Will My German Shepherd Protect Me without Training?

Will My German Shepherd Protect Me without Training?

The German Shepherd is one of the most active and energetic dogs globally. Their high levels of physical activity and intelligence have made people use them over the years to perform a wide variety of tasks and activities.

When we see a German Shepherd, the first thing we imagine is a police dog. Generally, this breed of dog is trained for jobs related to protection, drug detection, etc. That’s because of the great features it has developed throughout history.

The German Shepherd is not only a dog that has developed an extraordinary sense of smell but also has great intelligence, a protective instinct, and even an aggressive nature in certain situations. All these aspects make a German Shepherd an ideal dog to protect either property or people.

However, does that mean that German Shepherds will perform well in their protection activities without being trained? We will see the answer throughout this article.

Can My German Shepherd Protect Me without Being Trained?

Of course! However, you should keep in mind something important. German Shepherds have a protective instinct that makes them want to protect their loved ones and home from any intruders and threats. They will instinctively do so when they notice that their loved ones are in danger.

Now, even though your untrained German Shepherd may try to protect you, it is important to clarify that this desire for protection will only be reflected through barking.

That is, if your pet is not trained, it will only bark (sometimes it could show intention to attack) when it wants to protect you. An untrained German Shepherd will not pounce on the intruder.

Is that a bad thing? No! Actually, this form of protection is enough to intimidate the aggressor. It all depends on your needs since, for example, certain people require a German Shepherd to be more aggressive in its protection activities. That is very common when this animal is used as a police dog.

For that reason, it is important to resort to training. That way, you will be able to teach your German Shepherd specifically what you need.

Why Can My Untrained German Shepherd Protect Me?

We have already said that one of the reasons why German Shepherds are good protectors even without being trained is their intelligence. They are animals capable of analysing the entire situation and acting correctly based on what they see. 

In addition to intelligence, we have to highlight the excellent protective instinct that German Shepherds show. When they notice that their family is in danger, they will not hesitate to protect them.

It is also important to note that German Shepherds are naturally alert. That means they are instinctively on guard all the time to protect their owners. That way, they will be prepared to act quickly in the presence of an intruder.

Another important reason that makes an untrained German Shepherd an excellent protector is its mistrust of strangers.

We know that this breed forms strong bonds with their loved ones and becomes loyal to them, but they do not get along with strangers and other animals. In fact, if you get a visit from a stranger, your German Shepherd is likely to stay by your side the entire time.

How Will I Train My German Shepherd to Be a Good Protector?

Fortunately, training a German Shepherd to become an excellent guard dog is not difficult for three main reasons:

  • They are dogs that were born with a protective instinct.
  • They are very intelligent dogs.
  • They are dogs that love to please their owners by following their orders.

To train your German Shepherd, you must take into account the following:

Receive Obedience and Socialisation Training

Obedience training is essential to turn a German Shepherd into an excellent guard dog. Why? A protective dog cannot be out of control or rebellious, so we must educate it properly so that it obeys our commands when necessary.

Therefore, teaching it some basic commands such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘stop,’ ‘heel,’ etc., will help you better control its actions.

Similarly, it is vital to provide socialisation training. You have to expose your German Shepherd to new people, animals, and places to help it better understand the world around it.

If we don’t properly socialise a German Shepherd, it could see innocent people as intruders and attack them. That is something we do not want to happen.

Know the Boundaries of the Property

It is also important to teach your German Shepherd what its territory is. You should show it every part of the house, including your garden or backyard.

That way, it will know which area to protect and which not. If you don’t do that, you will have an out-of-control dog that will bark and try to attack people walking on the sidewalk.

A good method to train it is to ask one of your friends to come into the garden to observe the behaviour of your German Shepherd. Make sure your pet hasn’t seen the person in the past.