Are Irish Doodles Easy to Train?

Are Irish Doodles Easy to Train

Many people think that having a mixed breed is a big problem. That’s not true at all.

Although it is true that a breed of this type will inherit the characteristics of its parents, that does not mean that it is more complicated than having a normal dog breed.

Irish Doodles are a mix between Irish Setters and Poodles. These dogs are characterized by being fun, energetic, and extremely affectionate with people.

However, despite their excellent personality, they require enough training as they tend to be rebellious and boisterous.

If you have an Irish Doodle at home, it is important that you know how difficult it is to train this breed.

How Difficult Is It to Train an Irish Doodle?

Training an Irish Doodle can be easy for some dog owners and difficult for others. Everything will depend on the dominant characteristics inherited from their parents since remember that Poodles are easy dogs to train. Still, Irish Setters represent a greater challenge, although only a little more.

Keep in mind that the intelligence of this hybrid breed depends on the genes inherited from their parents. We have to get to know each breed separately to understand the intelligence of these dogs.

On the one hand, Poodles are in the top 2 of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Their incredible intelligence makes them easy dogs to train, so if your Irish Doodle inherits the intelligence of a Poodle, then you won’t have much trouble training them.

On the other hand, Irish Setters are smart but not as smart as Poodles. That is why if your Irish Doodle inherits the intelligence of an Irish Setter, then the task of training it will be a little more complicated due to its short attention span, but it will still be easier to train than many other dogs.

Regardless of the intelligence they inherit, Irish Doodles are capable of learning new commands and skills quickly, but it is necessary to provide them with the required education and training at an early age.

What Should You Take Into Account to Efficiently Train Your Irish Doodle?

It is not much of a challenge to train an Irish Doodle, especially if you keep the following in mind:

Be Patient

Although Irish Doodles are intelligent and easy to train, you need to be patient during the process.

Training any breed of dog requires a lot of patience and consistency, but unlike other canines, Irish Doodles require less time and repetition to learn.

Note that not all Irish Doodles are created equal. Each one develops their own personality, and it may be that some are in a bad mood or are more stubborn than others, so they could represent a greater challenge when it comes to training.

It doesn’t matter if your Irish Doodle requires more or less training time. The important thing is that you are patient during the process, no matter the situation.

Socialise Them

These canines are not difficult to socialise since their parents are usually extremely affectionate, and they are easy to get along with other people.

Even so, it is important to socialise them from an early age by exposing them to other people, children, animals, and new environments.

Why? Irish Setters have a strong hunting instinct, which is why they sometimes need to chase their prey.

If an Irish Doodle inherits this trait, it will be a problem for the other pets in the house. Also, it is possible that it is more aloof from strangers than a normal Irish Doodle.

Train Them When They’re Young

Training an Irish Doodle as a puppy is similar to raising a child when it is young. When these animals are young, their learning capacity is greater, and it is easier to train them since they do not have any complicated behaviour, habits, or personality developed.

Use Positive Reinforcement

This method is one of the pillars of any training. All dogs should be rewarded with praise and treats because, thanks to this, these animals will associate the action they are performing or the behaviour they are showing with something positive.

For example, suppose you reward your Irish Doodle every time it responds positively to a command you are trying to teach it. In that case, it will associate that command with something positive and will obey you every time you say it.

You Must Be Disciplined

We’ve covered everything your Irish Doodle needs to be properly trained, but now it’s time to talk about you. When it comes to training your pet, you must have a lot of discipline.

You want to make sure you are consistent when it comes to teaching your Irish Doodle what is necessary.

It is important that you create a training pattern so that your pet’s brain records everything that it practices and learns. Make sure to repeat each step every day until it becomes routine for your dog.