Are Irish Setters Hyper?

Are Irish Setters Hyper

Dealing with an energetic and active dog is quite a challenge. Hyperactive canines are not ideal choices for first-time owners with a sedentary lifestyle.

Why? Animals of this type require a lot of daily exercise, and not all people are willing to spend a lot of time with their pets because they are working or simply because they prefer to spend their time on something else.

If you are considering acquiring an Irish Setter, you may wonder if it is a hyperactive dog. One of the main characteristics of this breed is its high level of physical activity. Therefore, it is normal for a person to worry about this aspect when acquiring an Irish Setter.

How Hyperactive Are Irish Setters?

Irish Setters are very energetic and playful dogs that love to be active at any time of the day. Their level of hyperactivity is high, and that is because they are animals that are happy all the time and are always looking for a way to please their owners.

It is very difficult to handle a dog as hyperactive as the Irish Setter. They are a great challenge for dog owners with inactive lifestyles.

A person who is not used to exercising daily and who spends all day working will not be able to properly care for a canine of this breed.

In fact, when you come home exhausted after a hard day at work, you just want to sit on the sofa and rest, but that will be impossible with an Irish Setter as a pet. Your canine will be excited to see you and start running around the house like crazy, waiting for you to play with it.

There is something important that you should know, and that is that these dogs were bred from their origins to hunt. That allowed them to develop a lot of energy over the years.

Common Behaviours That an Irish Setter May Display Due to Their Hyperactivity

Irish Setter Barking Excessively

Irish Setters are not known for being barking dogs, but like any animal of this type, they will tend to bark when excited. Irish Setters are almost always happy, and that excitement makes them very active and energetic.

This excitement leads them to produce excessive barking, which is usually irritating, especially for your neighbours.

Irish Setter Biting

The Irish Setter is one of the most affectionate and friendly canines out there, so there is a chance that this breed of dog will bite. However, remember that we have already said that these animals usually have a good mood. 

Irish Setters often show their happiness through harmless bites but don’t be fooled because if we don’t control them properly, this could become a habit, and eventually, those bites could turn lethal.

Jumping on You

In most cases, a hyperactive dog is a happy dog. A common type of behaviour in this animal is to jump on their owners when they return home after being outside for many hours.

When you get home after a long day at work, your Irish Setter will not hesitate to jump on you and lick your face to greet you.

However, keep in mind that not all people like this type of behaviour. In fact, it could be somewhat annoying for some individuals.

Chasing Smaller Animals

As we have already said above, Irish Setters were bred to be hunters. That allowed them to develop a strong prey drive over the years. It is for that reason that we see these canines running rampant after smaller animals.

If you have a smaller pet at home, you should be careful as your Irish Setter could chase your other animal (bird, cat, dog, etc.) thinking it is its prey. It is important to socialise your Irish Setter from an early age so that it learns to live harmoniously with your other pet.

Destructive Behaviours Due to Separation Anxiety

Like most dog breeds, Irish Setters also suffer from separation anxiety. This disorder affects canines when they are left alone at home for many hours, causing them to develop destructive behaviours, among which we can include:

  • Excessive barking
  • Chewing furniture and objects
  • Constant whining
  • Digging in the garden
  • Running around the house

How to Calm an Irish Setter?

Training to Help Your Irish Setter Focus Its Attention on You

Hyperactive dogs are often easily distracted as they are constantly looking for something to do. Training an Irish Setter to focus its attention on us is a good way to calm it down when we need to.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

One of the best ways to calm an Irish Setter’s hyperactivity is by physically and mentally tiring it. You must provide approximately 1 hour of physical exercise daily to these dogs so that they spend all their energy and dedicate the rest of the day to sleep.

Also, stimulate it mentally through games. By meeting its needs, it will be ready for bed since it has no more energy.