Do Irish Setters Bite?

Do Irish Setters Bite

There are many breeds of dogs throughout the world, and a large number of them are docile, affectionate, and friendly with the people around them.

Having an animal of this type that is attached to its family members and likes to show affection to all of them is one of the best things.

People who get an Irish Setter wonder if this dog bites. Many think these canines are aggressive and bite because of their large size.

However, Irish Setters are extremely friendly dogs, and contrary to what you might think, they are not good watchdogs, so don’t expect them to behave aggressively towards strangers.

Having a big dog does not mean that it is aggressive and bites. In fact, many breeds of dogs of this size tend to be even more loving than smaller dog breeds with a more cuddly appearance. Irish Setters are dogs that do not bite or tend to display aggressive behaviour towards people.

Reasons Why an Irish Setter Would Bite

The chances of an Irish Setter biting are very low since, as we said above, these dogs are very friendly. They were raised from their origins to be around people and get along with them.

However, sometimes these dogs might feel the urge to bite, but that can be for any number of reasons. An Irish Setter will never bite someone for no reason. Some of them are:

Irish Setter Fear

Fear bites are a natural response. When an Irish Setter is in a situation that makes it nervous and tense, it is very likely that it will try to bite the first thing in its path as a way to relax.

Some causes of fear in Irish Setters are:

  • Strange noises
  • Fireworks
  • Strangers approaching the house
  • Police/ambulance sirens
  • Shots

Irish Setter Pain

Pain is one of the main reasons any dog would tend to bite. Why? When a dog has an injury, it feels vulnerable and will see anyone who comes to help it as a threat.

This is normal since, in this state, these animals cannot differentiate between a threat and someone trying to heal their wounds.

For that reason, an Irish Setter might try to bite as a way of defending itself.

Irish Setter Emotion

Emotions can cause an Irish Setter to perform various actions. One of them is biting.

Any breed of dog will bite when excited. For example, if you are playing tug-of-war with your Irish Setter, it will intensely bite the object in order to win.

Be Provoked

When a person is provoked for whatever reason, he or she might try to respond through aggressive and violent acts. The same goes for dogs.

An Irish Setter that is being provoked by someone may try to bite as a response to the situation.

For example, if a person threatens to give your Irish Setter a treat but never gives it to it, the canine may become angry and respond aggressively.

What Is the Bite Force of Irish Setters?

While Irish Setters are not known for biting, it is interesting to know the strength of their bite. Although they do not tend to bite, their bite force is high.

The bite force of an Irish Setter is between 200 and 400 PSI. Therefore, we can say that the bite of these dogs is strong and that they could seriously injure any person or animal. It is important not to make this dog angry because you might regret it.

Do Irish Setters Bite When They Play?

Yes! In fact, these dogs have a strong tendency to bite and chew. That is a habit that they develop when they are puppies since, at that age, they are very playful and are experiencing and learning new things. This does not mean that Irish Setters have aggressive behaviour.

The difference between a bite of this type and the ones we have discussed above is that these do not usually hurt, at least when they are puppies. Irish Setters can measure and monitor their strength when playing with their owners.

Keep in mind that allowing this habit in your Irish Setter can be counterproductive in the future.

It is essential to properly educate and train your dog so that this habit does not become aggressive behaviour. If we correct this problem from the beginning, we will not have problems in the future.

Can I Have an Irish Setter If I Have Another Pet at Home?

It depends! Keep in mind that Irish Setters have a strong hunting instinct. These animals were bred for many years to chase down their prey. So, if you have a small pet or cat, then you need to be very careful as your Irish Setter could hurt it.

It is important that you socialise your Irish Setter from an early age so that it learns to get along with smaller animals.