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How to Potty Train an Irish Setter Puppy?

In life, you can face many difficult things, and one of them is potty training a dog. Having an animal of this type is not as easy as many think. Caring for a canine requires us to be responsible but also very patient.

Irish Setters, just like any other breed of dog, need to be trained. Training is a fundamental pillar for the complete development of these animals. Some canines learn faster than others, but in the end, they all reach the same result as long as they are properly trained by someone experienced.

How to Potty Train an Irish Setter Puppy

When you bring an Irish Setter puppy home for the first time, it is normal for it not to know where to relieve itself.

Probably your new canine urinates or defecates all over the house, and that is something that will upset you, but keep in mind that just like babies, we must also teach a puppy to relieve itself in the right place.

While potty training an Irish Setter puppy can be difficult, the right training will help us achieve the desired result in less time than we think.

In this article, you will have the necessary information so that you can easily potty train an Irish Setter.

When Should I Potty Train My Irish Setter?

Actually, you can train a canine of this breed at any age, but the ideal would be to do it when it is a puppy. You don’t want your adult Irish Setter to urinate or defecate anywhere.

When a person buys an Irish Setter puppy from a breeder, he usually receives it when it is just 8 weeks old. That is the best time to start training your pet.

Many experts recommend providing this type of training to an Irish Setter when it is 8-12 weeks old, as they consider this to be the best learning period for these dogs.

In short, you need to establish a potty training routine as soon as you bring your Irish Setter home for the first time. Little by little, it will learn the importance of relieving itself in the right place. Many people use a crate during training to speed up the process.

Steps to Properly Potty Train Your Irish Setter

All training must be carried out systematically so that the results are the desired ones in the shortest period of time possible. The following steps will help you achieve these results:

Choose the Place Where Your Puppy Will Urinate and Defecate

The first step is to choose the ideal place where your Irish Setter will relieve itself. You should keep in mind that this will be its bathroom permanently unless you move to another house.

The place you choose will depend on the house where you live. For example, if you live in an apartment or small house without a backyard, then you will have no choice but to find a place inside.

Make sure this place is away from the room where you or another family member spends time.

In case you live in a large house with a garden or backyard, then you should choose a spot in those places. Make sure there is enough shade and it’s not too hot.

In addition, it is important that said spot is not close to any source of noise to avoid distracting your Irish Setter puppy while it relieves itself. The idea is to choose a comfortable place for your pet.

Create a Schedule for Your Irish Setter to Relieve Itself

The next step is very important, and it involves establishing a daily schedule for your Irish Setter to urinate or defecate.

If we don’t create a schedule, then your dog will relieve itself whenever and that can be negative because when your pet wants to urinate or defecate, and you are not around, it will end up doing it anywhere in the house. The best times of the day to take your Irish Setter puppy to the established place are:

  • When you get up in the morning
  • After any meal
  • When you finish training or exercising your Irish Setter puppy
  • When you come back with it after a walk
  • Before sleep

Keep in mind that the frequency with which your Irish Setter needs to relieve itself will decrease as it gets older.

Train Your Irish Setter Puppy Every Day

The third step is simply to follow the previous two steps consistently. The foundation of any training is patience and determination to complete the process without giving up.

Many people are not consistent as they get discouraged by not seeing results quickly. For that reason, they end up not training their pets every day. That is an error!

Remember, we have said that potty training an Irish Setter is not an easy task and can be time-consuming. That’s why it’s important that you train your canine every day.

If you spend 8 hours working, then you should make sure that another family member trains it, or you can also choose to hire a dog trainer. In this case, you can ensure that the training process will be completed in the shortest time possible.

Should I Use Positive Reinforcement in This Type of Training?

Of course! Positive reinforcement is an essential method for any type of training you can imagine. It’s the best way to quickly get a dog to learn whatever you’re trying to teach it.

Rewarding an Irish Setter puppy when it relieves itself in the established place will gradually make it understand that this is its bathroom and that is where it should always urinate or defecate. You can use kibble, which is usually the favorite treat of this breed of dog.

If your dog does not do what you want, avoid punishing it verbally or physically at all costs, as this will only bring negative results. You just have to be patient and try again later or the next day.