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Can an Irish Setter Be Left Home Alone?

If you have a child, you will know that you cannot leave him alone for various reasons. A child will feel abandoned if left alone for several hours, and furthermore, he cannot take care of himself. Other than that, it is irresponsible to leave a little one home alone. 

Something similar happens with dogs. Just like children, these animals can feel sad, abandoned, and unloved when left home for many hours a day.

Can an Irish Setter Be Left Home Alone

All breeds of canines tend to suffer from separation anxiety in these situations, and the Irish Setter is no exception.

The Irish Setter is one of the most affectionate and attached to people dogs. This canine was raised from its origin to be surrounded by people, and that is why you need to be with it most of the day; otherwise, it could feel sad and develop separation anxiety. 

Although these dogs are calm and loving, this disorder could cause them to develop destructive behaviours that are rare in this breed of dog.

How Long Can an Irish Setter Puppy Stay Alone?

Irish Setters cannot be left alone for long. These dogs can be home without their loved ones for 4-6 hours a day, although some could be alone for 8 hours if they receive proper training and are adults.

You have to keep in mind that the amount of time an Irish Setter can stay at home depends on several factors, and one of them is age:

AgeHours the Irish Setter Can Be Home Alone
10 weeks or less1 hour
Between 10 and 12 weeks2 hours
3 months3 hours
4 months4 hours
5 months5 hours
6 months6 hours
More than 6 monthsBetween 6 and 8 hours

The feeling of loneliness is not the only reason an Irish Setter may stay alone for a number of hours, depending on its age. Remember that dogs need to go to the bathroom just like people.

A child has a less developed bladder than an adult, so he will need to urinate more often. The same goes for Irish Setters.

The younger an Irish Setter is, the more frequently it will need to urinate or defecate. Keep in mind that most dogs are trained to relieve themselves outside the house.

The problem is that if you leave your puppy alone at home for several hours, it will not be able to go out to the garden or backyard on its own to urinate or defecate.

For that reason, if you are a person who usually works 8 hours a day, you should not only train your Irish Setter to be home alone during that period, but you will also need to create a space inside the house where it can relieve itself in your absence.

What Could Happen If My Irish Setter Stays Home Alone for a Long Time?

Leaving such a dog alone at home could have negative consequences not only for it but also for you. Remember that these dogs are easy-going and love to spend time with their loved ones.

You are unlikely to see an Irish Setter misbehaving, especially if it is well trained. However, keep in mind that this canine could develop destructive behaviors if it feels alone and abandoned. In addition, this also usually occurs due to these dogs’ high need for physical activity.

Your Irish Setter Will Develop Destructive Behaviours

It is not recommended to leave a dog alone at home for many hours a day. It does not matter if your dog is an Irish Setter or another breed.

All animals of this type tend to suffer from separation anxiety, and because of that, they end up developing destructive behaviors.

The most common destructive behaviors that an Irish Setter may display when left home alone for long hours are:

  • Digging in the garden
  • Chewing furniture
  • Biting valuable objects
  • Running around every corner of the house wildly
  • Scratching the doors

It Will Bark Loudly and Constantly

Irish Setters are not known for being barking dogs. However, this is behaviour they may display when suffering from separation anxiety.

Keep in mind that barking is a consequence of loneliness and lack of both physical and mental stimulation.

A dog as energetic as the Irish Setter that does not get enough exercise during the day will easily get bored and look for a way to release its pent-up energy through inappropriate behaviors such as barking.

This is usually a big problem if you live in an apartment or house surrounded by neighbors. Neighbors may be annoyed by your Irish Setter’s excessive barking. If you don’t find a solution to this problem, you may have to face legal consequences.

This Canine Will Try to Escape

Irish Setters are active dogs that love to play and have fun for several hours a day. These canines will enjoy doing any physical activity, especially with their loved ones.

However, if they are left alone at home, they will find a way to exercise and release all the energy accumulated in their bodies.

In this case, your Irish Setter might try to run away from home to find you and spend time with you or simply go to a place where it can satisfy its exercise needs.

Your Pet Will Become Disobedient

Being separated from your Irish Setter for a long time could gradually break your bond with it. If you leave your dog alone every day for 8 hours, it will stop pleasing you.

Your Irish Setter will not only stop loving you like before, but it will also become less obedient, which is something rare in this breed since, as you know, it loves to please its owners.

Remember that a dog that has been left alone for a long time will become more independent and will not need to obey its owner.