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10 Things That Irish Setter Dog Owners Should Comprehend

Caring for and providing a great lifestyle for a dog means knowing as much as possible about that specific breed. You cannot simply acquire such an animal without knowing everything or almost everything about it.

If you have an Irish Setter, you will know that this is a unique and popular dog that is characterized by its affectionate and friendly personality with all those around it.

10 Things That Irish Setter Dog Owners Should Comprehend

Its willingness to please people makes them extraordinary family pets designed for families with or without children. Similarly, anyone can easily recognize an Irish Setter thanks to its beautiful reddish coat.

It is important for any Irish Setter owner to understand these 10 things about this breed:

Irish Setters Love Being Around People

As we have already mentioned, Irish Setters are family dogs that enjoy the company of people at all times. They are animals very attached to their loved ones who need to receive constant attention from them.

Unlike many other dog breeds, they enjoy playing with children, making them great family pets. Keep in mind that these dogs need to be with their loved ones as many hours a day; otherwise, they could feel abandoned and, in turn, develop separation anxiety.

The Irish Setter is one of the best canine companions you can get.

Irish Setters Are Slow to Mature

Most dog breeds mature between 1 and 2 years of age. However, this is often not the case with Irish Setters.

This breed of dog takes longer to mature than others. Many people claim that Irish Setters will take 3 years to fully mature, so it is normal for them to still have the personality of a puppy after they are 1 or 2 years old.

Keep in mind that although they are slow to mature behaviourally, the development of their bodies is usually complete during their first year of life.

Irish Setters Were Bred to Be Hunters

Today most people know Irish Setters to be excellent family dogs. However, these canines were originally trained to hunt.

These dogs performed well hunting different animals but excelled even more at hunting birds. The reason for this is their strong prey drive. Irish Setters tend to chase their prey once they have identified them.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Irish Setters were already very popular in several countries where they were still used as hunting dogs. Still, little by little more people acquired them simply as family pets. That is why we can find more pet Irish Setters than hunters today.

Irish Setters Are Athletic Dogs

Irish Setters are extraordinarily active and energetic animals that have athletic bodies capable of withstanding intense exercise sessions. It is very common to see many people use these dogs in competitions due to the performance they show.

Furthermore, Irish Setters are constantly used as service dogs not only because of how intelligent they are but also because of their interaction with humans and their desire to please them. Water sports are also activities where this breed of dog excels wonderfully.

Irish Setters Love to Enjoy Life with Their Loved Ones

Irish Setters love life. These canines are always happy when they can spend time with their owners and play with them.

If you are a person who loves spending time outdoors and having fun in any way, then an Irish Setter is the best choice for you. These canines will make your life more joyful and fun.

They will love to exercise with you, play games, and even be trained. Keep in mind that a happy dog ​​will always be willing to please.

Irish Setters Are Not Known to Be Excellent Guard Dogs

Many people think that these animals would make excellent guardians simply because they are large in size and have a high energy level. However, a good guard dog must be at least a little suspicious and aloof from strangers, and this is not the case with the Irish Setter.

Remember that Irish Setters are extremely friendly dogs that love to get along and interact with people, whether family members or strangers.

Also, you should keep in mind that these dogs do not bark much unless they have a reason to do so. While the presence of a stranger can be a motive, sometimes their willingness to get along with people may lead them not to bark at strangers.

These Animals Need Good Food

All breeds of dogs love to eat a lot. However, Irish Setters may require more food than other dogs due to their high energy level.

Irish Setters are animals that will spend hours running and doing any type of physical activity a day. All the energy you expend must be compensated with a good diet based on proteins and healthy fats.

This will help the canine regain the energy levels that it had lost during exercise and training sessions.

Irish Setters Suffer from Some Health Problems

All dogs can suffer from certain diseases and health problems. Irish Setters are medium-large dogs that are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. Other common health problems in this breed are:

  • Gastric Torsion
  • Bone Pain
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Dental Diseases
  • Eye Problems

Irish Setters Are Friendly with Cats

It is true that Irish Setters have a strong prey drive, especially towards smaller animals like cats. However, unlike other breeds of dogs, they have an easier time getting along with felines as long as they receive the necessary socialization.

If you raise your cat and Irish Setter from a young age, rest assured that the two will become the best of friends.

Male and Female Irish Setters Are Similar in Size

Generally, the size between a male and female of a specific breed is usually different, and we can easily appreciate that difference. However, this situation is not so in Irish Setters.

Male Irish Setters (23-26 cm) are slightly larger than females (24-28 cm). The difference is minimal, and it is not something that we can easily notice with our eyes.