Do Irish Setters Shed a Lot?

Do Irish Setters Shed a Lot

Having a dog as a pet can be complicated in certain aspects. You have to know your canine well to care for it properly and provide it with a lifestyle since having an animal of this type at home is the same responsibility as caring for a child.

One of the most common problems most dog owners face has to do with shedding. Many dogs tend to shed a lot, which can be a big problem not only because you will find hair in various parts of the house, including furniture and the floor.

It will also be a negative for allergy sufferers. If you are going to acquire an Irish Setter, you must know if this dog sheds or not.

Are Irish Setters Considered Shedders?

Yes! Irish Setters are moderate shedders that shed seasonally. That means that there are seasons when they don’t shed much, and there are others when it becomes intense.

The Irish Setters’ coat is medium-long and should be brushed regularly if you don’t want to find a lot of hair scattered all over the house, especially during intense shedding seasons.

If you have an Irish Setter, it’s important to understand how often this dog sheds so you can prepare ahead of time. As we have said, this breed of dog sheds a lot but only in certain seasons.

For example, an Irish Setter will shed a lot in late spring and fall as well. Also, keep in mind that they shed their winter coat to prepare for the months ahead.

An important point to know is that although Irish Setters shed heavily during the spring and fall, they also shed the rest of the year but less intensely. Another thing you should know is that poor nutrition and care could negatively influence your pet’s shedding.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Shedding in Irish Setters?

Shedding is natural and normal in many dog ​​breeds. Shedding is a natural way for the dog’s body to adapt to certain climates. However, there are other triggers for shedding in Irish Setters:

  • Stress
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Bad nutrition

What Can We Do to Control the Shedding of Irish Setters?

Obviously, we have to prepare ourselves to prevent and reduce the excess hair that your Irish Setter sheds. It is impossible to stop shedding completely, but we can reduce it in various ways. One of them is brushing their fur.

Brushing the coat of an Irish Setter is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of hair that falls on the floor or furniture. You should make sure to brush your pet’s coat every day during the heavy shedding seasons: spring and fall. You should do it 2 or 3 times a week the rest of the year.

In addition to brushing your Irish Setter’s coat, bathing it frequently will also help reduce shedding. Keep in mind that you cannot bathe your pet every day or week as this is detrimental to the health of its fur and skin.

The most recommended is to do it once every 6 weeks, and you must make sure to use the best shampoo for dogs. Never use human shampoo.

As we have said above, food also plays an important role in the amount of hair that your Irish Setter sheds. You should not only feed your pet quality food in a controlled manner.

You should also avoid those foods with many allergens since these tend to cause skin infections in these animals. Any skin infection could trigger more shedding than normal in an Irish Setter.

Many vets recommend foods with fatty acids as they are very healthy not only for your Irish Setter’s coat but also for its skin. Also, you should add vegetables and fruits to your pet’s meals as they provide enough vitamins and minerals that are good for its fur.


Irish Setters have a medium-long coat that sheds heavily in spring and fall. Shedding in these dogs can be controlled through a good diet, exercise routine, and general grooming.

As the owner of a dog of this type, you must be willing to take enough time to brush its coat every day during the seasons that we have already mentioned.