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What Color Is an Irish Setter?

You cannot imagine the diversity of dog breeds that exist. Each dog has different physical characteristics and behaviors that make them unique.

Many people purchase certain breeds of dogs simply for their beautiful physical appearance. Some are desired for their size while others for their wonderful fur. One of the most beautiful breeds is the Irish Setter.

Irish Setter Colors

The Irish Setter is one of the best family pets you could have. These animals are characterized by their affectionate and friendly personality. They love spending time with people, especially children.

Their willingness to please their loved ones is one of the most desired characteristics by lovers of these animals.

Aside from the personality and behavior of Irish Setters, these dogs are mostly known for their beautiful long coats. The intense reddish color of these animals makes them dazzle and attract the attention of anyone who loves canines.

However, it is important to tell you that if you are thinking of buying an Irish Setter, you can choose from several official color options.

Many people might think that an Irish Setter is not purebred if it is not red in color, but they are wrong. In this article, we will show you the other colors that the fur of this canine can present.

Was the Red Colour of These Dogs Always the Most Common?

No! Although the reddish Irish Setter is the most common today, in the past, it was not so. In fact, the first dogs of this breed were white with red spots.

However, many breeders chose to improve the breed by experimenting with mixes between different breeds to obtain a red Irish Setter like today.

As the years passed, the red Irish Setter became a popular dog in several countries, especially in the United States, where many tourists were interested in acquiring one, increasing the desire of many dog ​​lovers even more.

In 1886, the Red Setter Club established a standard for this breed of dog to be red. The widespread popularity of Red Irish Setters led many people to think that Red and White Irish Setters were simply a mixed breed.

Colors of an Irish Setter

As we have already said, the red Irish Setters are considered the standard dogs of this breed. These canines are easily recognizable anywhere due to their beautiful long, deep reddish fur.

In fact, many people think that this is the only color that these animals can present.

Keep in mind that you will not find Irish Setters in colors as different from reddish as black, grey, etc. The other colors that these canines can present are similar to red but with slightly different shades and tones:

Red and White Irish Setter

As we have already mentioned throughout the article, Irish Setters were originally red and white.

Unlike the reddish color, the dogs of this breed with this color combination are characterized by being completely white with red spots on certain parts of their bodies.

Chestnut Irish Setter

The chestnut color usually has a slightly different hue than pure reddish. Many people state that chestnut color ranges from light golden-brown to deep red. This color is also common in Irish Setters.

Mahogany Irish Setter

Among the colors that we have already explained, the mahogany is the rarest. It is not very common to find Irish Setters of this color.

The mahogany is very similar to the reddish color, but this one is characterized by having a darker tone. In fact, it’s like a combination of red and brown.

Can We Find Black Irish Setters?

Many people think that black is the official color of these dogs, but that is a mistake. Any color other than those mentioned in the previous point is considered unofficial, that is, the Irish Setter is not a pure breed.

The main problem is that many people confuse Irish Setters with Gordon Setters, which are usually black. It is important to understand that although they are similar, they are both different dog breeds.

Another reason an Irish Setter might be black is that it was mixed with another breed of dog of that color.