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Can Irish Setters Protect You?

Dogs generally form strong bonds with their owners to the point of feeling the need to protect them against any danger and threat.

This can be something natural in all or almost all breeds of canines. However, the desire and ability of some to protect their loved ones will be greater than that of others.

Can Irish Setters Protect You

You might think that an Irish Setter is an excellent guard dog because of his size and also because of his strong hunting instincts, but that is not the case.

This canine is extremely affectionate and trustworthy with all people regardless of whether he is a member of his human family or a stranger.

Although these dogs cannot be considered dogs with excellent protective abilities due to the characteristics that we have mentioned above, some may still want to protect their owners because of the intense love they have for them.

Can Irish Setters Be Good Guard Dogs?

Most people say that Irish Setters are not good guard dogs because they are animals that form strong bonds with people and get along with them. In other words, an Irish Setter will feel comfortable with strangers who come to your house.

If you are thinking of getting a dog to protect you and warn you of any threat, then this breed is not for you.

Remember that not all Irish Setters will be the same. Some may have different personalities, depending on the upbringing their family has given them.

A puppy raised with good manners will be affectionate and friendly with you, but when the canine is raised with mistreatment, it will become distrustful of the people around it.

Keep in mind that a small gesture of the Irish Setters can tell us a lot about their current personality and behavior.

Irish Setters are usually well-behaved, but depending on the situation, they could show their aggressive side, although that is not very common. This type of behavior can be corrected through training to protect their owners or other members of their family.

While these pups love to spend time outside having fun and exercising, they really prefer to be indoors when they’re not doing anything. It is not a breed destined to spend all day or night outside to take care of the home.

Therefore, if you need a dog to take care of your home, then the Irish Setter is not the ideal choice. That doesn’t mean that this canine can’t try to warn you of danger through barking.

Although protecting others is not in their nature, they still feel a lot of love towards their loved ones and home.

Can an Irish Setter Be Considered an Aggressive Dog?

No way! You will not find a more loving dog than the Irish Setter. This animal is not usually wary of strangers and other animals. In fact, it has a caring and outgoing personality that makes him want to meet other people and play with them.

Irish Setters are happy dogs who enjoy life every moment. It is easy for a dog of this breed to bond with people and get along with them. This is one of the reasons many use this breed for therapy.

Now, keep in mind that there are exceptions. An Irish Setter will never be aggressive towards a person or animal unless there is a compelling reason.

You must not forget that these dogs were bred and trained to be excellent hunting dogs, and that has led them to develop strong hunting and prey instincts.

For that reason, it is normal for an Irish Setter to want to try to chase and catch a smaller animal as he will consider it his prey.

The positive part of all this is that this canine can quickly get along with any animal as long as you provide socialization training. These dogs need less socialization than other breeds.

What Makes an Irish Setter Not a Good Protector?

There are several reasons why a dog of this breed cannot be considered an excellent protector:

Irish Setters Are Loving Dogs

We have already mentioned this throughout the entire article. These dogs are loving and affectionate by nature. They love to spend time with their loved ones and give them a lot of affection. 

Unlike other breeds, Irish Setters have no problem showing affection to people who are not part of their family.

Irish Setters Trust Everyone

These dogs have a facility for trusting strangers and other animals. Many other canine breeds might be defensive when they see a person they don’t know, but this is not the case with Irish Setters.