While Irish Setters aren’t known to bite, that doesn’t mean they can’t for any reason.

Remember that not all dogs are raised and educated in the same way. Some receive a poor quality of life from their owners, creating bad experiences for these canines, which can trigger aggressive behaviour in response.

It is essential to teach these puppies bite inhibition, which is the ability of these animals to control the force of their bite. The most advisable thing is to carry out this process during the puppy stage of these canines, especially in games that involve biting something.

Some tips that can help you teach your puppy to control its bite are:

  • Make a sound of pain when your Irish Setter bites you. It doesn’t matter if its bite caused you pain or not.
  • Teach it the “Leave It” command when biting you. You have to make it understand that biting you or any other person or thing is not right.
  • Practice this every day until your Irish Setter learns to control its bite. If you train it right, then it won’t even feel the urge to bite.

Always Use the Positive Reinforcement Method During Training

Positive reinforcement is the fundamental pillar of any type of training. This consists of rewarding the animal every time it does something right. Generally, you should give your Irish Setter a treat when it behaves well or obeys your commands.

This breed of dog loves kibble. These treats will be an excellent intensive for the puppies of this breed, which will relate the action they are performing to something positive, such as the reward you are giving them.

Puppy Irish Setters will quickly learn anything you try to teach them if you reward them with tasty treats and praise. Do not exaggerate the number of treats you give them as this could be harmful to their health.

Using Physical or Verbal Punishment Is Wrong

Many people think that punishing their pets when they do not obey is the best option, but that is a terrible mistake.

Regardless of whether your Irish Setter misbehaves or does not obey all your commands, you should never physically or verbally punish it. This will not only make its behaviour worse but will also traumatize it, creating a terrible experience that it may never forget.

This can bring several negative consequences, such as the following:

  • Your Irish Setter puppy will be afraid of you and anyone else.
  • It may develop aggressive behaviour in response to the mistreatment it received.
  • His willingness to please you will disappear.

Never Give Up During the Process

You must have a lot of patience when it comes to training a puppy, regardless of its level of intelligence. Training an Irish Setter can take more time than you think, so you must be consistent and carry out the process every day.

Although things can get complicated during training, you should never give up as this will make all the effort you and your pet have put in for nothing.