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10 Facts You Need to Know About Irish Setter Dogs

Knowing a breed of dog in its entirety should be one of the main objectives of anyone considering acquiring one.

Many individuals think they know everything about their new canines, but there are actually a lot of interesting facts about them that they don’t know.

Facts You Need to Know About Irish Setter Dogs

If you own an Irish Setter, you probably know that it is a loving and friendly dog ​​that gets along with most people and animals and is characterized by a high level of physical activity.

However, this is not the only interesting thing about this dog. There are some interesting facts that you do not know about Irish Setters, and in this article, we will show them to you:

1. Irish Setters Are Dogs Used for Therapy

These dogs are characterized by being affectionate and friendly with all the people around them. In addition to that, they are canines willing to please their loved ones.

All this makes Irish Setters excellent animals capable of bonding in the best way with people and making them feel good emotionally and physically.

For that reason, many people use Irish Setters as therapy dogs, especially in hospitals and schools. These animals are trained and brought to these places to create a relaxed and fun environment where they can make students (in schools) and patients (in hospitals) have a good time.

2. Most Dog Breeds Mature Faster Than Irish Setters

The first thing you must know is that these dogs’ physical and mental development does not occur in the same period of time. This is usually the case with most breeds.

Unlike other dogs, Irish Setters mature more slowly. While their bodies develop rapidly, their minds remain puppy-like for much longer.

Generally, other breeds of dogs lose energy as they become adults and therefore remain calmer throughout the day. However, you will see an Irish Setter running around and wanting to play even when they are adults.

Keep in mind that males of this breed take longer to mature than females.

3. Irish Setters Were Not Originally Reddish

One of the most distinctive features of an Irish Setter is its beautiful long reddish coat. However, this was not the characteristic colour of this breed originally.

Actually, the first Irish Setters were white with red spots. In fact, they were very similar to the red and white Irish Setters that we can find today.

5. Irish Setters Can Come in Various Colours

Although today the reddish-coloured Irish Setters are the most common, they are not the only ones that we can find. This dog can come in other colours, and it is important to know them if we want to confirm that an Irish Setter is a pure breed.

The most common colours are:

  • Red: When we see a reddish dog with long fur, the first thing we do is associate it with an Irish Setter. This intense colour is the most common in these dogs.
  • Red and white: As we have said above, the first Irish Setters were born with this colour combination. These dogs are usually white with reddish spots on various parts of their bodies.
  • Mahogany: These Irish Setters are characterized by being a dark reddish brown colour. They are not that common, so they can be expensive.
  • Chestnut: This colour is similar to red but with a darker tone. It is usually more common than mahogany.

5. Irish Setters Get Along with Other Animals

Not all dog breeds get along with other animals. However, Irish Setters are friendly canines who enjoy spending time not only with people but with other pets as well.

You shouldn’t have much of a problem if you have a cat or dog at home other than your Irish Setter. These canines have an easier time living with other pets than many dog ​​breeds.

Does that mean Irish Setters should not receive socialisation training? No! Despite their friendly personality and ease of getting along with other animals, these dogs need to be socialised, especially if they live with smaller pets.

Remember that these canines were bred to be hunting dogs and therefore may see smaller animals as their prey.

6. The Irish Setter Is the Logo of an Irish Bus Company

Many brands or companies use logos of dog breeds representative of their country. In Ireland, there is a bus line called Bus Eireann, which uses the image of an Irish Setter as its logo.

7. Elcho Was the First Champion in the United States

As you know, in the United States, many canine competitions are usually held in which many breeds of dogs can stand out for their ability and intelligence. In 1876, Elcho won a championship in that country, becoming the first Irish Setter to do so.

Irish Setters were brought to the United States in the early 19th century, where they were one of only 9 breeds to gain AKC recognition.

In 1970, their popularity began to grow rapidly due to the caring personality they displayed and the bonds they formed with people.

In fact, they were so popular that up to 3 US presidents bought them:

  • Harry Truman
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Richard Nixon

9. The Irish Setter Was the Inspiration for One of the Beach Boys’ Songs

Carl Wilson was one of the members of the Beach Boys who had an Irish Setter named Shannon.

Obviously, this canine was very special to Carl to the point that when Shannon died during the 1970s, Henry Gross wrote a song about it, becoming one of this singer-songwriter’s most successful works.

10. The Irish Setter Inspired a Disney Movie in the 60s

“Big Red” was one of the popular Disney movies in the 1960s, which is about an Irish Setter who befriends a boy.

In the film, the canine tries to rebel against the lifestyle that many owners tried to impose on their pets by turning them into show dogs.