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Are Irish Setters High Maintenance?

Taking care of a dog is hard work, even for experienced people. There are certain breeds that can be quite a challenge to keep while others are not. In this case, Irish Setters are part of the moderate-high maintenance group.

The Irish Setter is a medium-large dog that has rapid physical growth. Its high energy level makes it difficult to deal with, especially for first-time owners.

Are Irish Setters High Maintenance

In addition to the above, we can say that these canines mature more slowly than many other breeds, so you will have an adult Irish Setter with the playful personality and hyperactivity of a puppy.

It is important to clarify that an Irish Setter is not necessarily high maintenance in all respects. This article will teach you what it takes to care for your pet and provide a good lifestyle properly.

Why Are Irish Setters Considered High Maintenance Dogs?

Previously, we have said that these dogs are high maintenance. The main reasons are the following:

Irish Setters Grooming Needs Are High

This is one of the main reasons we can say that Irish Setters are high-maintenance canines.

These animals are characterized by having a double-layered coat of medium-long length which sheds moderately throughout the year and intensely in spring and autumn.

When the spring or autumn months arrive, you should brush your Irish Setter’s coat every day of the week since it will shed more than the rest of the year. During the rest of the months, you will only need to brush its fur between 2 and 3 days a week.

Frequent brushing of the Irish Setters’ coat will help reduce shedding and, therefore, the amount of hair you find on furniture or the floor.

On the other hand, you should also focus your attention on bathing your Irish Setter in the right time periods. While you shouldn’t bathe your pet on such a regular basis, it is necessary to do it once every 1-2 months to keep its body clean and its skin and coat healthy.

Bathing a dog in this period of time is really not a problem. The real challenge is bathing a medium-large dog like an Irish Setter. Its size and hyperactivity can give you a lot of headaches at that moment.

All dogs are high maintenance when it comes to the cleanliness of their ears and teeth. These animals are very prone to diseases and infections in these areas of the body.

That is why it is important to take care of the hygiene of an Irish Setter and prevent it from suffering from any health problem. You should make sure to brush your pet’s teeth at least 3-4 times a week and clean their ears regularly.

They Are Difficult to Control Because of Their High Energy Level

Irish Setters are extremely active and energetic dogs. They are canines destined to carry out any type of physical activity due to their excellent physical conditions.

Remember that the first Irish Setters were bred to be good hunting dogs. This has allowed them to develop an athletic body, speed, and resistance throughout history, making them animals with a high level of physical activity. Not all people are prepared to take care of such a dog.

First-time owners are not experienced enough to deal with an Irish Setter’s hyperactivity. Similarly, this breed is not made for people who have a sedentary lifestyle or those who spend 8 or more hours working.

You should keep in mind that these dogs require a lot of daily exercises. Generally, Irish Setters need enough physical and mental stimulation for 1-2 hours a day.

Otherwise, they will get bored and look for other inappropriate ways to release the energy they have accumulated during the day. These canines may begin to bark excessively, chew on things, run around, and even try to escape.

That is why it is important that the owner of an Irish Setter has enough time and willingness to provide their pet with enough daily exercise.

Irish Setters Require a Balanced Diet

All dogs must be fed properly. However, a canine as energetic and athletic as the Irish Setter needs a better-designed diet. We cannot provide these dogs with any food that we find in a supermarket or pet store.

An Irish Setter’s diet needs to be balanced and have the right content of protein, fat, and carbohydrates not only for it to have a lot of energy but also for its body to be healthy.

The most advisable thing is to go to the veterinarian and ask him about the best foods and the number of cups a day you should give your pet according to its age and size.