Are Irish Setters Popular?

Are Irish Setters Popular

Dogs are the most common pets in most homes due to the personality they can show as well as all their skills that allow them to differentiate themselves from other animals.

There are many popular dog breeds, and one of them is the Irish Setter. It is characterized by being a complete dog not only from the point of view of its physical appearance but also in its personality and behaviour.

The Irish Setter is an intelligent canine known for its beauty, strength, energy level, and temperament.

These dogs are considered one of the most popular pets since they can adapt perfectly to any family. You won’t find a better companion for children than Irish Setters. These canines create a strong bond with each member of their family. 

All this makes them dogs desired by many people around the world.

When Did the Popularity of Irish Setters Begin to Grow?

Irish Setters began to grow in popularity in the 1960s. They became so popular around that time that they became the third most popular dog breed in the United States, having previously been ranked 27th.

There are a few things that make Irish Setters so popular:

Irish Setter Caring Personality

This is one of the main reasons Irish Setters are so popular. As we have said above, this breed of dog is characterized by getting along with its owners and members of its human family. They are animals that form a strong connection of trust and love with their loved ones.

Unlike some dog breeds, Irish Setters get along well with children. Generally, these canines have an indifferent attitude towards children who are usually annoying and irritating.

Remember that young children may think of such a dog as a cuddly toy and may treat it inappropriately. This situation could end in something unfortunate if it were another breed of dog, but fortunately, this does not happen with Irish Setters.

Just as Irish Setters are affectionate and friendly with children, they can also get along with other dogs. However, keep in mind that it is necessary to provide these animals with socialisation training before considering leaving them alone with another canine.

If your Irish Setter has been raised since childhood with another puppy at home, then you can be sure that it will get along with other dogs it meets in the future.

Finally, let’s talk about strangers. Irish Setters can get along with people they don’t know, especially if they are trained properly. Keep in mind that not all dogs of this breed are the same.

Some may feel more suspicious of strangers and even display aggressive behaviour. However, these animals will learn to get along with other people if they receive a little socialisation during their puppyhood.

Irish Setter Intelligence

Irish Setters are noted for their high level of intelligence. The reason for this is that as they have been bred throughout their history to be working dogs, people have trained them to increase their intelligence and concentration.

That has allowed them to carry out a series of activities with a performance superior to many other dog breeds.

These dogs can make their own decisions, which can be counterproductive as it makes them stubborn. This is why many claim that Irish Setters are not easy to train despite their high intelligence.

The best way to exercise the brain of these canines is by providing them with lots of interactive toys and also various types of training, such as obedience training.

This trait has made this breed of dog popular throughout history as we see more and more people wanting to acquire an intelligent dog over one that is not so smart.

Irish Setter Energy Level

Generally, the most active and energetic dogs are the ones that tend to attract the most attention from people. In this case, Irish Setters gained popularity for their high energy levels.

These canines are very energetic and are always ready to carry out any job or task. They are characterized by having great resistance to withstand a full day of work.

They love to perform any type of physical exercise, go for a walk with their owners, or be mentally stimulated through games or some type of training. They are playful dogs that will love to play with the children of the house.

Their exercise needs are so high that if they don’t get enough physical stimulation, they could develop inappropriate behaviours like barking, digging in the garden, chewing on objects, scratching walls, etc. Irish Setters tend to get bored easily, so you should always provide them with plenty of exercise.

As we have said, Irish Setters make excellent playmates. They will love to play with their owners and even with the children of the house and other pets. That is why they are considered wonderful family pets.