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How Do You Punish an Irish Setter?

Many people do not know how to control their dogs when they have inappropriate behavior. Some opt for physical and verbal punishment but do not know that these actions could traumatize these animals for life.

The term “punish” does not always refer to using verbal and physical aggression towards a dog. Actually, this word should be related to discipline.

How Do You Punish an Irish Setter

Why? Punish means applying a method to make your pet know that you do not approve of the action it has performed or the behavior it has shown. However, although discipline is almost the same, the difference is that the ultimate goal is to teach the pet.

The easiest way is to punish a dog, but really, the most effective and correct one is to discipline it. For that reason, it is important to know how to properly discipline your pet, especially if it is an Irish Setter.

This breed is very sensitive and using verbal or physical punishment towards it could be negative for its mental health.

Why Is It Not Positive Physically Punishing an Irish Setter?

In the past, many canines were physically punished when they showed erratic behaviors. Today, many studies have shown that any physical aggression towards any breed of dog will only generate worse behavior and attitude in this animal. An Irish Setter will not learn if it is mistreated.

Keep in mind that Irish Setters are loving creatures that form strong bonds with their owners. They are very sensitive animals who love spending time with their loved ones and can quickly feel sad when they think their owners do not love them.

You can imagine what will happen if the person it loves the most hits it or verbally assaults it. This will obviously create mental trauma for your pet and further behavioral problems.

Things You Need to Do to Properly Punish an Irish Setter

Be Patient and Consistent

The best way to help a dog with behavior problems is to train and educate it properly without using any type of physical or verbal punishment. However, you should know that you will not get results overnight.

Training a misbehaving Irish Setter can take longer than you think, so it is important that you are very patient throughout the process.

Why is this important? One of the reasons why many owners physically punish their pets is due to a lack of patience when educating them.

It is also essential that you be consistent during the process. Training your Irish Setter one day, yes and two days no, will not give you the desired results. You should make sure to train your pet every day until it no longer has behavior problems.

Seek Help from a Professional Trainer

Many people prefer to seek help from a professional as they don’t feel ready to train their pets on their own.

These experts will act in the best way, depending on the problem around these canines. They will use the best methods to educate an Irish Setter.

Seeking a professional trainer is the best option if the Irish Setter is showing aggressive behavior.

Reward Your Irish Setter for Good Behaviour

All dogs respond well to positive reinforcement. This consists of rewarding the canine with a treat or praise every time it behaves well.

For example, you could give your Irish Setter a kibble when it obeys your commands, behaves well, or responds positively during any type of training.

We can say that rewarding an Irish Setter is an indirect way of disciplining it. Food will make your pet happy, and the happier it is, the more willing it is to please you and show better behaviors.

What Should You Avoid When Punishing Your Irish Setter?

Don’t Hit Your Irish Setter

We have already discussed the mistake of physically hurting a dog for the purpose of teaching it. There is no reason to hit an Irish Setter.

These dogs are sensitive and could be traumatized for life if you physically punish them. On top of that, their negative behaviors will get worse.

Don’t Yell at Your Pet

Irish Setters are intelligent dogs that can tell when you speak in a normal or loud tone of voice. If you yell at your pet, you could easily startle and agitate it, causing it to develop strange and inappropriate behaviors in response.

Don’t Ignore Aggressive or Destructive Behaviour

These behaviors should not be ignored as they could otherwise get worse. It is very rare to see an aggressive Irish Setter, but in case it shows this behavior, we must treat it immediately before it is too late.

Aggressive behaviors in these dogs can be dangerous. Remember that Irish Setters are not only medium-large in size but also have powerful bites.