Can I Leave My Havanese Home Alone? 

Can I Leave My Havanese Home Alone

Sharing beautiful moments with a dog is one of the great satisfactions and experiences people can have. These animals resemble human beings in several aspects, especially from the point of view of their personality and temperament.

Canines are loyal creatures that will form strong bonds with their owners and give them all the love they can give. These animals, like babies or children, must be properly cared for so that they have a healthy and happy life. However, not everything is rosy.

Although there are responsible owners who provide excellent quality of life for their pets, there are others who do not care about the physical and mental well-being of their animals.

Some simply don’t give them the exercise and attention they deserve. The latter is a problem, especially when a dog suffers from separation anxiety.

Both good and irresponsible owners go through these situations, and that is normal since people have to work, study, etc. The difference is that responsible owners will take the necessary steps to prevent this disorder in their dogs.

Havanese dogs are characterized by being companion dogs, that is, they love spending a lot of time with their loved ones and sharing good times. These canines are an excellent choice for families who love affectionate animals.

Due to their need to spend a lot of time with people, they are not designed to be alone for a long time as they could suffer from separation anxiety.

It is a common disorder in dogs when they feel abandoned, and it generally drives these animals to behave inappropriately.

What Should We Take into Account When Leaving a Havanese Alone at Home?

As we have already said, these dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are not around, and this not only happens when they are left alone at home but also when they lose sight of their loved ones in the supermarket, park, etc.

Leaving a Havanese alone at home is not the best idea since, as we have said, they are animals that need the company of their loved ones all the time.

Therefore, we must take certain measures to prevent our dogs from suffering from this disorder. Before that, we must know two aspects that we have to take into account for these situations:

The Maximum Time a Havanese Can Stay Home Alone

Most breeds can only be left alone for 4 hours, and the Havanese is no exception. However, after 2 hours, it could begin to experience anxiety and stress. Some Havanese dogs can be left alone for more than 4 hours while others for less than that time.

Therefore, we can say that dogs of this breed can be left alone between 2 and 4 hours a day. Some will be able to be alone longer without feeling anxiety as long as they have been trained.

In fact, a Havanese can be left alone for 6 hours a day with training and other preventative measures taken into consideration.

Unlike other breeds of dogs, it is not recommended under any circumstances to leave this canine alone for 8 hours, regardless of whether it is trained.

Behavioural Problems Generated By This Situation

The main cause of leaving a Havanese home alone is separation anxiety. Because these dogs are very attached to their owners, they can feel scared, sad, and nervous when they are not with them. That, in turn, leads them to develop destructive and inappropriate behaviours such as:

  • Barking: Havanese dogs are not considered extremely barking dogs, but they will still bark excessively when left alone. The reason for this behaviour is to get the attention of their loved ones and make them come with them. It’s like a form of communication.
  • Chewing: This is one of the most frequent problems that canines present when they suffer from separation anxiety.

    Due to their stress and need to release all the pent-up energy, Havanese dogs can chew on the furniture in the house. Similarly, they will tend to chew on other objects that could be of great value.
  • Pee and defecate anywhere: If you have trained your Havanese to relieve itself in the garden or backyard, then you don’t have to worry about it urinating or defecating indoors.

    The problem appears when you leave it alone without access to those places. In that case, it will have no other alternative and will relieve itself anywhere in the house.

Recommendations to Reduce Separation Anxiety in a Havanese

It is not enough to train a Havanese to reduce separation anxiety. Not all dogs of this type are the same, so it is possible that some may be alone longer than others.

Create an Ideal Space for Your Havanese

Havanese dogs are very sensitive animals that can be emotionally affected by different situations. That is why they require a lot of love from their owners.

Anxiety is a terrible feeling that people suffer before certain situations. The same is true of dogs, and a great way to reduce anxiety is by providing them with a quiet, safe space.

You can choose a place in the house with an excellent temperature, free from noise and anything else that can stress and worsen the state of anxiety of your Havanese.

Be sure to place its bed, favourite toys, food/water bowls, treats, sleeping blanket, etc. The more comfortable your Havanese’s space is, the less likely it will suffer from anxiety.

Give Lots of Love Before Leaving Home

Your Havanese should always know that you love it. If you don’t give it a lot of attention and affection, either by hugging it, caressing it, etc., it will feel abandoned when you leave the house, and that will lead it to develop separation anxiety.

You should spend enough time with your canine before leaving home. Spend time with it, play games with it, watch TV with it, etc. That will not only let it know that you love it and that you will never leave it, but it will also keep it calmer when you are not at home.

Exercise and Feed Your Dog

This is essential to keep a Havanese happy in your absence. All dogs should be given physical stimulation, so it’s a good idea to take your pet for a walk an hour before you leave the house. That will make it tired, and it won’t have to find destructive ways to release its energy when you’re not around.

Similarly, it is essential to feed your pet 1 or 2 hours before leaving home. Dogs need to eat enough during the day to be healthy and happy, so it is not recommended to leave them without eating for 6-8 hours.

In addition to feeding it before going to work, leave it its favourite treats. You can even put them in chewable container toys.

Ask a Family Member or Dog Walker for Help

It is very worrying for us to leave our Havanese dogs alone at home without the company of anyone. Leaving a canine alone is like leaving a small child alone. It will not know how to take care of itself and will be very afraid.

Many people do not have a problem with these situations since they live with other family members who usually stay home all day. However, people who live alone and have a Havanese will have to find solutions.

If this is your case, you could ask your neighbour or a member of your family to take care of it. However, keep in mind that you can’t always do this, so it’s a good idea to hire a dog walker.

A dog walker is an ideal option to keep your Havanese company while you are not at home. He or she will exercise your pet, feed it, provide social interaction, and even give it access to the backyard to urinate or defecate.

Get Another Havanese

Another effective way to make our Havanese feel comfortable being at home is to bring another Havanese. Obviously, this will mean more responsibility and work for you and may not be the best idea if you are an inexperienced owner.

However, two dogs will keep each other company and rarely feel lonely. That does not mean that you can be away from home all day since they will still miss you.

It is also possible to acquire a dog of another breed to accompany your Havanese, but you must make sure that both are compatible.

Is It Cruel to Keep Our Havanese Alone While We Are Not at Home?

Absolutely! This breed is designed to spend time with people. They are usually very sensitive, and being left alone for hours is something that will make them feel sad and depressed.

Havanese dogs need to be taken out from time to time for walks and exercises. Otherwise, they may become bored and develop unwanted behaviour.