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Is an Irish Setter a Good First Dog?

Dogs are animals that must be cared for with the same responsibility as children. These animals are part of our family as soon as they arrive at our home, so we must put all our effort into caring for them and giving them a lot of attention and love.

Keep in mind that not all dog breeds are great choices for everyone. It is important to determine if the canine you are thinking of acquiring suits your needs.

Is an Irish Setter a Good First Dog?

If you are a person with a sedentary lifestyle, a very active and energetic dog is not the best option for you. The same happens in the opposite case.

In this article, we will talk about whether Irish Setters make good first dogs for people.

Can a First-Time Owner Have an Irish Setter?

Many people wonder if Irish Setters are ideal for them because they are wonderful animals characterized by their beautiful, affectionate personalities and the loyalty and respect they offer to their loved ones. 

Irish Setters are dogs bred to be hunters. They are high-energy canines who will want to exercise and do other physical activities for much of the day. This means that we must have an extremely active life to deal with the needs of these animals.

Keep in mind that not everyone has an active lifestyle or is willing to put in enough time to exercise these dogs either because they don’t have the time or they just don’t want to.

Obviously, an Irish Setter is not ideal for this type of person, especially if they have never had or cared for another canine.

Now, we must also highlight the fact that Irish Setters are considered to be extraordinary family pets. These dogs get along with all members of the family, including children, which is very important for any family. 

Regardless of whether you are a first-time owner, an Irish Setter may be a good option for you if you have children at home. A dog of this type will want to play with them, protect them and generally have fun.

Reasons Why Irish Setters Are Not for First-Time Owners

Irish Setters Are Very Energetic

It is very difficult for someone with no experience in taking care of dogs to handle one as energetic as the Irish Setter.

These canines are known for their high level of physical activity and hyperactivity. They love to run, jump, play and do any other physical activity for hours.

As an owner of an Irish Setter, you should make sure to provide it with 1-2 daily walks to meet its needs as well as any other physical activity to cover the number of hours of exercise it requires daily.

If you do not have experience caring for other dogs and are not willing to provide an Irish Setter with 1-2 hours of daily exercise, then this breed is not for you.

They Are Medium-Large Dogs

Large dogs are never the best choice for people who have never had a pet this size before. An Irish Setter is a medium-large canine that can be difficult to handle due to its size in addition to its high energy level.

You need to have a spacious house where your dog can walk or even run without bumping into furniture or other objects.

If not, you should make sure to provide it with enough exercise so that it doesn’t have any more energy and spends the rest of the day lying down resting. However, keep in mind that this can be a difficult task for first-time owners.

Irish Setters Need a Lot of Attention

Irish Setters are very emotionally sensitive creatures despite their large size. A first-time owner who lives alone with this canine will have many problems, especially if he has to work more than 8 hours a day.

Remember that most dogs, including Irish Setters, suffer from a disorder called “Separation Anxiety” when they spend a long time without the presence of their loved ones.

Reasons Why Irish Setters Are for First-Time Owners

They Are Affectionate with All Their Family Members

One of the best things these dogs have is their personality. Irish Setters are great animals that form strong bonds with their owners and members of their family. If you are a first-time owner, you will be happy to have a pet that will love you from the first moment.

Many people worry about getting a dog when they have children at home, but with Irish Setters, this is not a problem. The Irish Setter is one of the breeds that gets along best with children. They love to spend a lot of time with them, either playing or just sitting next to them.

Irish Setters Are Not Difficult to Train

Irish Setters are intelligent dogs that are not difficult to train, especially because of their desire to please their owners. Generally, it is difficult for a person to train a dog, especially if he is inexperienced. Fortunately, even a first-time owner can successfully train an Irish Setter.

While he must be patient and consistent throughout the process, the difficulty of training an Irish Setter is less than that of many other dog breeds.

Irish Setters Always Please Their Owners

As we have said above, Irish Setters are wonderful creatures that love to please and obey their owners. The strong bond they form with their loved ones makes them want to see their family members happy all the time.

This dog will do anything that makes you happy. An Irish Setter will always be by your side, giving you love and letting you know that it will always be there for you, supporting you in good and bad times.

As a first-time owner, you won’t have much trouble teaching your Irish Setter a few commands as it will be happy to learn them to please you.

On the emotional side, an Irish Setter is designed to be the perfect pet for anyone, no matter what experience he or she has in dog care.