Do Irish Setters Bark a Lot?

Do Irish Setters Bark a Lot

Dog barking is one of the most common problems dog owners face. Excessive barking can be a headache for many people, especially if they are not patient.

Keep in mind that not all dog breeds are created equal. Some are more hyperactive and bark excessively, while others are quieter and calmer.

Certain dog owners will prefer breeds that bark a lot for security purposes, while others simply want to have calm canines to spend time with. Irish Setters are part of the second group.

It should be noted that they can bark from time to time, especially when they want to warn you about a threat.

Is the Irish Setter a Barking Dog?

Almost all breeds of dogs bark as it is their natural way of communicating with both other animals and people. However, some do it more often than others.

In the case of Irish Setters, these dogs can bark in certain situations, but it is not common to hear them bark frequently. Now, it is important to note that these dogs will bark a lot when they are bored.

Irish Setters are extremely energetic animals that tend to display inappropriate behaviour when not doing anything. That is why it is important to keep them physically and mentally stimulated throughout the day.

One of the best things about these dogs is that although some may have barking tendencies, this behaviour can be easily corrected thanks to their willingness to please their human family members.

Therefore, if you have an Irish Setter with a barking problem, you will only need to use some training methods based on positive reinforcement. Training will gradually reduce the barking in your Irish Setter.

Why Do Some Irish Setters Bark More Than Others?

Barking is not a common behaviour in this breed of dog. Therefore, if your Irish Setter barks more than usual, it may be due to some situation. Some of them could be:


As we have said before, boredom is one of the main causes of barking in Irish Setters. These dogs are characterized by a high level of energy, so they need to be exercised and mentally stimulated for at least 1 hour.

If they don’t get enough daily exercise, they will try to release the energy stored in their bodies through inappropriate behaviours and actions. Barks fall into that group.

The same thing happens when these animals are left alone at home. An Irish Setter can’t do anything if it’s home alone for hours while its owner is at work, so it’ll quickly get bored and start barking loudly. This could annoy your neighbours.

Separation Anxiety

This is somewhat related to the reason above. Remember that all breeds of dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety as these animals have feelings just like humans. Therefore, it is normal for them to feel sad and depressed when we are not with them.

This will lead to destructive behaviours, including chewing on furniture, running around the house, digging in the yard, and of course, excessive barking.


When a dog is afraid, barking is a way of defending itself and driving away what is causing fear. For example, if your Irish Setter notices a threat coming from a stranger, it will bark loudly to chase it away.

Similarly, barking is a response to loud noises that can startle these canines, such as thunder, fireworks, police sirens, etc.

Lack of Attention

The Irish Setter is one of the most affectionate and attached to people dogs that we can find. These canines love to spend time with their loved ones and receive lots of attention.

Not spending enough time with these dogs is a mistake since they are very sentimental animals whose main objective is to be by their loved ones’ side all day and give them a lot of love.

Just like a child cries to get your attention or because he wants something, Irish Setters will bark for you to interact and spend more time with them.


It is very dangerous to approach a dog in pain, either from an injury or disease. When an Irish Setter is in physical discomfort, it will be defensive when you try to approach it to soothe its pain as it thinks you want to hurt it.

This is a normal response since they do not know our intentions when they are in that state. If your Irish Setter is in severe pain, it will not only bark loudly but may also try to bite you to defend itself.


Irish Setters are not the best guard dogs, but they love their family like no one else. The love they feel for their loved ones will make them bark loudly whenever they see a stranger or feel a threat. They use barking as a way to alert their owners to possible danger.