Are Irish Setters Good Family Dogs?

Are Irish Setters Good Family Dogs

Finding a breed of dog that is considered a good family pet can be a real challenge. There are many wonderful canines, but not all of them make great family dogs.

Choosing a good family dog ​​is important, especially if you have children, pets, and grandparents. Not all dogs get along with them, so it is important that you take the time to choose the breed that best suits your family.

In this case, we can say that Irish Setters are excellent family dogs. These animals are characterized by requiring little socialisation because they are very affectionate and friendly with people, especially children.

They form strong bonds with each family member and love to spend time with them, whether sitting or lying with their owners on the sofa or bed or playing with them.

Can an Irish Setter Be a Good Family Dog?

Of course! The Irish Setter is one of the best family dogs that we can find anywhere in the world. These canines lead an active lifestyle that is ideal for those families who like to spend time exercising outdoors. These dogs love to walk with their loved ones in the park and play with them.

The bonds that these animals form with their family members are so strong that they will never want to be separated from them. Irish Setters are very attached to their loved ones.

They will always want to show love in many ways and be with them most of the day. In fact, if they are not with their loved ones, they may feel sad and suffer from separation anxiety.

The best parameter for determining that Irish Setters make good family dogs is their relationship with children and other pets. These canines love to spend time and play with the little ones in the house.

Also, if you train and socialise them from an early age, they will become best friends with the other pets in your home.

Obviously, not all Irish Setters are easy to get along with people and animals. Some tend to be shyer, so they need to be properly socialised as puppies.

Why Are Irish Setters Good Family Dogs?

There are several reasons why these animals are considered excellent family pets:

They Are Good With Children, Strangers, and Other Animals

This is the main reason why Irish Setters are considered to be extraordinary family dogs. If you have children at home, then this breed is ideal for you.

Irish Setters are lovable dogs that like to spend time with children. They love to play with them and protect them from any danger despite not being considered good guard dogs. They are tolerant and patient enough to withstand some bumping, patting, and pulling of the ears and tail.

Also, keep in mind that if you socialise your Irish Setter at an early age, it will become your child’s best friend.

Similarly, these animals have no problem getting along with strangers. Many breeds of dogs tend to be shy and aloof from strangers. Some Irish Setters can exhibit this behaviour, but most of them are quick to become friends with strangers.

Although Irish Setters have a high hunting instinct, they can get along with most pets. However, keep in mind that small animals may be in danger since these dogs tend to chase them because they consider them their prey. In these cases, the socialisation of both pets from an early age is extremely important.

They Are Very Loyal to Their Loved Ones

Almost all dog breeds are loyal to their loved ones. Irish Setters will never betray their owners and will always be loyal to them no matter what.

This is one of the most reliable and faithful dogs that we can find, and that makes it an excellent dog for families.

They Form Strong Bonds with Their Owners

If we talk about affectionate dogs, we cannot leave out the Irish Setters. These dogs are known for their loving and friendly personalities. They love to spend time with their loved ones and give them a lot of affection through hugs, kisses, games, etc.

These animals enjoy the company of people, children, and animals, especially other dogs. They love to bond with their family members by playing and exercising. Irish Setters are so attached to their owners that they will feel anxious and abandoned when they are not with them.

Why Is It Good to Have a Good Family Dog ​​Like the Irish Setter?

All dog breeds provide physical and emotional benefits to their owners. Having a family dog ​​like the Irish Setter brings several advantages for each family member and us. Some of them are:

They Help Reduce Your Anxiety

Many people tend to suffer from anxiety for various reasons. Irish Setters can be considered therapy dogs thanks to their personality and their willingness to help and make people feel better.

Some studies have confirmed that the bond between a dog of this type and a person helps reduce the tension and anxiety that he or she may feel. This dog is able to brighten the saddest day of a person only with its presence.

You Will Not Feel Alone

This is somewhat related to the previous point. If you are a person who feels lonely, an Irish Setter will come into your life to improve it.

There is no better companion than a dog of this breed due to its affectionate personality and willingness to make those around it feel happy.

People who feel lonely can suffer from certain problems, especially heart problems, since they are always nervous, sad, and worried.

Many studies claim that affectionate dogs like Irish Setters help people precisely reduce the probability of suffering from diseases of this type.

In addition, having an Irish Setter means never being alone again since it is a dog that will be close to you at all times regardless of where you are in the house.