Helping Irish Setter That Getting Travel Sick

Helping Irish Setter That Getting Travel Sick

There is a belief that dogs love to travel by car and stick their heads out the window. That may be true up to a point.

Why? These animals’ bodies are generally not prepared to withstand the movements and vibrations of a vehicle. That is why these animals end up getting dizzy and vomiting during trips. This is known as travel sickness.

If you want to take your Irish Setter on a trip around the city, be it to the supermarket, park, or even to the vet, it is important that you know that this canine can get dizzy during the journey.

This is something that you should not ignore, especially if you like to take your pet from one place to another in a car.

It is essential to get your Irish Setter used to being in a moving vehicle to prevent it from feeling bad and also to be able to travel comfortably.

For that reason, you have to know everything related to this topic to identify travel sickness in your Irish Setter and how to act correctly to prevent it.

What Is Travel Sickness?

People usually don’t get travel sickness when traveling by car from one place to another, but they do when that vehicle is a plane or ship. The same goes for dogs but keep in mind that these animals easily suffer from travel sickness even inside a moving car.

This tends to happen especially in puppies because the internal structure of their ears is not fully developed, so their bodies are constantly out of balance.

This situation is usually more intense when the canines travel in vehicles since they are more susceptible to the movements and vibration of the car, plane, or boat than human beings.

Many claim that Irish Setters will stop suffering from travel sickness when they reach their first year of life, but that is not always the case.

Most dogs will continue to experience motion sickness and vomiting until they are properly trained, so that vehicle movements no longer affect them.

There are several reasons why such a dog might get motion sickness from traveling in a car. But before knowing them, we must be able to identify the symptoms of this problem:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Lethargy
  • Constant panting
  • Whining
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Unusual licks
  • Yawning
  • Discomfort

It is not common for the Irish Setter to present all these symptoms simultaneously. However, it is important that you know all of them to identify if your pet has travel sickness.

The most common symptom is vomiting since the vibrations and movements of the vehicle affect the digestive system of these puppies.

Reasons Why Irish Setters May Have Travel Sickness

  • Irish Setters get travel sick when they look out the window. This is because their eyes are not designed for staring at everything outside at high speed.

    They will see everything blurry, making them dizzy and causing the symptoms mentioned in the previous point. The best option is to keep the canine in the centre of the back seat.
  • The lack of fresh air is also one of the reasons why these dogs have symptoms of motion sickness. That usually occurs when the Irish Setter is not getting fresh outside air or air conditioning from the vehicle. It is always important to keep the windows down or the air conditioning on to cool down this animal.
  • If you have fed your Irish Setter a couple of hours before traveling, then rest assured that your pet will have problems during the trip. As we have said before, a vehicle’s continuous movement wreaks havoc on these animals’ digestive systems.

    This can be a big problem if the canine has eaten before going on a trip. Your dog will spend the entire trip throwing up.

How to Prevent an Irish Setter from Having Travel Sickness?

If you want to prevent travel sickness in your Irish Setter, it is important that you train and get your pet used to being in a moving car for long periods of time. The following steps will help you control this problem:

Get Your Irish Setter Used to Be Inside the Vehicle

Many times these animals feel anxiety and fear just by seeing the vehicle, either because of a bad past experience or simply because they find it intimidating.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is get your pet used to be inside the vehicle without any kind of worry, fear, or discomfort.

Take your canine to the vehicle and stay inside with it for several minutes. It is important that in this step, you do not start the car since what we want to do is make it feel comfortable and happy in this environment.

You can play with your dog there or even give it some treats. The goal of this is to make the Irish Setter associate that positive moment with the vehicle.

Repeat this process for several days until you notice that your Irish Setter is no longer anxious.

Turn on the Vehicle While Your Irish Setter Is Inside It

This step is similar to the previous one. In fact, you have to do the exact same thing with the only difference that you have to turn on the vehicle this time.

Your Irish Setter already feels confident to be inside the car, but now we have to get it used to the engine’s vibration, which can startle and stress it again.

Similarly, carrying out this process for a few minutes each day will make the Irish Setter overcome travel sickness little by little.

Take Your Irish Setter in the Car to Another Place

Once your Irish Setter is comfortable in the running car, it’s time to drive around town. Start by just driving down the block from your house for 5 minutes. Your Irish Setter will gradually get used to being inside the moving vehicle and be less susceptible to motion sickness.

You can increase each day the time of those small car trips. In fact, you can start taking your canine to fun places. If you create beautiful experiences and moments in those places, your pet will always want to return to them with you.