8 Step Guide to Buying an Irish Setter Puppy

Guide to Buying an Irish Setter Puppy

Irish Setters are one of the most lovable and friendly breeds, as well as how beautiful they are.

The reddish coat makes them very striking, capturing the attention of people who might be interested in buying a dog of this breed, not to mention how affectionate they are when surrounded by people, which makes them more desired by families.

When deciding to buy an Irish Setter puppy, we have to take into account many aspects that influence this decision so as not to fall into deception when purchasing it.

Guide to Buying an Irish Setter Puppy

You Have to Be Sure to Buy a Puppy of This Breed

Buying a puppy is exciting, but we must think about everything that goes into acquiring and raising a puppy. It is important to have the responsibility to investigate this breed and the special care and attention it needs.

Regularly, some people regret buying a puppy for not having the necessary conditions to raise their new furry friends, especially when they are in their first months of life.

They require a lot of attention and vigilance, so our time dedicated to them plays a very important role. For these brief reasons, we must think and analyse well when buying a puppy to ensure that its upbringing is the most appropriate.

Choose a Good Place to Buy an Irish Setter Puppy

One of the main searches to buy a puppy is online since it is an easy and much faster method. However, you have to be very careful with the frauds that proliferate on the internet when buying puppies.

That is why it is important to do extensive research to find a reputable breeder where we can make the purchase.

Many times, we choose to go to stores where they sell puppies, but it is better to avoid these places since most of the time, these animals do not come from good breeders but are trafficked.

They usually sell these puppies for less than a breeder’s price, highlighting the difference between breeding from a good breeder and these pet shops.

Know Well Who You Buy the Puppy from

Some sellers take advantage of the desire of people who want to buy one of these puppies. They don’t mind selling anxious, unsociable, or diseased dogs for a quick buck.

That is why it is important to look for a seller that offers strong and healthy puppies since the last thing we want is to have a pet with behaviour problems, illnesses, and frequent trips to the vet. 

It takes a lot of passion for raising Irish Setter puppies. A person must have good reasons for choosing this breed for breeding. 

You’ll likely learn a lot about the breed from a conversation with an experienced breeder. We can ask a trusted veterinarian for references from good breeders in order to buy puppies that really promise us good behaviour and excellent health.

Find Out If the Breeder Is Reliable in Selling Puppies

A good way to know if the seller offers healthy dogs is to see the state of their facilities and where the puppies are housed. A spacious and clean area is a good feature to know that the animal is well cared for.

It is very convenient that the breeder let the Irish Setters puppies have regular visits at least 3 times before buying them. In addition, we must ensure that the breeder will not let the puppies be separated from their mother until they are at least 8 weeks old.

A responsible breeder will provide a lot of information about their puppies, offering a good history of them in relation to their origin, food, care, health, etc.

Authorized staff at these places will make sure to ask us lots of questions indicating that they care about the Irish Setter puppy’s future welfare, investigating the conditions in which we are going to care for it and our knowledge of it.

Make Sure the Puppy Is a Real Irish Setter

This topic usually goes through the minds of many people who want to buy a purebred dog simply because they believe that it is ideal for them according to their tastes and personality.

One way to know if the puppy is completely purebred is to investigate its medical history, which includes its genetic evaluation, deworming, and the official health card proving that the puppy has all its vaccines.

Even Irish Setters puppies are often placed with microchips that will contain information that will help ensure that other people can bring them back in case they get lost.

Have All the Necessary Documents Available

You must go through several steps to guarantee that the puppy has all the legalized documents. These purebred dogs must be registered by the Royal Canine Society of your country or have a pedigree which is also a document that certifies that the animal is purebred and not mixed.

In this document, you can verify the registration date, dog name, breed, colour, sex, and other aspects of the dog and its ancestry. 

Once they certify the purity of the breed, this document values ​​the litter and increases the credibility of the breeder.

All this helps us preserve the canine’s legitimacy and its parents’ history.

Certify That the Puppy Is Currently Healthy

It is very important to know how the gestational process of the mother of the puppies was, making sure that it had the best care and conditions during pregnancy. That will help us be careful with possible diseases.

It is essential that we regularly take the puppy to the vet and keep its vaccinations up to date. It is normal for each breed of dog to present its own problems.

Before buying an Irish Setter puppy, we must be sure that the breeder gives us a guarantee that it will not suffer from possible diseases in the short term after purchase.

Condition Your Home So That Your Irish Setter Puppy Is Comfortable

Giving a good welcome to your new friend is something very essential because, from the moment it enters your house, this will already be its new home. Therefore, it is important to prepare its new home well so that it feels happy and comfortable.

In the first months of the puppy’s life, it is essential to prevent the dangers that it could run into. It is always advisable to evaluate the house and look closely to identify anything that could damage it. The ideal would be to create a safe environment for the Irish Setter.

Creating a space to sleep and relieve itself is necessary for the puppy to begin to bond with its new home.

It is important to take into account that Irish Setters can reach an average height of between 60cm and 65cm, which leads to future conditioning of the house for their height.